Curry Potato Poketto

This Curry Potato Poketto™ Is The Perfect Snack (Which Reminds Us Of Japan!)


Faruq Senin •  Feb 19, 2024

If you’re missing Japan and want to relive your vacation there, the good news is that Sunshine Poketto™ Sandwich is introducing a new Poketto™ Sandwich Curry Potato - it’s the perfect on-the-go snack that reminds us of Japan!

Sunshine Poketto™ Sandwich

Savoury pocket-sized sandwich with aromatic curry spices with real potato cubes

You can have curry potato on the go as the sandwich has a satisfying filling infused with aromatic curry spices and real potato cubes in every bite. Imagine having “curry puff” filling in a sandwich form, you won’t be able to resist it!

It’s also perfect for kids as the curry has a mild spicy level and is crustless so it’s great for everyone! Thanks to Japanese technology, the crustless bread is fully sealed to ensure that the filling is intact so it’s mess-free and there’s no spillage while you’re savouring the Curry Potato Poketto™.

Fuss-free and perfect as a quick snack or for gatherings with loved ones

You can choose to eat the Curry Potato Poketto™ as it is or you can elevate your eating experience by toasting it in an oven or air fryer.

Sunshine Poketto™ Sandwich

This way, you won’t have to go through the hassle of whipping up curry potato from scratch when you’re craving it (no need for cleaning up!) If you’d like, you can enhance the yummy taste of the Curry Potato Poketto™ by dipping it into your favourite sauces.

The best part is that the sandwich is fuss-free and you can have it on the go as a quick snack any time of the day. Alternatively, you can also bring the Curry Potato Poketto™ for gatherings or potluck parties!

Sunshine Poketto™ Sandwich has sweet flavours too

The new Curry Potato is Sunshine’s first-ever savoury flavour for Poketto. They also have sweet offerings such as Wild Blueberry, Belgian Chocolate and Peanut Butter that are available for your selections!

Sunshine Poketto™ Sandwich

Credit: Sunshine Poketto™

The Wild Blueberry Poketto™ has real and juicy wild blueberries from The Netherlands while the Belgian Chocolate has rich chocolate from Belgium. The Peanut Butter Poketto™ has creamy peanut butter filling and is also the best-selling flavour in Japan. If you’re a fan of staple breakfast spreads like chocolate and peanut butter, now you won’t have to buy whole tubs of both spreads anymore!

Like the Curry Potato Poketto™, all of Sunshine’s Poketto™ series are crustless-style sandwiches that are convenient to eat on the go. What’s more, this saves you time in the morning when you’re rushing to work or school. You don’t need to spend time and energy preparing sandwiches with your favourite ingredients anymore!

Good news, they are affordable too! All Poketto™ sandwiches are selling at $1.50 and are available at all major supermarkets, convenience stores and petrol marts islandwide. Time to stock up on Sunshine’s Poketto™ Sandwich Curry Potato!

Halal status: Halal-certified