Sushi Mastro In KL Serves Nikkei Cuisine With Premium Seafood


Syahirah •  Oct 05, 2022

Are you familiar with the concept of Nikkei cuisine? 🤔 Also known as Japanese-Peruvian food, Nikkei cuisine dates back decades ago. The word Nikkei refers to descendants of immigrants from Japan to Peru, South America. It’s now known as a style of cooking which marries Japanese flavours and cooking styles with traditional Peruvian ingredients (mostly fresh seafood). Sushi Mastro is a halal Japanese restaurant in KL and is one of the two places in Malaysia (Nobu being the other) that serves fresh Nikkei cuisine using premium ingredients. Here are the 3 dishes you must try when you visit!

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1. Salmon Mango Nikkei

Credit: Courtesy of Sushi Mastro

There’s no better dish than the Salmon Mango Nikkei (RM58) when representing Nikkei cuisine. It comes with sliced Ocean Fjord Trout served with fresh mango topped with ikura shoyu zuke (soy-infused Red Caviar) which adds a savoury punch to the whole dish. The fish’s smooth texture pairs well with the sweetness of the mango and the ikura shoyu zuke has a unique pop when you bite into it, leaving a smooth and refreshing aftertaste! 😄 

2. Seafood Montana Shirashizushi 

Credit: Courtesy of Sushi Mastro

We guarantee you won’t be able to resist snapping a few pictures of this beautiful dish to show your family and friends! The Seafood Montana Shirashizushi (RM75) is just as it looks on the outside - a seafood bowl, which presents a glorious mountain of treasures (ingredients) from the sea. 😃 The dish consists of a generous portion of salmon, hamachi (Japanese Yellowtail), hon maguro (Bluefin Tuna), barramundi (Asian Seabass), red snapper, malabar grouper, amaebi (Sweet Shrimp), unagi (Eel), ikura (Red Caviar) and tobiko (Flying Fish roe). All those premium ingredients are marinated and cooked over sushi rice. Not only does this dish look impressive, its combination of flavours is delicious too! 😋

3. Scallop & Seabass

Credit: Courtesy of Sushi Mastro

Everyone knows we eat with our eyes (and phones) before our mouth does. 🤣 If you want something that tastes as good as it looks, the Sushi Mastro’s Scallop & Seabass (RM58) is a straight up beauty on a plate! Made with Hokkaido scallops and ikejime seabass (Striped seabass) are infused with aji Amarillo sauce (made with spicy aji Amarillo chillies), quinoa, truffle oil and decorated with pretty edible flowers! The result tastes as dramatically multi-dimensional as it looks. 🤤

So, if you’re in KL and craving for Japanese-Peruvian cuisine, you must visit Sushi Mastro for their carefully curated menu. Not to mention, Sushi Mastro is almost always fully booked on the weekends, so we think it’s worth a visit to taste their painstakingly thought-out dishes. You’ll definitely be in good hands! 

P.S. As limited tables are available, we recommend making reservations before you visit to avoid disappointment. If you’re not dining in, you can order for delivery or self-pick up too!

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