Here's Where You Can Finally Get Halal Gourmet Artisanal Black Garlic Butter (& More!) In SG


Shasha Dania •  Sep 03, 2020

The market for halal artisanal foodin Singapore is growing, with businesses like The Meatery offering halal-certified prime cuts, or Nomad's Soiree bringing you Singapore's first-ever halal cheese platters. Well if you're looking for places to get the finer things in life, add The Good Fatto your shopping list! This Muslim-owned home-based business is bringing you halal artisanal flavoured butter - one bite and you'll never go back to regular butter again. ?

With many of us becoming home bakers during the Circuit Breaker - including making our own sourdough starters! - The Good Fat's flavoured butter couldn't have arrived at a better time. ? You might even recognise them for their collaborations with 2 popular Muslim home bakers - JuneBug and Phyleaf Bakes! They have 3 flavours with their own distinct flavour profiles that'll take your toast to the next level. The butters can last up to 2 months when refrigerated, and up to 6 months in the freezer. But we've heard they're so good that you might finish off a whole tub within a few weeks. ?

The Black Garlic Butter is made with butter, black garlic, sea salt, and other condiments for a mix of sweet and smoky flavours. Black garlic is a popular superfood for its health benefits, including boosting heart health, and you'll get a taste of that every time you use this spread. On a good slice of toasted sourdough bread, the smokiness of the butter will definitely bring out the crisp heartiness of the bread. ?

The second flavour is Kombu Butter made with butter, Japanese seaweed, Muslim-friendly cheese, and other condiments. The rich umami flavour of the kombu is balanced out by the sweetness of the butter and cheese, creating a burst of flavour in your mouth. ? Check out their recipe for mentaiko pasta that uses kombu butter to add a creamy texture and temper the saltiness of the cod roe!

They've also recently released another Japanese-themed flavour with Spiced Miso Butter. The rich savouriness of the miso is cut with a slight spiciness so that it doesn't get too overwhelming. Sounds like it would go great with seafood! ?

All of the butters have go great with bread but The Good Fat also recommends using them on crackers for a teatime snack, or working them into pastas or meat dishes to add a powerful punch! You can even create your own tasting platters to experiment with different treats. Each new combination is sure to be something unique - wh0 knows, you might even find your next favourite snack. ?

Check out their Instagram for more recipes, and for new flavours to come in the future! Their orders, promotions, and collaborations are all released on Instagram so make sure to follow them to get the latest updates.

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Order via:Instagram (Delivery on Saturday and Sunday only)