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Here’s 4 Ways You Can Enjoy Teh Tarik In SG Other Than Drinking It


Nasreen Nasir •  Jul 24, 2018


Let’s just admit one thing - we all love our teh tarik! ? This local favourite drink has long been part of our history and a hybrid culture that puts together Chinese tea leaves and Indian chai. And the best part is that you can have it hot or cold and can be enjoyed any time of the day.

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The National Day is 2 weeks away from now and we’re already seeing F&B businesses paying homage to our local cuisine, including teh tarik! Believe it or not, there’s actually more ways to enjoy our favourite drink ?:

1. Teh Tarik Pie

It looks like Burger King Singapore has also jumped on the bandwagon and introduce its own locally-inspired menu, ranging from Rendang Burger to Hainanese Chicken Burger and the much raved about Teh Tarik Pie! ?

Credit: Xavier Lur on Twitter

This limited edition pie is like your typical apple pie, except that it comes with thick, gooey caramel-coloured filling infused with our favourite Teh Tarik flavour. Priced at SGD1 each, it’s only available at selected outlets for the time being.

2. Teh Tarik Ice Cream Potong
Credit: King's Potong Singapore on Facebook

Ice cream potong is every person’s childhood favourite and with that comes plenty of flavours. You're most probably familiar with King's Potong, a brand that's famous with their Red Bean and Yam ice cream potong. Last year, they decided to release Teh Tarik flavour and everyone became obsessed with it!

3. Teh Tarik Cupcake

Credit: @fluffbakery on Instagram

If you’ve tried Teh Tarik Ice Cream, you should definitely try Teh Tarik cupcake! Look no further than Muslim-owned Fluff Bakery at Bugis Street. This humble bakery succeeds in incorporating local flavours into their daily bakes like Horlicks, Ondeh-Ondeh and of course, Teh Tarik! Be prepared to wait in line ?

Credit: @dahlinar on Instagram
4. Teh Tarik Cake
Credit: @sooperliciouscake on Instagram

Can you believe this is actually a cake? ? An avid baker, Sooperlicious loves trying out new recipes and experimenting with different flavours for her cakes. When a customer requested a teh tarik cake, she knew she had to take up the challenge! Little did she know it became super famous and liked by everyone. ? With such detailed icing and design, you know you'll want to try and order one from her ?

There you have it - from here, we can definitely see that the many types of teh tarik dishes are proof that it can be enjoyed in many different ways. From cake to cupcakes and even a pie, there's no doubt that our love for teh tarik is not just limited to a drink ?