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The Bloom Of Tecoma Trees Across Malaysia Is Reminding Us Of Spring In Japan


Ili •  Mar 26, 2021


If there's one thing we miss about Japan, it's the cherry blossom season. By this time of the year, places like Tokyo and Kyoto will be showered with rows upon rows of cherry blossom trees. While we can't hop on a flight and travel there at the moment, Malaysia is actually experiencing it's very own spring time right now!
Credit: Nana Fadzil on Facebook Malaysians across the country are welcoming the bloom of tecoma trees (also known as rosy trumpet tree) with much excitement. Nicknamed 'tissue paper tree' by locals, the sight of these beautiful, pink flowers are an absolute delight! They only bloom once a year during the driest months (between March and April) - so if you happen to spot them, don't miss the opportunity to take an Insta-worthy picture!
Credit: Nana Fadzil on Facebook From Kedah and Penang to Melaka and Kuala Lumpur, people have been sharing snaps of the tecoma trees blooming in neighbourhoods, public parks and fields. Many have stated that the splashes of white and pink flowers lining streets look like a scene straight out of an anime and we couldn't agree more ?
Credit: Nana Fadzil on Facebook As we wait for Japan's borders to reopen for leisure travel, experiencing the bloom of tecoma trees in Malaysia is enough to cure our travel blues at the moment ? To inspire your future trip to Japan, make sure to check these out: