JUST IN: Subway Singapore Applies For Halal Certification (Confirmed By MUIS!)


Faruq Senin •  Mar 21, 2018

The long awaited news is here - Subway Singapore has FINALLY applied for halal certification ?

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On their Facebook, Subway Singapore said they have initiated a Halal certification process and all their outlets in Singapore will serve only non-pork protein from today (21 March 2018) onwards.

HHWT has also personally contacted MUIS and they have confirmed that Subway Singapore applied for halal certification a few weeks back and MUIS is currently processing the application.

Credit: Subway Singapore on Facebook

On January 31, Subway Singapore had actually said that 60 of its branches had stopped selling pork though it still wasn't halal-certified. And later on in February, there were rumours saying that Subway Singapore was in talks with MUIS to go halal. Now aren't we glad that it's really happening?!

Credit: @_brisbanefoodie on Instagram

So, yes folks, if all goes well, in a few months, you won't need to go over the causeway anymore to enjoy Subway's mouth-watering sub sandwiches ? But of course, Subway's sandwiches aren't the only thing that we're looking forward to.

Credit: @hennamii on Instagram 

Yes, we're absolutely talking about the Subway signature cookie. Soft and chocolatey, this cookie will definitely leave you wanting more.

So, now as we wait for Subway Singapore to be halal, we can only dream of their delicious sandwiches and cookies before we can finally sink our teeth in them and have that moment we've all been waiting for ?