The Grand Mosque Of Paris Is A Must-Visit For Any Muslim Traveller


Noor Aishah Karim •  May 19, 2023

Paris, known for being the capital of love and where dreams come true, has just another reason for you to visit - The beautiful 100-year-old Paris Grand Mosque!

The Paris Grand Mosque, also known as the Grande Mosquée de Paris, is a stunning architectural masterpiece that boasts a beautiful garden. Tucked away in the heart of Paris, it is considered one of the city's secret gems.

The mosque's garden becomes exceptionally enchanting in late April to early May when the walls come alive with the vibrant blooms of wisteria flowers. To fully appreciate the garden's beauty, it is recommended to visit in the morning when the sunlight casts a magical glow upon the surroundings.

Aside from the captivating garden and impressive minaret, the Grand Mosque offers a fascinating glimpse into its rich history. It was constructed in the early 1920s as a symbol of gratitude from France to the Muslim soldiers who fought alongside French troops during World War I.

The mosque's design incorporates elements of traditional Moorish and Hispano-Moorish architecture, creating a stunning blend of styles. It serves as a place of worship and a cultural centre for the city's Muslim community, fostering understanding and unity among diverse cultures.

Visitors to the Grand Mosque can also enjoy a complimentary tour. You’ll be able to delve deeper into the mosque's history, learn about its architectural significance, and gain a greater understanding of its cultural importance within the city of Paris.

Whether you are drawn to its lush garden, intrigued by its historical roots, or simply seeking tranquillity within the bustling city, visiting the Paris Grand Mosque promises a memorable and enriching experience.

Address: 39 Rue Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, 75005 Paris

Nearest station: Campo-Formio