Jeju Island is Korea’s most popular island for tourists from all over the world. The island is an epitome of nature’s incredible display of beauty along the beaches and coastlines. Are you ready for our next Jeju adventure? Here’s our list of the must-go places that you cannot miss!!

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1. Hyeopjae Beach

1---Hyeopjae-Beach-jeju-islandOne of the most pristine white sand beaches that Jeju Islan has to offer is none other than the Hyeopjae Beach! Hyeopjae Beach is so magical, you can see the changing colors of the water distinctly from different shades of turquoise to blue, it is absolutely breath-taking! The beach is lined with volcanic sea rocks along side the sandy beach. Take a lon stroll along the shores and enjoy the therapeutic calmness the little sea waves bring to you.

Admission Fees: Free
Opening hours:
 9:00am – Sunset, early July to late August
How to get there:
Bus – From Jeju Airport, take bus No. 100/200 or taxi (about 2000won) → Get off at Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal. → Transfer to an intercity bus that runs on Il-ju Road to the west → Get off at Hanrim Park (first bus 5:40, last bus 9:00 / 20 min interval / travel time: 45mins.)
Taxi – Take a taxi at Jeju Cross-country Bus Terminal (travel time: 35-40 mins.)

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2. Hallim Park


The privately owned park houses rare collections of plants, trees, birds and animals. It’s like an organized forest 😄 There are caves inside the park too! And love-bird cages where you can go inside and take photos with the birds 😍

4.HallimAdmission Fees: Adults 10,000₩, Teenagers 7,000₩, Children 6,000₩, Seniors 9,000₩
Opening Hours:
(Last admission is one hour before closing time)
March-September: 8:30am – 7:00pm
Peak season (July 15-August 20): 8:30am – 7:30pm
October: 8:30am – 6:30pm
November-February: 8:30am – 6:00pm
How to get there: 

  1. Take a west-bound express bus from the Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal and get off at Hallim Park (Travel time 50 min).
  2. Take a west-bound express bus from the Seogwipo Intercity Bus Terminal and get off at Hallim Park (Travel time 80 min).
  3. Take a west-bound express bus at the Jungmun Bus Stop and get off at Hallim Park (Travel time 60 min).

3. Yonduam Dragon Rock

The Dragon rock seen in the background

The Yongduam Dragon Rock Beach, unlike Hyeopjae beach which is a sandy beach, is crusted with rocks of volcanic formation. The marvelous Dragon Rock looks like the head of a dragon and has been around for hundreds of years. The water here is spectacularly all deep sea blue, no changes in shade 😉 There are Sea Ajhummas selling their fresh catch of shell fish and live octopus which you can snack on right there 😋

5---yongduam-dragon-rock-beach-2Admission Fees: Free
Opening Hours: N.A.
How to get there: 
Bus – From Jeju International Airport, take bus bound for jeju-si Jungang-ro. Get off at Yongdam Rotary. Walk toward the beach for 5-10 minutes.
Taxi – It takes 10min by taxi from Jeju International Airport to Yongduam Rock.

4. Seongsan Illchulbong Peak

6-seongsan-ilchubong-jejuIf you visit Jeju Island, you can never leave without going to this place if you want to know what Jeju Island is all about. This huge volcanic crater rose from the depths of the sea some thousand years ago during an eruption, and now stands like a prehistoric monument beside the crashing blue waves of the ocean. The first thing you will notice from the entrance to Seongsan is a giant green hill leading towards the crater. The path is a steady incline uphill walk, so as you slowly climb towards the crater a spectacular view emerges from every direction you look. No wonder this marvel of Mother Nature is categorized under one of UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites. Being here is a once in a life time experience!

7-seongsan-ilchubong-jeju-viewAdmission Fees: Adults 2,000₩, Teenagers & Children 1,000₩
Operating Hours: 
1 hour before sunrise till sunset. (Do note that it may also be closed during bad weather)
How to get there:
Bus: From Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal, take a direct bus (Dongilju bus bound for Seongsan) and get off at Seongsalliipgu Bus Stop. (Travel time: about 2hr) From Seongsalliipgu Bus Stop, you will see Seongsan Ilchulbong Peak. Walk in the direction towards the peak (about 1km).

5. Seongup Land: Horse Riding!!

HorseJeju Island is known for its horses and ponies since ancient times. To date, horses are an integral part of Jeju’s rural scene and horse riding is considered a prime leisure activity. Here in Seongup Land, there are horse ranches with special arrangements where you can wear a cowboy uniform and pose to take a photo before you embark on a ride with on your horse. Even if it’s your first time, you wont have much problem because the guide will be right beside you riding on another horse. Just relax and enjoy the ride!

