The Fortune Cookie: A Halal Chinese Restaurant In Kg Gelam With A Twist


Faruq Senin •  Mar 11, 2021

If there’s one cuisine that we can’t get enough of in Singapore, it’s halal Chinese food! From the traditional zi char (sharing dishes) to mala, dumplings and more, Chinese cuisine is a comforting meal to have with your loved ones. If you’re looking for a new dining spot in town, there’s a restaurant in the heart of Kampong Gelam that is taking Chinese food up a notch.  We’re talking about The Fortune Cookie, a restaurant specialising in halal Chinese-fusion cuisine! The Fortune Cookie’s story and unique dishes make it worth a visit for your next big meal with friends or family. 

The Fortune Cookie Story

Credit: The Fortune Cookie

Opened in October 2020, The Fortune Cookie was founded by Hafiz Alkhatib, who also owns The Malayan Council! As a foodie himself, Hafiz enjoys trying out different delicacies and is constantly looking for innovative ways to translate his experiences into his dishes. That was how the concept of The Fortune Cookie came about. What sets them apart from other eateries is that they dare to be different. With a Chinese-fusion concept, they are constantly finding creative ways to make their dishes better and tastier.  

The Fortune Cookie was inspired by well-known Chinese restaurants like Tung Lok and Din Tai Fung which are non-halal in Singapore. Hence, their goal is to introduce Chinese-fusion cuisine to the Muslim community and open up opportunities to other restaurant owners who might want to explore the same concept. What we love is that the restaurant also aims to cater to people of diverse backgrounds and not just Malay diners. 

Credit: The Fortune Cookie

Fun fact: The Fortune Cookie was named as such as diners will get a fortune cookie at the end of their meal! Traditionally, a fortune cookie is a small biscuit served at Chinese restaurants with a slip of paper inside that’s supposed to “predict your future”. But at The Fortune Cookie, you’ll get proverbs and even verses from the Quran instead. This inter-cultural concept is definitely something that resonates with us!

Signature dishes at The Fortune Cookie

If you’re not used to eating Chinese food, it’s time to try something new at The Fortune Cookie! With its range of palatable and IG-worthy dishes, it’ll be hard for you to resist them.  

IP Man Mala Wings ($15)

Credit: The Fortune Cookie

You might be familiar with the Chinese martial arts film, Ip Man and that’s where this dish got its name! Sink your teeth in deep-fried homemade marinated chicken wings, glazed with spicy mala sauce. The wings are marinated with a special seasoning overnight before it’s fried. It’s a treat for mala fans as you’ll be able to taste the mix of salty and spicy flavours. 

Superior Fish Maw & Dumpling Soup ($18)

Credit: The Fortune Cookie

One dish that you’d always find in Chinese meals is soup! The Fortune Cookie’s Superior Fish Maw & Dumpling Soup is a sweet and savoury dish that’ll warm your tummy. Fish maw, mushrooms and dumplings are seasoned in a slow-boiled chicken soup. The chicken is boiled for 2 hours and this brings out the sweetness of the fish maw ?

Mudcrab & Lobster Fried Rice ($48)

Credit: The Fortune Cookie

Nothing beats a plate of yummy Chinese-style fried rice to share with your loved ones! Instead of the usual fried rice that you might be familiar with at Chinese restaurants, The Fortune Cookie elevates your experience with its Mudcrab & Lobster Fried Rice! Yes, there’s real lobster meat and mudcrab in the dish, stir-fried with egg and topped with tobiko and crunchy rice. Take one bite out of this unique dish and you’ll be able to taste the “wok hei”, a smoky flavour and charred aroma that you’ll normally find in Chinese stir-fried dishes. For those of you who want a spicy kick to your meal, XO sambal is added to the lobster!   

Lotus Duck Rice ($32)

Credit: The Fortune Cookie

Here’s another dish that lets you savour the mouthwatering “wok hei” taste - their Lotus Duck Rice! Enjoy the flavours of fried rice with shiitake mushroom, brown and white shimeji mushroom cooked with truffle oil. What’s unique is that the fried rice will be placed into a lotus leaf and steamed for 30 minutes to enhance the flavour. Then, smoked duck is placed on top to complete the dish. This delectable combination of ingredients will surely leave you wanting more. 

The Fortune Cookie is launching a new menu!

Things are about to get exciting at The Fortune Cookie as the restaurant is launching a new menu soon, so keep your eyes peeled for it! They are currently in the midst of revamping their menu, but what you can expect are more communal sharing dishes and exciting flavours! This way, you’ll be able to enjoy the pleasure of dining in the company of your friends, family and loved ones. Look out for their new menu in our upcoming video! 

So, if you’re planning a meal out with your friends and family, be sure to add The Fortune Cookie to your list! With its range of halal delectable Chinese-fusion cuisine, it’ll be a unique experience, even if you’re not a fan of Chinese food. Not to mention that it’s conveniently located in the heart of Kampong Gelam too. SHARE this with your loved ones and let them know it’s time to try something new and different!     

The Fortune Cookie

Halal status: Muslim-owned

Opening hours: Daily; 11AM-11PM (Kitchen closes at 10.30PM)

Address: 11 Bussorah St, Singapore 199432

Reservations/Delivery:Whatsapp 90024414

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