The Only 5D4N Muslim-Friendly Itinerary You’ll Need For Your Osaka Trip


Noor Atiqah Gafar •  May 08, 2017

When you think of Japan, what's the first city that comes to mind? The metropolitan Tokyo, ever scenic Kyoto, or snowy Hokkaido? But how about the vastly underrated city of Osaka?  Almost always slipping under the radar of most tourists, the land of beautiful cherry blossoms, majestic architecture and of course, the quintessential Universal Studios Japan experience, is worthy of a trip you'll never forget?

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Not sure where's the best attractions and Muslim-friendly eateries in the city? Here's our ultimate 5D4N Osaka itinerary every Muslim traveller needs?

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Getting Around

Being Japan's third most populated city, it comes as no surprise that Osaka's public transportation system is everyone's go to means of transport. The city is largely divided into 2 main areas: the Umeda area, called “Kita” and the Nanba/Tennoji area, called “Minami”. The subway pretty much covers the whole city area as well as the JR Osaka Loop Line which circles the central districts, as well as other connecting private railways.

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#HHWT Tip:If you're a social media junkie like us, stay connected always with a portable 4G WiFi router! Not only does it give you unlimited data all over the Japan, but you can also pick it up at an airport of your choosing and use it on the go. A WiFi router is really handy too when you’re trying to navigate to the halal eateries in Osaka?

Day 1

Fuel up at Oragasoba

  • Have your first taste of authentic, halal Japanese food (soba, anyone??) right after touching down at Kansai International Airport!

Have a Kamigata print crash-course at Kamigata Ukiyoe Museum

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  • The only museum in the world to feature a permanent exhibition of Kamigata Ukiyoe, or Kamigata woodblock prints!
  • Make your own Ukiyoe prints with the woodblocks, paint your own postcards and more
  • P.S. Entry is free with the Osaka Amazing Pass?

Hop on the Tombori River Cruise

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  • Take in the lively sights of Dotonburi, the go-to place in Osaka for all things shopping
  • P.S. The ride is free with the Osaka Amazing Pass!

Let out your inner carnivore at BULLS

Credit: @tomboy_slike on Instagram 

  • Halal shabu-shabu, steak AND sukiyaki?! Every meat lover's dream come true?

Say hi to the marine animals at Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan

Credit: Kimon Berlin on Flickr

  • Get up close and personal with the friendly critters like otters, sea lions, jellyfish and more?
  • From the Aleutian Islands, Great Barrier Reef to the Japan Deep, there's 16 different exhibitions for you to explore!
  • The largest tank is the Pacific Ocean exhibit; At 9 metres deep and containing 5,400m3 of water, it houses a whale shark – the star attraction at the Kaiyukan!

Day 2

Visit the majestic Osaka Castle

  • One of Osaka's must see attractions, it was originally built in 1583 by Toyotomi Hideyoshi as a show of power.
  • Take the elevator up to the 8th floor for the most breathtaking, panoramic views of the city?
  • Swing by the Osaka Castle Museum and brush up on your Japanese history!

Credit: @nutsy_photography on Instagram

  • If you're there in the spring, the castle's Nishinomaru Garden is the perfect viewing spot to catch exquisite cherry blossoms?
  • P.S. Entrance to the castle is free with the Osaka Amazing Pass!

See the city like never before at the Umeda Sky Building Floating Garden Observatory

Credit: @othnielgiovanni on Instagram

  • Conquer your fear of heights and take the see-through escalator that's suspended 40 floors above ground!
  • Make your way up to the open-air observatory to get an incredible 360-degree view of Osaka
  • P.S. Entrance is free with the Osaka Amazing Pass!

Have a scrumptious dinner at Genji

Credit: Hitlon Osaka on Facebook 

  • Savour the most succulent and delicious halal Japanese wagyu beef at Genji, a yakiniku or ‘grilled meat’ restaurant  in the Hilton Osaka Hotel?
  • Remember to make a reservation in advance!

