Tarik Tea Shop

Ed Sheeran-Approved 'Tarik' By Ali Redha Expands To Bali Lane


Qistina Roslan •  Feb 19, 2024

Let's face it, when Ed Sheeran endorses a place, it becomes an instant must-visit. So, when videos emerged of the global music icon making teh tarik at 'Tarik' in Singapore, our halal-food-loving senses tingled.

But was Tarik's charm solely Sheeran-approved, or did it hold its own unique magic? We embarked on a mission to discover, and let me tell you, this hidden gem is worth seeking out, celebrity endorsement or not!

Nestled in the bustling Arab Street area, Tarik exudes a casual, welcoming vibe. Stepping inside, you're greeted by warm smiles from the friendly staff and the comforting aroma of freshly brewed tea.

Modern tables and chairs offer a haven for weary shoppers and locals alike, creating a sleek, atas atmosphere that instantly transports you away from Singapore.

But the true star of the show is, of course, the teh tarik, the Malaysian-style pulled tea that lends the shop its name. Witnessing the rhythmic preparation is a mesmerizing dance in itself.

Hot tea and condensed milk are poured back and forth between two metal mugs, creating a frothy, flavorful concoction that is both sweet and satisfying. Tarik offers a variety of flavours like classic black tea, ginger, masala, and even saffron!

And yes, while Ed Sheeran's visit undoubtedly brought Tarik into the spotlight, it's clear that the shop's charm transcends celebrity endorsements.

It's the dedication to quality ingredients, authentic flavours, and genuine warmth that truly keeps customers coming back for more.

So, whether you're a die-hard Ed Sheeran fan or simply a traveller seeking a taste of local Singapore, Tarik is a must-visit. Come for the teh tarik, stay for the delicious food, and leave with a heart full of warmth.

Tarik by Ali Redha

Halal status: Muslim-owned
Opening hours: Mon-Sun (8AM - 8PM)
Address: 16 Bali Ln, Singapore 189852