Tampines Eco Green Opens: A Lesser Known Trail Perfect For Immersive Walks In Nature


Syahirah •  Aug 01, 2022

Regardless of what your interests are, there are just so many things to do in Singapore! From the exciting and bustling city life to the more quiet and tranquil parks and trails, there’s just something for everyone. ? The only issue is, there’s so many people wherever you go! If you feel like you can’t escape the crowds, then Tampines Eco Green might just be the place for you.

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What's so special about Tampines Eco Green, you may ask? For starters, it's a relatively newer park that focuses on preserving it’s natural beauty of flora and fauna as well as biodiversity. Located just 20 minutes away from Tampines MRT, the trip here is fairly simple with an abundance of nature as you make your way towards the trail.

Tampines Eco Green is mostly devoid of manmade elements, unlike most parks and nature reserves in Singapore. ? While other parks in Singapore may be environmentally friendly, Tampines Eco Green takes it to the next level. From signboards to shelters, everything is made from recycled materials! ? Their eco-toilet even turns human waste into compost with wood shavings and bacteria instead of piping and chemicals (did we mention there’s even an ‘Eco-Toilet’ here?)!

Step into a world of complete nature

If you can’t get enough of the tranquillity that nature provides, Tampines Eco Green is the sanctuary that won’t disappoint! ? With 3 beginner friendly trails including - Diversity Trail, Forest Trail and Marsh Trail, you’ll be able to see many sights and sounds deep into nature. From the starting point, see the Freshwater Habitat on the Diversity Trail where you can expect a relatively easy trek into the carpeted grasslands leading you deeper into the park. 

A little off the Diversity Trail, you’ll find the Eco-Toilet, the first of its kind in Singapore’s public parks. It is a waterless, chemical-free system that converts human waste using bacteria and wood shavings into compost! And don’t worry about there being odour in this area, it's well ventilated!

Hop onto the Marsh Trail for a more woodsy experience (it’s the shortest trail too!). You’ll come across a Bird Hide, where the structures for bird-watching hides are made out of twigs and branches. A bird hide allows you to camouflage yourself so that you can observe wildlife, especially birds, at close proximity without alarming the creatures with your presence!

The Forest Trail is a 1KM walk that becomes shadier as you make your way along the trail. There are lush canopies and trees bordering the trail. Don’t be surprised to see a number of butterflies like the Blue Pansy (Junonia orithya wallacei) and more accompanying you on your walk! ?

If you’re someone who loves the flora and fauna and want to get completely immersed into nature, be sure to pay a visit to Tampines Eco Green in Tampines. It’s easy to access but be careful as there are no street lamps on the trail to light it up at night. Be sure to take care and bring a torchlight or leave before dark!