TAKVA’s Indoor Padded Prayer Mats Are The Extra Level Of Comfort You Deserve


Shasha Dania •  Sep 07, 2020

TAKVA's chic and sleek pocket sejadah (prayer mat) has been a life-changer ever since it was released in 2018 - and they’re following its success with a whole-new padded indoor prayer mat that’s comfortable, easy to clean and easy to store! Read on to find out more about their minimalist and Japanese-inspired designs, as well as our honest review of the different versions and padding options. ?

P.S. Read till the end to find out how you can stand a chance to win a TAKVA Indoor Prayer Mat of your own!

Credit: TAKVA

If you’ve ever bought or tried a padded prayer mat before you might have noticed a few things: they’re usually spot-clean only, aren’t machine washable, and can be bulky and hard to roll up for storage. TAKVA's Indoor Prayer Mats solve these issues and more! ? They even come with a cloth loop and wall hook so you can hang it up on the wall - it saves on storage space and makes interesting decor for your home!

The mat covers are made from 100% polyester and have a non-slip backing so you no longer have to worry about your mat sliding around while you pray. They’re also machine washable and interchangeable so while one cover is in the wash you can just replace it with another cover and continue praying!

Credit: TAKVA

The mat cover comes in several designs including the Classic Sejadah™ (U.P. from USD45, padding sold separately) inspired by traditional Japanese Sashiko craftsmanship. Traditional Sashiko reinforced stitching is married with TAKVA's signature minimalist geometric designs to create a quilted top that’s elegant and subtle. Coming in 3 colours - Emerald, Slate, and Indigo - you’ve got the perfect everyday mat that will add a chic touch to your home. ?

Credit: TAKVA

There’s also the Premium Sejadah (U.P. from USD55, including padding) for a more luxe feel, offering a velvet-soft texture that’s cool to the touch (perfect on a hot day!) and a range of designs inspired by Islamic art. ? The Royal Collection comes in Emerald and Gold and uses floral motifs to create an intricate and vibrant design. The Kaaba Collection comes in Black and Maroon and bears a bold but minimalist one-line art that pays homage to the holiest site in Islam.

P.S. The Classic and Premium options are currently priced at USD35 and USD45 respectively - get your mats now so you won’t miss out on this offer!

Credit: TAKVA

TAKVA decided to create not one, but two types of customizable padding for their mats to cater to different preferences. The Comfit™ (USD20) has a firmer feel, and the Comfit Plus™ (USD29) is both soft and supportive. If you’re looking for a prayer mat for your parents, grandparents, or anyone you know who would like a bit more comfort - look no further! Personally I’ve been searching for a padded prayer mat for a while as I have lax joints and struggle with pain in my knees and ankles. So I was really excited to get to try out TAKVA's padded prayer mats and put them to the test!

I tried the Classic Sejadah™ (seen here in grey) with and without the Comfit™, and the Kaaba Collection Premium Sejadah (seen here in maroon) with the Comfit Plus™. Even without the padding, I was impressed by how soft both mat covers were! The Classic is lightly textured with a slightly padded feel. It was soft and comfortable to pray on it even on a hardwood floor. The covers are also easy to roll up so they can function as regular prayer mats even outside of the house.

The Comfit™ is 0.6mm thick and made with two layers of toxic-free foam (front and back pictured here), similar to some thicker yoga mats. The slight texture on each side seemed to help prevent it from shifting around while it was in the cover, and it was light and easy to handle. The material is a good blend of firmness and comfort. I could feel the support on my ankles and knees while praying, and once you stand up or shift it quickly returns to its original shape.

P.S. It did take me some time to insert it into the mat cover for the first time. ? If you’re buying this as a gift for an older relative I recommend helping them to insert it just to make it a little easier for them. However, once the padding is in the cover you won’t have to adjust or remove it until it’s time for a wash!

I definitely preferred the Comfit Plus™ though! ? It’s a little thicker at 0.8mm and is made from memory foam. The foam is soft to the touch yet firm enough that you don’t feel like you’re sinking. As someone with sensitive knees, I sometimes get sharp pains when I’m in sujud so I was definitely looking out for whether I would get proper support. With the Comfit Plus™ I could feel my weight distribute across the foam whenever I moved, and it felt like it was taking the pressure off my heels, knees, and elbows. I recommend it if you have joint problems like me, or are looking for a gift for someone older who may appreciate some extra comfort.

Overall, I was really happy with TAKVA's take on the padded prayer mat. The foam material of the padding ensures both comfort and support, and the sleek design transforms this practical item into something eye-catching too. I highly recommend it for anyone - even if you don’t have health issues, the high-quality materials and beautiful design make it well worth it. Think of it as an investment in your joint health in the long-term. ? The mats and padding are both going for a discounted rate at the moment - so place your orders ASAP!

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