Travel To Japan With Sunway Pyramid's First-Ever 'Internet Of Toilet'


Siti Aishah Ahmad •  Dec 13, 2021

Everyone knows when you go to Japan, the first thing you'll be amazed by (other than food and gorgeous places) is their high tech toilets! With the ongoing travel restrictions, it's hard to cross the Japanese boarders but you can experience smart toilets at Sunway Pyramid! This popular shopping mall in Selangor is introducing Malaysia's first Internet of Toilet (IoT) tech. Now you won't have to travel to Japan to experience techy public toilets ☺️

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Techy Internet Toilets at Sunway Pyramid

Credit: Sunway Pyramid 

Sunway Pyramid partnered up with Singapore-based Rigel Technology to produce this new smart toilet system that will elevate your shopping experience! It's a general consensus that most people would avoid public toilets in Malaysia due to its lack of hygiene but the new internet toilets will change your mind.

What's so special about the new techy toilet you may wonder? Well, using the smart IoT system, it will manage the toilet's cleanliness and needs via sensors and monitors. From soap, tissue papers, paper towel dispensers, main water fittings, air quality and even temperature humidity, the system will notify the maintenance workers immediately to fix or clean. With this new system, the management won't need a physical person to check up on things prior as the sensors will detect any damages or replenishment needs. Plus, water consumption can be reduced since any damages will be fixed as soon as possible!

Credit: Sunway Pyramid 

Plus, the sensors can detect ammonia to prevent lingering foul smell and this way, you won't feel hesitant to use the mall's public toilets. This new system is a part of the mall's initiative to move towards digitalization. The first step was introducing the cashless and ticketless system in its parking area. Not only does this reduce the amount of paper usage but increases efficiency and shopping experience.

The Sunway Group always strives to be an environmental friendly corporation and their initiatives in introducing these new systems at the mall are part of their effort in preserving the environment.