Admission Fees: The cost for a ride will depend on the amount of time you choose. It ranges from 11,000₩ (5-mins) to 120,000₩ (1 hour)
How to get there: 

  1. From Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal take an Intercity Bus to Beonnyeong-ro. Get off at ’Seongeup 1(il)-ri’ (성읍리) samuso. Go around the corner and walk along the road for about 200m. Bus – travel time: 1hr, 40min
  2. From Seogwipo Intercity Bus Terminal take the Dongilju bus. Get off at ‘Pyoseon-ri samuso.’ Go straight and turn left at the intersection. Walk straight until you get to the bus stop. Take Beonnyeong-ro bus. Get off at ‘Seupeup 1-ri.’ Bus – travel time: 45 min.

6. Seongup Folk Village

1. Folk VillageKnown as one of Korea cultural heritage folk villages, this place has been treasured for its unique residential houses, Confucian shrines and schools, ancient government offices, stone statues, fortress ruins, and stone monuments. Among the cultural gems of the folk village are intangible cultural assets such as folk plays, native foods, local folk craftsmanship, and local dialect. Even the trees are an important part of the area’s heritage. We took our dinner at a local restaurant here which specializes in seafood. The menu included two kinds of soup, grilled fish, bibimbap, and seven to eight different kinds of side dished comprising of kimchi, vegetables and fish.

Operating Hours : 24 hrs
Note: The restaurant is open from 10AM-10PM and does not have halal certification.

  1. From Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal take an Intercity Bus to Beonnyeong-ro. Get off at ’Seongeup 1(il)-ri’ (성읍리) samuso. Go around the corner and walk along the road for about 200m. Bus – travel time: 1hr, 40min
  2. From Seogwipo Intercity Bus Terminal take the Dongilju bus. Get off at ‘Pyoseon-ri samuso.’ Go straight and turn left at the intersection. Walk straight until you get to the bus stop. Take Beonnyeong-ro bus. Get off at ‘Seupeup 1-ri.’ Bus – travel time: 45 min.

7. Jungmun Daepo Coast Jusangjeolli Cliff

1.DaepoEvery beach and coastline in Jeju is unique and has something mysterious and magical in store for you. Behold the marvels of volcanic rock formations when you visit the Jungmun Daepo Coastline.

The hexagonal columnar rock formations along the edges of the sea will take your breath away! The beach has a heavenly palm tree garden beside it, from where you can see the silhouettes of mountain ranges inland. Being cradled in the midst of so much beauty, you might wonder, if you are still on planet Earth!

Contact number: +82-64-710-6616
Operating Hours: 8:00am – 6:00pm (Subject to changes depending on time of sunset)
Admission Fees: Adults 2,000₩, Teenagers & Children 1,000₩
How to get there: 

  1. Take Airport Limousine Bus No. 600 and get off at International Convention Center Bus Stop. (Travel time: about 50-min)
  2. Take the Jungmun Express Bus from Jeju Intercity Bus Terminal to Jungmun Tourist Complex. (Travel time: about 60-min). Take a taxi to Jusangjeolli Cliff.

8. Play KPOP: The KPop Museum in Jeju

1.kpopRight when you thought Jeju was all about nature only, the Play KPOP museum will bring you back to what Korea is also known for, top notch technology. Sit with your very own favorite Kpop star in a hologram photo shoot! Dress like Psy on hologram and sing with G-dragon! Dance to Big Bang’s “Fantastic Baby” and you will be appearing on a holographic stage with the band! And finally take part as audience in a holographic concert; you won’t be able to tell its sooooo real!!!

3.kpopThere is even the history museum of K-Pop if you are interested and many of G-dragon’s and Psy’s costumes are on display.

Operating Hours: 9:00am – 7:00pm
Admission Fees: Adults (ages 18 and above) 15,000₩, Teenagers (age 13-18) 13,000₩, Children (ages3-12) 12,000₩
How to get there: From Jeju International Airport, take Airport Bus No. 600 and get off at the Korea Tourism Organisation, Jeju Branch

Muslim-Friendly Restaurants

 1. Baghdad Restaurant

1.baghdadOne of Jeju’s few Muslim-friendly restaurants; Baghdad Café Restaurant serves Indian dishes prepared with halal meat. The menu includes Spicy Chicken Tandoori, All kinds of spicy curry and Naan bread.


