Terawih Was Held In Times Square, New York For The First Time In History


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Apr 06, 2022

For the first time in history, Terawih was held in Times Square, New York! This unexpected event held by the Zam Zam Project saw over 2000 Muslims breaking their fast in one of the world's most famous city centres, read more to find out what went down ?

Terawih In Times Square, New York

For those who are unfamiliar with Times Square, this hub in New York is known for its theatres, musicals, and festive parties! Found in Manhattan New York, it's an incredibly crowded spot.

On the first day of Ramadan, Times Square saw 2000 Muslims breaking their fast and praying terawih together. The azan rippled through the square, and recitations of the Quran filled the air.

''Hearing the beautiful recitation of The Holy Quran through the blessed voice of my beloved brother @dr.farajhasan was heartwarming. I appreciate you habeebi for believing in the vision?'' - @wayoflifesq

and @thezamzamproject on Instagram. 

According to videos, even non-Muslims joined in on the event and got to know the religion better! Scenes of New York's citizens interacting with the Muslim congregants could be seen in Instagram posts of the event.

An interesting way to spread the message of peace, organisers Zam Zam Project definitely don't plan to stop at Times Square, too!

''Where should the next one be? A) Toronto?? B) London?? Vote below!''

What do you think of this unique event? ?