There’s a new drink taking Malaysia by storm, and it’s (over)flowing so fast that even we were taken aback by it 😝 You might wonder what all the fuss is but trust us when we say that this one’s a lot tastier than your normal drinks!

Using powdered milk mixed with honey, the foam overflows from the glass and you can take a bite of the yummy foam 😋

Credit: @adscorner on Instagram

Many stalls across Malaysia actually name this “Teh Tarik Madu Kaw” (honey ice tea) but Ads Corner takes it a notch higher by varying their flavours. From bandung to green tea, you can savour all your favourite drinks with an even sweeter twist 😍

Credit: @adscorner  on Instagram

Now don’t dismiss this Muslim-owned stall just yet, even if the sweet stuff is not for you! This stall is not just popular for their drinks but also their unique food. Nasi Kak Wok hails from Kelantan but if you’re not willing to go that far (especially for Singaporeans), this is the best place to try it.

The dish is made of chicken fried to perfection, curry and rice – a popular dish in Kelantan!

Credit: @chubbycacaa on Instagram

Be sure to end your meal with their signature Melon Bingsu! We’re sure this healthy dessert is enough to balance out your meal 😉

Credit: @adscorner on Instagram

Tempted? Then it’s time to grab your road trip buddies and head to JB now 🤗

Location: No 44 Jalan Kebun Teh 1 , Pusat Perdagangan Kebun Teh,80250 Johor Bahru , Johor (Next to 7-11)
Operating Hours: 10 am – 7.30 pm (Closed on Fridays)
Contact Number: 017-9296885

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