Note: The restaurant is not Halal-certified though, which means like all other restaurants they serve alcohol too.

Price: Around 10,000₩ to 15,000₩
Operating Hours: 11:00am – 11:00pm, closed on Lunar New Year and Korea’s Thanksgiving Day
Contact: +82-64-757-8182
How to get there: From Jeju International Airport, take Bus 36, 37, or 500 to Jeju City Hall. Go straight 40m and turn right onto Gwangyang 14-gil. Continue 100m and turn left down the second sidestreet. Bagdad is 40m ahead on the right.
Address: 38, Seogwang-ro 32-gil, Jeju-si, Jeju-do

2. Cheon Hye Cheon Shabu Shabu Restaurant

2.shabuShabu Shabu is basically a Japanse soup dish where you are the chef, i.e. you choose from an array of fresh green vegetables, mushrooms and seafood like octopus, squid, clams, and shell fish like prawn, lobster, and crab and of course the most important part of the soup is the thin slices of beef that you put into it.

4.shabuThis restaurant is another one of Jeju’s hidden gems, it a Muslim-Friendly restaurant. All the meat they serve is Halal meat imported from Australia.

6.shabuBesides your own table of Shabu Shabu, there is a buffet for salad, side menus, dessert items, coffee and Haagen Dazs ice cream. You have so many side dishes to choose from some of which are so delicious you may forget about the Shabu Shabu at one point Hehe. The lunch Buffet is priced 34,000₩ but there are variety of ways you can order so prices may vary.

Opening Hours: Lunch time: 11:00am – 5:00pm, Dinner: 5:00pm – 9:30pm, Late Night: 9:30pm – 11:30pm Contact Number: Reservation required, call +82-64-742-1101
Prices: Lunch/Dinner Buffet 34,000₩ per person; Children 50% off, Preschooler 70% off.
Address: Jeju-si, Halla Daehak-ro, Nohyong-dong 3813 Bon-ji, below Halla University Main gate, Opposite Neulpheom HeokTwaeji.
More Information:


Jeju Golden Bus City Tour

One of the great services Jeju has for tourists is the Jeju Golden Bus City Tour service. You buy the golden ticket for 12,000₩ and then you can use it the whole day. The bus round trip is across 22 stops and there is a bus every 1 hour.


For more details, check out:

This list focuses more on the nature side of Jeju Island. But just for your information, there are more than 80 different museums and touristic places in Jeju which include the Trick-Eye Museum; Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum, the Teddy Bear Museum and more. So if you have some spare time after visiting all the pristine beaches we have listed here, please go ahead and explore Jeju a bit on your own!

