JUST IN: Subway Singapore Is Officially Halal-Certified


Faruq Senin •  Aug 31, 2018

It's official.

Subway Singapore is finally halal-certified!

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Yes, we know you're probably screaming and crying tears of joy now, because we sure are ? The moment we've all been waiting for is now here. Subway Singapore has announced that it's officially halal-certified today and halal certificates will be displayed starting tomorrow (1 September 2018).

As part of their halal process, all of Subway's pork or pork-based products have been replaced with halal chicken and beef ones. One of their sauces, the red wine vinaigrette, has also been taken off the menu.

For the uninitiated, Subway lets you customise your sandwiches by choosing your choice of bread, flavour, cheese and vegetables. To top it off, you can also add your choice of sauces. We had a sample of one of their hot favourites, the Italian BMT, which has beef pepperoni, beef salami and chicken ham. If you're new to Subway, we highly recommend their Subway Melt and Subway Club too! ?

And now for the next best part, Subway cookies! If you choose to have your sub as a meal, you can pair it with either two cookies or chips plus a soft drink. Known for being soft and chewy on the inside and crispy on the sides, Subway's cookies are a must-try ?

If you step into one of Subway's new "Fresh Forward" outlets, you'd also notice a freestyle drinks machine, where you'll be able to customise your own soft drinks too - whether you want it low-calorie, caffeine-free or fruit-flavoured. We really loved that there were dozens of flavours to choose from ☺️

We also had a little chat with Subway's country director for Southeast Asia and he told us that being halal allows Subway to be more inclusive and share the joy of their yummy sub sandwiches to a larger market.

Credit: @greatworldcitysg on Instagram

We applaud Subway for having taken this big leap and here's hoping this would encourage more eateries to do the same too!

But for now, let's just sink our teeth in Subway's mouth-watering sandwiches, shall we? ?

Note: All of the Subway outlets in Singapore are halal except the one at Wisteria Mall which is still in the application process.