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JUST IN: The 2017 Official Forecast For Cherry Blossoms In Japan


Atiqah  •  Dec 20, 2016


One of our favorite seasons (Spring🌷) is coming back to Japan! And with spring, comes the much awaited arrival of the ever exquisite cherry blossoms😍
Credit: giphy If you missed out on last year's magnificent display, not to worry. According to Japan Weather Association and Japan-guide, the predicted sakura forecast for the new year, starting from early March to mid-May! So, there's still a biiit of time left for you to book your flight and pack for your cherry blossom chase🌸
The cherry blossoms are expected to bloom around the same time as previous years. In Tokyo, however, they are predicted to bloom a few days on March 22 - a few days earlier than average. In Kyoto, they are predicted to bloom on March 28. 
Credit: Japan-guide Now that you roughly know the dates, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip with our ultimate Muslim-friendly guide to the cherry blossom season in Japan! Make your way down to the land of the rising sun and witness the falling pink petals fluttering in the wind🌸
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