This Singaporean Home Business Sends The Cheesiest Halal Mozzarella Cheese Tahu Begedil Right To Your Doorstep


Siti Ayeeshah Zaki •  Sep 09, 2021

If you're a fan of tofu and potatoes or the Malay side dishes tahu goreng and tahu telur, you might just have heard of tahu begedil (or tahu bergedil). This combination of yummy potato patty (begedil) wrapped in tofu skin is deep fried and eaten with chilli kicap sauce (sweet soy sauce with chilli) for a flavourful kick. Crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, whoever came up with this idea is definitely a genius! If you're looking to try this tasty treat, Adam's Taubergs is definitely a home business you should try for your dose of tahu begedil.

Cheesy Tahu Begedil

Adam's Taubergs on Instagram is a Muslim owned home business that sells the cheesiest tahu begedils you'll ever find. There are two main items on their menu: Mozzaberg and Beef Tauberg!

Credit: @adams_taubergs on Instagram

Their Mozzaberg is the epitome of crisp and soft all rolled into one. Take a bite, close your eyes and envelope your senses in the smells and tastes of Mozzarella oozing into your mouth. At only $18 per box of 5, this tahu begedil is a definite steal.

Credit: @adams_taubergs on Instagram

You could also opt for their package of 3 boxes for $50, for big parties. And if you're looking to snack on one just for yourself, they go at $4.50 per piece!

Looking for something a little more filling? Try out their Beef Tauberg! At only $12 a box (or 2 for $22), Adam's Tauberg's beef tahu begedil come in perfect squares for you and your family to enjoy.

Credit: @adams_taubergs on Instagram

You could also buy them at a piece each for just $2.50.

Putting twists on traditional local delicacies, they're also the creative inventors of the Mas Berendam! Inspired by traditional dessert Badak Berendam, Mas Berendam is made of a glutinous rice ball filled with Mars Chocolate instead of the classic gula melaka, and soaked in quinoa soy milk. At only $5 per container, this dessert is definitely something you'll want to try.

The best part about all of this is that they deliver islandwide for just $10! And if you're living in the Woodlands vicinity, they send it to you for just $5 ? You have to make sure to get them quick though, their chef only makes them on his off days, which means that there's a limited amount of their delicious, cheesy tahu begedils to go around ?

Adam's Taubergs

Halal Status: Muslim Owned

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