TAKVA Is Back With Two New Products - The Instant Hijab And Wudhu Socks


Iyesha Maria •  May 08, 2019

After the amazing portable pocket sejadah (prayer mat) and prayer parka, designer Meryem Chin and her husband, Mustafa Ursavas are back with two more revolutionary products for us ?

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In case you aren't caught up, Meryem and Mustafa are Muslims who live in Japan where prayer spaces are uncommon and Muslims are scarce. Since facing these problems, the dynamic duo has been inspired to create everyday travel items to help Muslims all around the world.  Their first two products were super portable prayer mats that you can fold and keep inside your handbag, and a light and portable parka so you can pray almost everywhere without worrying about having a telekung with you.

Next up, launching on the first day of Ramadan are two products that are super convenient for Muslim travellers! The Infinity Hijab and Wudhu Socks ?

Infinity Hijab

Credit: Takva Co

Inspired by Meryem's own woes when wearing a hijab such as keeping the hijab in place, pins falling out, stray hairs, or just simply having to iron out her hijab every time she wears it, she realized that the current modern hijab has not been designed for the convenience of the wearer.

The Infinity Hijab, also known as an 'instant hijab' is breathable and beautifully designed for you to style it in any way without the fuss of a traditional hijab.

Credit: Takva Co

Don't have to worry about stray hairs anymore since the infinity scarf's specially designed silicon strips will help keep those pesky strands away. Not to forget that it's pin-free too meaning that you don't have to worry about poking yourself or panic when your hijab falls apart because the pins fell off. The hijab is held together by magnets and snap buttons instead ?

The infinity scarf is also nursing-friendly so you don't have to fumble around looking for a cloth to cover up. The magnet buttons will ensure you and your precious one are covered up nicely and once you're done, you can snap your hijab back into place!

Credit: Takva Co

Every infinity scarf also comes with a matching underscarf that also has the same magnetic technology to keep your outer hijab in place ?

The Infinity Hijab is now available for pre-order on Launchgood, so make sure to support their campaign to make the Infinity Hijab a reality! Do note that shipping only commences in September once production is complete. There is also an option for you to donate an Infinity Hijab and underscarf to new Muslims in Tokyo Mosque ?

Find out more about the Infinity Hijab here and on Takva's YouTube channel. Read till the end to find out how to win an Infinity Hijab and an Infinity Underscarf from HHWT!

Wudhu Socks

Another problem frequently faced by Muslim travellers is taking wudhu on-the-go. Not many countries have the amenities in public places for us to perform wudhu, and this becomes particularly awkward when you're trying to wash your feet in a public restroom - here's where Takva comes in.

Credit: Takva Co

Another new innovative Takva design are socks specially made for wudhu, or more specifically, to perform masah ? According to Muslim scholars, all footgear need to be able to satisfy three conditions before it is eligible for masah, which are:

  1. Water should not seep through the socks
  2. The sock must cover up to the ankles at all times
  3. They need to be durable enough to walk 3 miles without tearing

And Takva's wudhu socks satisfies all three conditions with its microporous membrane, 4-way stretch technology, and high resistance ?

Credit: Takva Co

With the wudhu socks, you won't have to worry about putting yourself in odd positions trying to wash your feet in public restrooms - a big plus for travellers!

Keep a lookout for the Wudhu Socks campaign on Launchgood and Takva's website and learn more about the conveniences of the wudhu socks here!

Takva's designs definitely have helped many Muslim travellers with their range of unique products. Time to get your hands on these products before your next trip ?

Bonus: For a chance to win an Infinity Hijab AND an infinity underscarf for yourself, remember to LIKE both the HHWT Facebook page and TAKVA Facebook page, and leave a comment on this post letting us know which Infinity Hijab colour you want to win! The contest giveaway ends 22 May 2019 Wednesday 23:59 (Singapore time, GMT+8).