All You Need To Know About "The Making of Harry Potter" in Japan: A Potterheads POV


Noor Aishah Karim •  Jul 10, 2023

Thinking of heading to “The Making of Harry Potter” soon? Well, lucky for you as we had a recent interview with a devoted fan of the Harry Potter series and gained insights into their experience at "The Making of Harry Potter" attraction in Japan. If you’re thinking about what to look forward to, we got you covered! This immersive tour takes visitors on a journey behind the scenes of the beloved film franchise, offering a glimpse into the magical world of Harry Potter.

Overall impressions

The overall impression of "The Making of Harry Potter" of the reader in we reached out to who went on the Tokyo tour and they shared their experience with Japan was nothing short of amazement. They described the experience as "absolutely amazing" and expressed being blown away by the sheer size of the place. The tour itself took over four hours to complete, and yet they wished they had more time. The attraction transported them to a completely different world, allowing them to forget they were in Tokyo and escape the boundaries of the muggle world.

“Special and perfected”

When asked about the atmosphere and general ambience of the attraction, our reader described her experience as such, “Most of the tour was indoors, and there was little lighting in places that added to the dark, mysterious feel. It just felt very special.”

They highlighted the careful organisation and placement of exhibits, which contributed to an overall sense of perfection.

A full-scale Ministry of Magic set?!

Several standout features and exhibits caught our reader’s attention during their visit. They particularly enjoyed the full-scale Ministry of Magic set, which was not a replica but the actual set used in the films. The attention to detail was evident, and it made for an immersive experience. Another memorable moment was when they stepped into the backlot area, transitioning from the dark indoor world to a bright outdoor space. Here, visitors could savour a mug of butterbeer while taking in the enchanting surroundings.

Butterbeer fans, where y’all at?

Themed food and beverages added to the overall enchantment of the experience. our reader tried the iconic butterbeer and loved it, describing the rich butterscotch-flavoured cream topping and the refreshing fizzy drink beneath it.

Wingardium leviosa

The attraction also offered various interactive elements and activities. Visitors had the opportunity to use floo powder and "magically appear" inside a chimney, adding an element of whimsy to the experience. Our reader suggested bringing a wand to enjoy the set where visitors could cast spells fully. Additionally, the Quidditch experience, where visitors could act out a scene before a green screen, was a must-try activity.

Genuine connection to the real-life sets

Authenticity was a crucial aspect of the attraction, and our reader confirmed that it successfully captured the essence of the Harry Potter films. Actual sets and props were brought over from London and other filming locations, giving visitors a genuine connection to the movies. Captions throughout the tour provided behind-the-scenes information about how the films were made, adding an educational element to the visit.

Delving into behind-the-scenes insights, our readers shared a surprising detail they learned about the making of the Harry Potter films. They were amazed to discover that the full-scale set of the Ministry of Magic was not a replica but the original set used in the film. This set was dismantled and transported from London to Tokyo, further showcasing the dedication and attention to detail of the attraction.

Be a Hogwarts student in style

No visit to a Harry Potter attraction would be complete without indulging in some merchandise. Our reader purchased a small cotton reusable shopping bag with Harry's glasses. They mentioned that the Tokyo Tour offered various exclusive items, leaving fans spoiled for choice. The cute headbands were among their favourites.

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So? Should I go?

When asked whether they would recommend this attraction to other Harry Potter fans, our reader responded with a resounding "Yes!" They emphasised the immersive nature of the experience, where visitors can truly feel like they are either in a Harry Potter movie or in the actual Harry Potter universe. They particularly highlighted the joy it brings to fans of the films, as they can see costumes and props used in the series firsthand.

Comparing this experience to other Harry Potter-themed attractions or events they had visited, our reader noted that "The Making of Harry Potter" in Japan focused more on the actual filming process.

“There was more about the actual filming process than other Harry Potter-themed attractions. There were a lot of items on display and quite a lot of information that you could read up on panels which made the tour very informative and almost like the ultimate museum for everything Harry Potter.”

The abundance of items on display, coupled with informative panels, made it feel like the ultimate museum for everything Harry Potter. While there were no rides, our readers appreciated that parts of the actual movie sets were present, creating a sense of authenticity that surpassed any theme park.

All in all, the "The Making of Harry Potter" attraction in Japan offers fans a truly magical and immersive experience. From exploring actual movie sets to engaging in interactive activities and learning behind-the-scenes secrets, visitors are transported into the enchanting world of Harry Potter. With attention to detail, authenticity, and the opportunity to purchase exclusive merchandise, this attraction is a must-visit for any Harry Potter fan. Prepare to be captivated and let the magic unfold before your eyes!

Address: Warner Bros. Studio Tour Tokyo

1-1-7 Kasugacho

Nerima ward

179-0074 Tokyo

Opening hours:

Studio Tour Opens: 09:30

First Tour Begins: 10:00

Final Tour Begins: 17:00

Studio Tour Closes: 20:30

Nearest station: Toshimaen

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