Step Up Your Bubble Tea Game With These 4 New (And Healthy!) Boosters


Maryam Zainol •  May 15, 2018

Good news, fellow bubble tea fans. Tealive’s latest unveiling, the Tealive +, will have you throwing a par-tea! It’s time to shelve all poli-tea-cal views and gather your friends for a fun, healthier drink instead ?

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Whether you’re a working mom, a business owner, a gym junkie or a student, making healthy choices doesn’t always come easy. Let’s face it. Sometimes we find it hard to muster the energy to even put together a salad. Well, these new boosters-on-the-go could help lessen THAT headache. The Tealive + contains 4 different supplements offering you a dose of collagen, energy, protein and antioxidants.

While this certainly isn’t a magical solution to all your fitness woes, it helps enhance your wellness and active lifestyle. For an extra RM2, these add-ons give you a much needed shot of health packed in nifty sachets. And with Ramadan on the horizon, Tealive + will make the perfect pick-me-up right before you head out for tarawih prayers.

Enjoy a refreshing beverage that comes with additional perks. Made using fish collagen, the Collagen Booster reduces wrinkles for a younger looking skin. The Energy Booster increases your energy with Vitamin B and guarana extract which would help you maintain productivity during Ramadan. For those who stay active in the gym while fasting, the Protein Booster helps your muscle growth with whey protein and broccoli extract. And made using acerola extract, noni fruit and berries, the Antioxidants Booster supports your immune system and improves your overall health.

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Staying true to their mission to “make tea better”, you now get to indulge in your favourite drink without feeling guilt-tea ? Head on over to selected outlets and get just the twist your bubble tea needs!