We Tried Singapore's First Halal Premium Satsuma Wagyu From Japan


Faruq Senin •  Feb 11, 2021

While Singapore has a number of halal steak spots, nothing quite cuts it like Tomahawk King by Stuffed Wing Lab. Known for their tomahawk steaks and stuffed boneless wings, Tomahawk King has now brought its menu offerings up a notch.

From 18 February, the halal eatery is bringing Japan to you by serving the first halal Satsuma Wagyu "Omookase" in Singapore, and we had the opportunity of trying it out! Hailing from Kagoshima (which was called Satsuma in Edo-period Japan), Satsuma Gyu is one of Japan's best wagyu brands and it was also the Wagyu Olympic Champion in 2017.

What's unique about Tomahawk King is that they use every part of the cow for various dishes. One of our favourite dishes was the Sliders ($13.80) which consist of Satsuma Gyu meat sandwiched between fried mantou (Chinese buns). The Chef would use different parts of the Satsuma Gyu for the Sliders and for ours, it was the brisket and short ribs. The slight crispiness and oiliness of the mantou paired perfectly with the meat and we thought it was an innovative way to make full use of the cow. Plus, it's a more sustainable option instead of wasting parts of the cow that aren't used. They even use parts of the Satsuma Gyu to make rendang!

The Satsuma Gyu menu is referred to as "o-moo-kase", a play on the Japanese word "omakase" where diners leave the menu decision to the Chefs. Another highlight was the Wagyu Yakiniku (selected cuts) which was juicy, with a slight umami flavour and buttery finish.

We learnt from the owner that there are only very few halal slaughterhouses in Japan. Hence, the prices for halal Wagyu is 30% more than non-halal ones as they have to import the whole cattle from Japan. The good news is that from 18 February to 31 March 2021, you can enjoy a special 30% off usual prices!

We also had the Oxpicious Set B ($238) which consists of Tomahawk, Premium Ribeye, lamb chops, Hoki Fish, farci crab, Smoky BBQ Boneless Wings, Garden Salad and drinks. It's recommended for 4-6 people and there are 2 other Oxpicious Sets for different group sizes. The tomahawk is 120 days grain-fed Australian premium beef. For more variety, you can also opt for a Wagyu Yakiniku upgrade for just $80 and enjoy 200g of Yakiniku cuts in addition to the steaks.

Watching the staff skilfully cut the tomahawk in front of us was a feast for our eyes and the aroma of the meat enticed us even more. We took the first bite and not a word was uttered as we silently savoured the tomahawk. We chose medium for the doneness and it delivered. The slight chewiness of the meat meant that we could get the savoury flavours out of the tomahawk. The fatty bits were rich and juicy and melted instantly in our mouths. It was irresistible but I knew I had to control myself from eating more of it ?

Though they gave us a few sauces like their house special yakiniku sauce and black pepper sauce, we felt that it was already yummy on its own. The ribeye and lamb chops were also a great addition to the set if you like a variety of meat. We especially enjoyed the farci crabs which were crabcakes with herbs.

Labelling itself as "The Best Halal Meat Up Place," Tomahawk King by Stuffed Wing Lab certainly lives us to its name. As you aren't able to travel to Japan during this period, now you can have the best of Japan right here in Singapore ? So, gather your fellow meat lovers and make reservations soon!

Omookase Satsuma Gyu Menu Pricing (Launch Offer till end-March):

  1. Tenderloin 200g: $118 (U.P. $168), Sides: Salad, appetiser, sweet potato fries, drinks, yuzu lychee gelato
  2. Ribeye 200g: $98 (U.P. $148), Sides: Salad, appetiser, sweet potato, fries, drinks, yuzu lychee gelato
  3. Striploin 200g: $88 (U.P. $128), Sides: Salad, appetiser, sweet potato fries, drinks, yuzu lychee gelato
  4. Tomahawk Sets ($128.90) with Wagyu Yakiniku 200g upgrade (+$80): $208.90
  5. Oxpicious Set A ($88) with Wagyu Yakiniku 200g upgrade (+$80): $168 (Upgrade 1 x Ribeye with 200g Wagyu Yakiniku selected cuts)
  6. Oxpicious Set B ($238) with Wagyu Yakiniku 200g upgrade (+$80): $318 (Upgrade 1 x Ribeye with 200g Wagyu Yakiniku selected cuts)
  7. Oxpicious Set C ($288) with Wagyu 400g upgrade (+$150): $438 (Upgrade 2 x Ribeye with 400g Wagyu Yakiniku selected cuts)
  8. Chuck/Flat/Skirt/Rump 200g (depends on availability): $68 (U.P. $98), Sides: Salad, rice, drink, yuzu lychee gelato
  9. Yakiniku selected cuts 100g: $38 (U.P. $58), Sides: Salad, rice, drink
  10. Stew/Curry/Rendang 100g: $28 (U.P. $38), Sides: Salad, rice, drink
  11. Sliders x 3: $13.80 (U.P. $18), Sides: Sweet potato fries

*Please note all prices above are exclusive of service tax and GST.

Tomahawk King by Stuffed Wing Lab

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