We Tried Subway SG’s New Egg-cellent Subs - Here’s What We Thought


Faruq Senin •  Jan 24, 2019

Ever since Subway became halal-certified last August, we can’t seem to get enough of their awesome subs! There’s nothing like savouring their juicy Chicken Teriyaki or tantalising Meatball Marinara, even if it means getting your mouth dirty ?

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It’s always interesting to see what new promotions or offers that Subway has in store for us and this time, it’s starting the new year right with its Golden Egg Campaign (also known as Egg-bundance) ?

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subway egg mayo promotion

If you’re wondering what this is all about, Subway is actually topping your Spicy Italian and Chicken Strip subs with an extra heap of their signature Egg Mayo. Egg mayo lovers, this one’s for you! We’ll admit – with such a wide range of meat options available, we rarely order Subway’s Egg Mayo subs but this promotion made us slightly intrigued and so, we decided to give it a try.

We know, you’re probably wondering what’s so special about this promo ? After all, it’s just adding a layer of egg mayo on your subs, right? But trust us, we were pleasantly surprised as it enhanced the taste of the Spicy Italian and Chicken Strips subs. There was actually more flavour than we expected!

subway egg mayo spicy italian

For the Spicy Italian, the sweetness of the egg mayo complemented the spice in the pepperoni and salami slices. We loved that it wasn’t that overwhelming too! We didn’t add any of the Subway sauces to the sub and it tasted just right. So, we’d recommend that you have your sub without the sauces too, so you can taste the combination of flavours from the Egg Mayo and Spicy Italian ?

subway egg mayo promotion

The Chicken Strips sub, on the other hand, had a subtler taste. If you’re used to having your chicken strips alone, why not try something different by adding the Egg Mayo for an added protein fix? You can’t go wrong with Egg Mayo and chicken! We don’t know about you but this reminded us of something we enjoyed as a kid.

P.S. Get the Egg Mayo & Spicy Italian or Egg Mayo & Chicken Strips subs at $7.80 if you order ala carte or $8.80 as a combo meal (plus 16oz fountain drink). It’s only valid for dine-in and takeaway orders!

subway pineapple cookie

Besides their egg-cellent subs, we also had a taste of Subway’s latest Pineapple cookie. Yes, you read that right! The cookie was crispy on its sides but when we bit into the core, we could taste the pineapple filling which tasted a lot like pineapple tarts. If we could choose our favourite Subway cookie (other than Chocolate Chip!) we’d have to give it to this one as it’s literally pineapple tart in a cookie. Looks like Chinese New Year came early ?

We’re pretty sure by now, Subway’s offerings have got you egg-cited! The promotion is only happening for a limited time from now till 28 Feb 2019 so make sure you head to the nearest Subway outlet to get your Egg Mayo fix!

Halal status: Halal-certified

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