18 Supermarkets & Online Stores In Klang Valley For All Your Grocery Needs


Atiqah Mokhtar •  Mar 17, 2020

[Updated as of 11 Apr 2020 - The Malaysian government announced a further extension of the Movement Control Order for another 2 weeks yesterday. We've included a new entry below (number 11) for  Pak Grocer, a chain of provision stores which is currently offering home delivery services (for those who live within 10km of an outlet). We will continuously be updating this article to reflect updates from all the supermarkets and online delivery platforms.]

On 16 March 2020, the Malaysian government announced a nationwide restriction of movement order aimed at combating the further spread of Covid-19 cases. With the closure of schools, businesses, mosques, and more, many Malaysians are stocking up on food and other essentials to minimise the need to go out during this time. To help you out, we've compiled a round-up of grocery stores and other online delivery platforms that you can turn to during this time. In addition, there are current restrictions in place for all supermarket and restaurant operating hours (from 8pm - 8pm), though do note individual stores may open later or close earlier within that timeframe. We've included updates with regards to opening hours, special policies and other information for consumers during this period. We'll be updating this list continuously throughout the next couple weeks so it'll be easy to keep track - do let us know if you come across any relevant updates too!

As a gentle reminder, do remember to keep calm and not resort to panic buying - many of the grocery stores we've listed below have reiterated that they are regularly restocking shelves and are taking all precautionary measures to minimise risks associated with Covid-19 (e.g. sanitising surfaces, etc.). Currently, only one person per household is allowed to go to stores and supermarkets for grocery shopping. Many readers have also shared their frustrations over delivery slots being full or delays in delivery time - we recognise that this isn't ideal, but we do note that retailers are striving to fulfil the exceptional surge in demand as best as they can and trying to add more slots. For those that aren't able to get online delivery slots and have to shop at the store, we have also compiled tips on the proper precautionary measure to take while shopping at the supermarket.

Major supermarkets

1. Mydin

Online Store/delivery availability: Available for store pick-up, locker pick-up, or home delivery (for select areas in Klang Valley only).

Store policy

Online store policy

  • 29 Mar 2020: Mydin has announced that all home delivery and store pick-up slots are full until 8 April 2020. Locker pick-ups are still available.
  • Mydin has an online store primarily serviced by select outlets in Klang Valley which offer delivery or pick-up (i.e. you order online and pick-up your order at the store). For delivery, it currently caters to select areas according to postcodes in Subang Jaya, Puchong, Petaling Jaya, Shah Alam, Kota Damansara and Damansara Perdana (you can check their website for the full list of postcodes). Deliveries have a flat rate charge of RM10.
  • For pick-up, based on checks this is currently only available at the USJ outlet. You have the option of picking up your groceries at the designated counter in the store or at their Klik & Pick lockers.  In addition to browsing online on their website they also have an app (available on Android and Apple) for their online store services.

#HHWT Tip: Many of our readers have shared that for online delivery platforms, many of the websites allow you to select items in your cart, even though no delivery slots are available - we recommend that you test first with some items to see if delivery slots are available before going through the trouble of filling your cart up!.

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2. Tesco

Online Store/delivery availability: Online store and delivery available for select areas in Klang Valley, Penang, Seremban and Johor Bahru. Do note that a number of our readers have shared that currently, no delivery slots are available until next month.

Store Policy

  • 30 Mar 2020: Tesco has announced revised opening hours for all its outlets.
  • As you shop at Tesco in the coming weeks, it's a great time to use their new Scan&Shop app (available on Android and Apple) that can help make your shopping go a lot faster. The app allows you to scan the items you're buying while as you browse in the store and put them in your shopping bag directly. Upon going to the checkout, all you have to do is scan the barcode from the app and pay (rather than having to go through the longer processing of scanning and bagging each item). The app's gotten great reviews so far, so do try it out on your next trip to Tesco!

Online store policy

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3. Jaya Grocer

Online Store/delivery availability: Online store and deliveries suspended until further notice.

Store Policy

Online store policy

  • Jaya Grocer has also announced it's suspending its delivery services until further notice, in order to focus on replenishing and servicing their physical stores. Do follow their Facebook or Instagram for more updates on this front in due course!