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    Salam HHWT team, I am planning a trip to Seoul this mid Dec hubby and daughter and am thinking of going down to Jeju. What would you recommend for a two night stay? Thank u.
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    Salam HHWT team! Planning to got Seoul in Nov and would like to include Jeju in our itinerary. Will a 2D1N trip be sufficient or 3D2N be better? Focusing more on nature and a relaxing kind of trip. We prolly skip the beaches since it's gonna be autumn/winter. 
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      Waalaikumsalam Hafiza! Ooh, we'd go with a 3D2N trip :) It'd give you more time to roam around and soak in the beautiful island of Jeju, since you'd like it to be a relaxing trip too 😉 Hope you'll enjoy your trip to Seoul and Jeju!
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    Salam HHWT team, my family and i planning to go to Jeju island in April 2018. i would to ask your opinion, we will be going to woljeongri beach, seongsan ilchulbang, Seopjikoji and Sagumburi crater in one day. we would like to ask you where can we have a prayer place for us in journey?
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      Salam Sarah! Ooh, that sounds wonderful 😍 You can check out our article: (, where we list out several places that have prayer spaces. Hope this helps, and have a lovely trip to Jeju 😊
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    Hello :) My family and I, are planning to visit Jeju island. We are husband, wife, and 2 young children (1yr and 4 yrs old). Could you recommend where on the island we should stay (which area?) that would be convenient for us to travel around the island (near one of the city tour bus stops perhaps?) and also get halal food? Also what would be the must-sees for our family holiday that you would recommend? Thanks in advance.
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      Hi Farhana!☺️ You can either stay in Jeju City or Seogwipo City as these are the 2 main urban areas in Jeju, but perhaps Jeju City is better as halal food is more easily accessible. You can refer to our most updated itinerary on Jeju - there are activities for you and your family to do in the article 🤗 Here's the link: Hope this helps!
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    Hi All, As mentioned above, WE hotel has halal cuisine restaurant. The hotel confirmed during our stay on 24th April that they do not have any halal cuisine in the hotel. Would you be able to double confirm it? I hope no one gets confused on the details...
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      Hi Nurfaezah. Thanks for the heads up! We checked and it is true that they do not serve Halal cuisine anymore. Thus, we decided to remove it from the list. Apologies from our end! We'll be sure to cross check at all times when it comes to this kind of matter. Thank you again.
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      Hi there! From Seoul to Jeju Island, you'll have to catch a flight. You can check out the prices on the different flight websites! Thanks for dropping by our page :)
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    hi HHWT, Hello, I am from Malaysia. I would like to ask your opinion.I will be going to Jeju this September, but only for 1 night. is it possible for me to cover Hallasan Park (not going to climb), Jungmun Marine Park, Jeju Folklore and national museum, Yongduam Rock, Jeongban falls/Cheonjiyeon falls, Seongup folk village, Bukchon Dol Harubang Park. I would really appreciate your opinion and help on this. I will be renting a bus for 40 pax because there are about 20 person in my group. Thank you
    • Hello Rafidah! I'm presuming 1 night will mean 2 days in Jeju? It might be a little overwhelming to cover 7 attractions in just two days, as you'll need to factor in some time to enjoy each sight as well as transport and meal time. We would probably recommend visiting a maximum of three places per day, so that your schedule won't be too packed and you'll have enough time to enjoy each attraction :)
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    This is a wonderfully organized information! :) Truly helps in my search on places to eat! And planning my journey. I have been searching on Golden Bus Tour as i'm considering of using its service in one of the tour days but couldn't find any :( But you mentioned it here, and i'm kinda comforted by that alone ^^ I'll be travelling to Jeju this year and i am sooooo lazy to drive and applying International Driving Permit and your info here helps a lot in me gathering information on the public bus. I truly had difficulty in understanding public transport system. Thanks for sharing :)
    • Thank you! Glad you found it helpful :D Yeah, for Jeju, it's pretty hard to get around on their public transport so most people either drive or hire a driver which isn't the best option if you're travelling alone or with a partner. All the best for your Jeju trip! And if you're also heading to Seoul, do download our HHWT Travel Planner - :D
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      Hi Efa! According to the KTO website, here's how you can get there: From Jeju International Airport, walk for about 53m to take Express Bus No. 500 at Jeju International Airport Bus Stop. Get off at Jeju Halla Hospital Bus Stop and make a transit to Intercity Bus No. 40. Get off at Traveler’s Hotel Bus Stop then walk for about 981m (15min.) to reach the venue.
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    Hi, I'm planning a trip to South Korea next year and would love to include a stopover to Jeju. My friend and I are both hijabis and we love traveling. However, I'm concerned about being a hijabi traveler to Korea. To the author of this article, what's it like being a hijabi in Korea? Is it a safe place to travel as a Muslim woman? Would it be better to get a driver or can we just rely on public transport?
    • Avatar
      Hi there. Based on my personal experience, there is nothing to be concerned about. People in Korea are generally curious about Muslims, and are very friendly, especially in Jeju. Plus, Korea is a relatively safe country, even for women. There will be no problem relying on public transport. Of course, do be mindful of your belongings and not leave them unattended. Other than that, Korea is very safe and I'm sure that you and your friend will enjoy visiting the country. :)
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    Hi, may I know for the halal buffet, do they serve alcohol and pork as well? Cos on it's website there was a label dwaeji gogi (pork meat). Is there like separate area for muslim customers?
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    Assalamualaikum, Hello, I am from Malaysia, my friend and I plan to travel to jeju island. We are interested to visit few place as I about to mention after this, my concern is it really important to me to enjoy korean halal from in this place. Can u help me to figure out about it? Thank you for you help in advance. 1) Seongsan IIchulbong Peak guesthouse near the peak (Kim's Cabin guesthouse) 2) Yeomiji Botanical Garden at Jungmun tourist complex 3) Jeju Folk Village Museum 4) Udo Island 5) Seongwipo/ Seongsan I really appreciate you help. Please email me. Thank you :)
    • Hi Nina, there are many eateries in Jeju that serve seafood only, but they also do sell alcohol in the restaurants. If you're getting a driver to go around Jeju, perhaps you can show him/her this food guide and ask if these places are near the attractions on your list :) The local drivers would be best to advice on this!
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