#HHWT tip: Hilton Osaka Hotel is a Muslim-friendly hotel in Japan – the Quran, prayer rugs and qibla compass are available upon request.

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Day 3

Have a blast at Universal Studios Japan!

  • No trip to Osaka is complete without visiting Universal Studios Japan! As the park is really popular (and crowded), you don’t want to risk not being able to get your tickets or the express pass when you reach the ticketing counter. Remember to book your USJ admission ticket in advance on Klook to get instant confirmation and a peace of mind?

Credit: tc_manasan on Flickr

  • Want to skip the ridiculously long queues? Grab the USJ Express Pass and shorten your waiting time plus you'll get the best views of the amazing parades with the special Express Pass holder viewing areas! Do note that you'll still need an admission ticket (which is a separate purchase) to enter the park.
  • Or opt for the USJ VIP Wristband to enter the park via the VIP passage and be first in line for your favourite attraction? You'll get a secret website link which reveals the exact opening time of USJ the day before your visit, so that you can beat the crazy crowds! Again, you'll still need an admission ticket (which is a separate purchase) to enter the park. Do note that this is not inclusive of the USJ Express Pass!

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Credit: @evy.tandiono on Instagram

  • Live out your childhood dream of going to Hogwarts and proudly don your house colors?
  • Complete your Hogwarts student experience with a frothy mug of Butterbeer (non-alcoholic of course?)!

Credit: @mutiachrnnisa on Instagram

  • Visit other popular attractions like Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, The Flying Dinosaur, The Amazing Adventures of Spider Man, and more!

Credit: @susuki_ng on Instagram

  • Meet your favourite mascots and catch the free parades!

Credit: @haljordan2814oa on Instagram

  • Hop on thrilling 4D rides based on popular animes like Evangelion XR Ride, Godzilla, Attack on Titan and Monster Hunter!

Day 4

Have a fancy early breakfast at Ukihashi

  • Indulge in a Muslim-friendly, traditional bento box courtesy of the swanky Hotel Granvia Osaka?

Spend the afternoon with the cutest deers in Nara

Credit: Su--May on Flickr

  • Join an afternoon tour to Nara and meet the most adorable deers? (you might even get the chance to feed them!)

  • Visit UNESCO sites like the ancient Todai-ji Temple and Kasuga Taisha Shrine

Credit: Bill Hails on Flickr

  • Swing by Nara Nagomikan, the largest souvenir shop in Nara, and splurge on deer-themed memorabilia?

Shop the night away at Dotonbori

  • Popular shopping spots include the Shinsaibashi Arcade, Sennichimae Doguyasuji Shopping Arcade, and Kuromon Arcade!

Have a hearty dinner at Ramen Honulu

Credit: @nandharamadhani on Instagram

  • End your day with a hearty dinner at Ramen Honulu. Don't forget to slurp your ramen?

Day 5

Visit the Osaka Masjid

Credit: @maulanarch on Instagram

  • Fulfill your prayers at Osaka Masjid, one of the two mosques in all of Osaka!

Lunch at the first ever halal takoyaki restaurant in Osaka (Matsuri)

  • Munch on popular Japanese dishes like takoyaki, okonomiyaki and ramen at pocket-friendly prices?

Make a new feathery friend at the Owl Family Osaka Cafe

Credit: @q320 on Instagram

  • Ranked as one of the top 10 popular tourist experiences for foreign travellers on Tripadvisor, these adorable creatures are yours for one full hour!
  • Pet them gently and one might even perch on your shoulder or head?
  • Remember to snap loads of photos with your new feathery friends?

Dine at Sojibo before heading home

  • Have your fill of delicious soba with a side of crispy shrimp tempura at the airport before heading home✈️

5 days certainly isn't enough to explore every single thing Osaka has to offer, but hey, all the more reason to head back right??

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Enjoy the wonderful city of Osaka, everyone!

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