JUST IN: Thailand’s Year-End Temperatures Are Expected To Be Colder Than Ever


Shasha Dania •  Oct 11, 2019

Thinking of visiting Thailand soon for a vacation to destress after a long year? You might have to pack a thick sweater and heat packs as the country is predicted to go through an exceptionally cold winter this year! ?

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Thailand's winter has usually meant cooler temperatures from December to February - perfect for a year-end escape. This year, the temperatures are expected to be even lower than usual ranging from 7-22 degrees Celsius across the country. In Bangkok, you may end up exploring Chatachuk Market or the Grand Palace in 15-17 degrees weather!

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Other popular cities will also experience a predicted dip in temperature. Phuket, which is famous for its beaches and seaside activities, is expected to average 20-22 degrees Celsius. Chiang Mai further north is expected to hover between 12-14 degrees Celsius and Chiang Rai nearby will be slightly colder at 7-9 degrees Celsius. In the central region, cities such as Kanchanaburi will also experience temperatures between 13-18 degrees Celsius.

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Temperatures are currently still in the low 30s, but they're already expected to lower between 1-3 degrees until the end of October. The cold front is expected to last from October to February, with the coldest weather from late December to mid-January. So remember to pack warm, and keep an eye on the temperature readings in the lead up to your trip. ?

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