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4. RedTick

Online Store/delivery availability: As of 22 Mar 2020, RedTick has announced that delivery slots are full for the next 14 days.

Credit: Redtick on Facebook

Store policy

  • As of31 Mar 2020, RedTick has announced that in line with the MCO, operating hours are shortened from 8AM-8PM daily until 14 Apr 2020.
  • RedTick has 4 outlets throughout Klang Valley (at SetiaWalk in Puchong, Shaftsbury in Cyberjaya, North Kiara in Segambut and Gamuda Walk in Shah Alam), but they offer online delivery services. All their stores are open and operating per usual.

  • All employees and customers are required to take temperature check before entering the premises. Those with temperatures exceeding 37.5 degrees celsium, or those with symptoms such as fever, cough, colds and / or difficulty in breathing, will not be allowed to enter the premises and are advised to seek medical attention immediately.

Online delivery

  • RedTick's online store and delivery services are still operating per usual throughout the Klang Valley area (you can check whether your home is covered under their service area on their website), however, do note that due to upsurge in demand, slots are fully-booked in the next couple of weeks. Free delivery is offered for purchases above RM150.

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5. Giant

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6. Aeon

  • 8 Apr 2020: Aeon has announced that their drive-thru service at Taman Maluri has expanded their assortments to include Aeon Wellness products.
  • 4 Apr 2020: Aeon has announced revised operating hours during the MCO in-line with government guidelines
  • 29 Mar 2020: Aeon has implemented restrictions in quantity allowed for purchase for some essential products, including eggs (limited to 1 tray per family).
  • 26 Mar 2020: Aeon has announced that they are commencing drive-thru services at their Taman Maluri store from now until 14 April. Applying to select essential grocery items, you can order ahead of time by scanning the QR code or going to the website and then pick-up your purchases through the drive-thru  area at the Gate 2 car park entrance. Do note that only debit/credit card payment is accepted for this service.
  • Aeon has also announced a personal shopper system where you can hand your list of required items to the designated store personnel, who will help pick out your items in-store while you wait in your car or outside. Once completed, they will notify you and you can head to the special cashier area to pay and pick-up your items. There is no extra charge for this service, and you can write your grocery list on any paper you have to hand to them.

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7. Ben's Independent Grocer


8. Cold Storage & Mercato

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10. Village Grocer

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11. Pak Grocer Malaysia (new entry!)

  • Pak Grocer Malaysia is a chain of provision stores with 32 outlets operating across Klang Valley (you can locate an outlet near your here).
  • If you live within 10km of a Pak Grocer store in the Kek Rimba, Shah Alam, Balakong, Cheras, Raja Muda Musa, Klang, Taman Kinrara, Puchong, Gasing Indah or Petaling Jaya areas, Pak Grocer is offering temporary delivery services. You can place your order via Whatsapp or telephone, with payment on delivery or via online transfer (for select outlets only). Their delivery officer will then deliver your items to your house.

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12. Econsave

  • Econsave has revised its operating hours for the duration of the MCO. You can see the full hours for all their outlets on their Facebook page.

Delivery and online-only platforms

13. HappyFresh (currently not accepting orders)

Credit: @nusaybahmohdasri on Instagram

  • 30 Mar 2020: HapppyFresh announced on its Instagram Stories that it's currently not accepting orders and will be focusing on clearing pending orders.
  • HappyFresh does grocery deliveries from a variety of major supermarkets including Giant, Aeon, Cold Storage, Mydin and more. You can choose from available retailers depending on your location, shop online, and have the groceries delivered to you in as little as an hour (on usual days!). HappyFresh continues to supply online purchases and deliveries during this time, but do note that delivery slots are limited at the moment, so do expect to wait a bit longer within the next couple of weeks.
  • There's usually a minimum order amount of RM50,  though this may differ according to which retailer you're shopping from. In addition to their website they also have an app (available on Android and Apple).

