The Meatery SG Is Hosting A Masterclass That Lets Meat Lovers Learn About Beef, Sample Wagyu And More


Syahirah •  Sep 08, 2022

Perhaps you’ve always been a beef lover, but how much do you really know about it? We have an experience that would be perfect for you! In collaboration with Singapore Tourism Board as a fringe event for Singapore Food Festival 2022, HHWT is launching the inaugural Together at The Table Festival. As part of this festival, The Meatery SG will host a masterclass about all things beef-related! 😄If you’ve always wanted to learn about prime cuts, wagyu beef and more, here are the details you need to know!

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Credit: Courtesy of The Meatery SG

Now you may be wondering, what sets this butcher apart from everyone else? 🤔The Meatery’s co-founder Renga realised a gap in the local halal meat market after converting to Islam more than ten years ago. And so he and his co-founder/wife Sophina started the business, which offers halal prime cuts that he could not find in his local market.

Credit: Courtesy of The Meatery SG

The Meatery SG takes their meat very seriously, so there is only one thing they’ll want to warn you about: The Meatery's Beef Appreciation Session is for true meat lovers only! 🔥There will be 14 seats per class, ensuring that everyone attending will get an up close and personal experience. 

At the masterclass, you'll get to discover your personal preferences for beef in a knowledge-sharing session designed to help you learn more about this well-regarded protein. The Meatery’s very own “Meat Man” (aka co-founder, Renga) will be sharing about the anatomy of a cow and interesting facts like the difference between grain-fed and grass-fed cows in an interactive segment! 

Credit: Courtesy of The Meatery SG

Get an insight into various cuts of beef, learn the terms used to describe the many flavours and textures of beef and which cuts work best for certain dishes (like rendang!). You’ll also get to sample meats along the way to help you get a taste (no pun intended 😋) of this hands-on experience! At the end of the Beef Appreciation Session, you’ll be treated to a hearty meat platter that will satisfy all your meat cravings. 

If you’re excited to buy some beef for your next cookout but worried about breaking the bank with these cuts, The Meatery assures you that you won't! There’s something for everyone - you just have to state your budget, and they’ll find you exactly what you need. 😉

Credit: Courtesy of The Meatery SG

So if you or someone you know is a true blue (or should we say ‘red’) fan of meat who’s interested in learning more about the various cuts of meats, why not invite them to The Meatery’s Masterclass? Maybe you’ll learn a fascinating fact that you can WOW your friends and family with or apply to your daily cooking like the best cuts to use for certain dishes, preparation techniques and much more! Perhaps you’ll leave as a meat snob after the masterclass 😉

P.S. Are you a foodie? Learn more about Together at The Table Festival and more to get an insight on what to expect!

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The Meatery Beef Appreciation Masterclass

Dates of the masterclass: 10th September, 8th October

Duration: 2 hours

Time: 7PM-9PM

Location: 10 Jln Gelenggang, Singapore 578191

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