Thailand’s Famous Big C Supermarket Is Coming To Malaysia - Here’s What You Can Expect


Nasreen Nasir •  Nov 07, 2018

If you’ve been to Thailand, you’ve most certainly heard of the Big C. It’s a famous supermarket that’s available everywhere in the country and one would say that a trip to Thailand isn’t complete without checking out the Big C. Good news though - it's finally coming to Malaysia!

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Confirmed by the chairman, they’re currently doing the necessary groundwork with Malaysia’s Ministry of International Trade and Industry (MITI). Considering the fact that Thailand is such a popular holiday destination for Malaysians, the idea of bringing it over to our homeland is pretty cool, and Malaysians are excited about it! While you can expect lots of Thai homegrown products, here’s what we hope to see:

1. Tasto Chips

Not your ordinary chips, Tasto brings your favourite potato chips to a whole new level. This particular brand is also famous amongst locals so we’re not surprised if Big C is bringing it over here. Just like Japanese Kit Kat, Tasto whips up some pretty good unique flavours from Curry Crab Chips (hello, who wouldn’t want to try that?!), Chilli Lime, Salt & Sour, Alaska Cool and Grilled Squid ?

2. Koh Kae Peanut Snack

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They’re pretty addicting - one bite and you’ll find yourself emptying the whole bottle! What makes it so sinfully good is the peanuts are covered with a crunchy shell AND coated with a range of flavours from coconut cream to shrimp and chicken! Having tried them before in Thailand (they’re halal-certified!), we really loved the shrimp flavour.

3. Cha Tra Mue

We all need our tea once in a while, don’t we? And it’s apparent that many of us (at least for Malaysians) love Thai tea. Look around us, we’ve already seen a bunch of Thai tea stores popping up like nobody’s business here like Chill Chill and Amphawa Thai Tea.

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With that in mind, we’re really hoping that popular brand Cha Tra Mue will make its way to Malaysia! This well-known tea brand comes with a unique, strong flavour and is used in various concoctions like the famous Thai Milk Tea, Thai Black Tea and bubble tea so imagine brewing your own in the comfort of your home ?

4. Tomyam Cashew Nuts

The Thai take great pride in their food, one of which that’s very familiar amongst all of us is of course, Tomyam! Like all things, tomyam can be savoured in different forms other than the typical soup - like cashew nuts! Who knew that nuts and tomyam could work?

This unique snack is so famous in Thailand that tourists are bringing back tons of them as souvenirs. Sweet, salty and sour in a bite, it’s the perfect snack in a family gathering so we really hope Big C will bring this to Malaysia.

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Besides Malaysia and Thailand, Big C is also available in Vietnam and Laos. There’s no word on the opening date yet but we can definitely see its arrival sometime next year. So what are the snacks that you’d love to see at Malaysia’s Big C? ?