This Japanese Pocket Sejadah Is What Every Muslim Traveller Needs


Maryam Zainol •  Jun 20, 2018

It can be challenging and frustrating to find a prayer space when you're out on the go, especially while travelling in a Muslim-minority country. And no one understands this problem better than Meryem Chin.

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Meryem is a Singaporean Chinese who found Islam while on a journey to find God. Now, Meryem and her husband Mustafa Ursavas lives in Japan, where prayer spaces are uncommon and Muslims are scarce. And it is a problem they face everyday. ?

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It was difficult to find proper, clean places to pray anytime and anywhere. We were also gifting our friends who lived in Japan similar portable prayer mats, however they were poorly-designed and of low quality. - Meryem

Realising that it's a common problem for many in Singapore and Japan, they sought to find a solution. From their humble home in Fukuoka, came an idea to reinvent the portable sejadah (prayer mat). And so, Takva was born. Meryem and Mustafa aimed to redesign a prayer mat that's convenient to carry around and made of high quality so you'll never miss your prayers ever again. Armed with this innovative dream, their project crowdfunding on Launchgood and Kickstarter reached its target within a month of its launches. Now, the Takva Pocket Sejadah is ready to change the way Muslims travel and pray on the go! ?

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One of the problems we faced was the pocket design. Much thought was put into it because we didn't want the pocket to touch the ground and dirtying the mat when the mat folds into it.

All the hard work they put into redesigning the attached pocket has finally paid off! From the way the mat folds to the way it's kept inside the pocket, it prevents the top of the mat from touching the ground. As cleanliness is a crucial part of our ibadah, their ingenious pocket design puts them miles ahead of other portable prayer mats in the market. This way, the Pocket never gets lost and the mat stays clean. ?

Credit: @takva.co on Instagram

Weighing less than 90g, the Takva Pocket Sejadah is smaller than your regular A5 notebook and takes minimal space in your bag! And the best part is, the Takva Pocket Sejadah is completely made of durable and waterproof material ? ensuring that you're always ready for your prayers even when you're outdoors!

Credit: @takva.co on Instagram 

Designed in Japan, the Takva Pocket Sejadah is made to perfection - from its quality material to its stitching. For just USD 29, this little mat will ease your travels and assure your prayers are on time no matter where you are in the world. Small, sleek with a minimalist geometric design, this is one item every Muslim traveller needs to have in their backpack. ?

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