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14. My Groser

  • 11 Apr 202: My Groser has announced new delivery slots available for delivery on 17 Apr 2020.
  • 8 Apr 2020: My Groser has announced that there is currently issues with the Android version of the app, which they are resolving. Customers can still shop on their website.
  • 7 Apr 2020: My Groser has announced new delivery slots available between 9 - 12 April.
  • 26 Mar 2020: My Groser has announced it's striving to add new deliver slots everyday and will be delivering across two time blocks  (10am-3pm & 3om-9pm) daily. Given the upsurge in demand, there may be more product substitutions or, where not available, refunds will be issued in the form of store credit. No refunds in cash are provided (per normal company policy).
  • My Groser is an online-only grocery retailer that delivers to the Klang Valley area (including KL, Ampang, Bangsar, Mont Kiara, Petaling Jaya, Subang Jaya, USJ, Shah Alam, Damansara, Bandar Utama, Tropicana, and Puchong. You can shop (with an account) on their website, or alternatively use their app (available on Android and Apple). Delivery is free for orders above RM100, and both credit and debit cards are accepted for payment (online payment only).
  • My Groser is continuing to make deliveries every day throughout the MCO. However, given the surge in demand, slots in the next week may be limited, though they're currently working on making more slots available. Certain items may also be out of stock (though they have stated that they're in the process of resupplying). Check out their Instagram to keep up with their latest updates!

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15. Lalamove

  • 31 Mar 2020: Lalamove has announced that delivery hours will be restricted between 8am - 8pm per government guidelines.
  • Several of our readers recommended Lalamove, an app that allows you to hire a transporter to help pick up and deliver good to you. You can select a destination where you want to purchase items and specify what items you would like purchased (up to a maximum of RM100). The transportation fee will depend on which vehicle type you need to get your items delivered (motorcycle, car, lorry). You will be required to reimburse your rider the exact amount in cash upon delivery.
  • This service may be especially useful to pick up essential items from your neighbourhood mart or convenience store. Download the app from Google Play or Apple App Store.
  • Lalamove has stated it'll continue to operate throughout the MCO.


16. Barang Dapur Basah (orders currently restricted to pick-up at Bandar Putri Permai, Sri Kembangan only)

  • 11 Apr 2020: Barung Dapur Basah will be opening slots for delivery for Sunday, 18 Apr tomorrow morning (Sun, 12 Apr) at 8am. Stay tuned to their Instagram for updates on future delivery slots.
  • Barung Dapur Basah specialises in fresh produce such as fish, poultry, beef and veggies for those who want to cook with fresh ingredients. They also sell commonly used aromatics and ingredients in Malay cooking such as sambal paste, coconut milk, ground ginger and garlic, curry powder and more! Barang Dapur Basah also has packages which are pre-set according to price (that have a mix of produce), type of product (such as their seafood package) or packages where you can mix and match the items you'd like. All of the produce comes washed and prepared, so they're ready for you to cook with as soon as you get them.
  • Barang Dapur Basah is continuously updating for available delivery slots. So far new slots are quickly being taken up so stay tuned to their Facebook and Instagram for updates on new delivery slots so you can secure them as and when they're available.

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17. Shopee Mart

If you were wondering whether Shopee sells food items and other groceries, they do! While you can't find fresh produce like frozen foods or poultry, you can still stock up on shelf-stable foods like cereal, instant noodles, granola and more as well as household supplies and toiletries. Shopee Malaysia has stated that deliveries will continue throughout the restricted movement period, though some delivery periods may be extended, depending on the seller and the item. Read their full statement regarding the situation here. Do note that items purchased from different sellers may take different lengths of time to reach depending from the supplier's location so it's not as convenient as a one-shop solution, but it could be a good option for select items or one-off purchases.

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18. Lazada

You can also find grocery items on Lazada, with the added advantage of items like fresh produce and frozen foods too. Similar to Shopee, items and delivery period will depend on the seller you buy from, though all deliveries are expected to be carried out per usual.

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Going through this partial lockdown will be a new and uncertain experience, but the important thing is to remain calm and keep our cool during these challenging times as we face the Covid-19 situation. Do stay updated with the latest info from supermarkets and retailers (and feel free to share with us if you know of any new developments too!) and again, do remember to be considerate of others when shopping for your supplies. May we all navigate this period safely and smoothly!