10 Amazing Street Art In Singapore You Should Explore For An Insta-Worthy Weekend


Faruq Senin •  Aug 29, 2020

Besides yummy local food, great shopping and amazing attractions, it's always nice to explore Singapore's shophouses and older estates. In recent years, many of the older districts in Singapore have been decorated with street art and murals. If you're looking to do something fun with friends or family, why not go on a street art hunt around Singapore? Here are some of the most notable street art in Singapore's various precincts of Chinatown, Little India, Katong and Kampong Gelam.


1. Letter Writer, Yip Yew Chong

Letter writers played an important role back in the day as they conveyed messages of migrant forefathers back to their loved ones in China. It was a trade that carried on till the 1980s! Local artist Yip Yew Chong lived in Chinatown as a kid and this mural was how he remembered seeing letter writers practise their craft in his childhood.

Location: 336 Smith Street, on the side wall of New Bridge Centre, outside the CK department store

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2. The Window, Yip Yew Chong

Also by Yip Yew Chong, The Window shows how different families used to live together in the same shophouse regardless of race, language or religion. The mural gives a glimpse of how Yip used to live at Chinatown's Sago Lane. Just beside it (on the right) is a depiction of a typical "mamak store" but this is special as it's one that Yip used to grow up with.

Location: Mohamed Ali Lane

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3. Assorted Murals at Amoy Street Food Centre, Anglo-Chinese Schools and Ceno2

Amoy Street Food Centre has some amazing hawker stalls but you can also find a series of artworks here. One of most striking artworks here is the one of a samsui woman by graffiti fine artist Ceno2. Samsui were a group women from China who came to Singapore in search of a better life and most of them worked in construction.

Location: Amoy Street Food Centre, 7 Maxwell Rd

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Little India

4. Cattleland 2, Eunice Lim

Cattleland 2 features buffalos that refer both to the street name (Kerbau) and the significance of cattle in Hinduism. The bright colours here reflect the diverse history and population of Singapore, and the Indian-inspired patterns add a distinctive touch!

#HHWT Tip: The mural stretches up the entire wall, so try some shots from below to capture its full beauty!

Location: 67 Kerbau Rd, located outside Exit E of Little India MRT station

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5. Festival, Izzad Radzali Shah

With its bright blue background and colourful cartoons of Little India residents in various poses, Festival is a cheerful reminder of the stories and culture of the community. Wide shots were a must-do here, just because there’s so much to take in!

#HHWT Tip: If you want to have a fun shot, why not opt for a panorama to capture as much of the mural as possible? We tried our best - how did we do? ?

Location: 1 Hindoo Road, on the side of Veera’s Curry Restaurant

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6. Layers, Shah Rizzal

In this bright and colourful mural, the artist draws our attention to the shophouses in Little India, paying tribute to the early brickmakers in Singapore. But more importantly, you can see that it's juxtaposed against the modern buildings to highlight the need to preserve architectural heritage.

Location: Junction of Desker Road and Serangoon Road

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Katong/Joo Chiat

7. Medley Alley

Painted by 4 artists, Nicia Lam, Yullis Lam, Novena Angela and Valerie Neo, Medley Alley is hidden in between the historic shophouses in Katong! The artwork here showcases Katong's strong Peranakan heritage with its tiles. When you stand in the middle, it'll seem as though the painting forms a pair of wings ?

Location: 107, East Coast Road

8. Turtle Cape, The Ink and Clog Studio

The area between present-day Upp East Coast Rd and Tanjong Rhu used to be known as Tanjong Katong and it was a coastal stretch of road before land was reclaimed to extend the shoreline. The fun fact is that Tanjong Katong actually means "turtle cape" which inspired this artwork. Katong itself refers to the leatherback sea turtle which was commonly found at the beaches in Siglap but is now extinct. You can still find its remains at the Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum!

Location: Yong's Teochew Kueh, 150 East Coast Road

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Kampong Gelam

9. Gelam Gallery

Gelam Gallery at Muscat Street (one of the back alleys opposite Sultan Mosque) is one of the newest art projects in the district. It's also Singapore's first permanent outdoor gallery! What's interesting here is that you can spot artworks by 30 local and international artists displayed against the backdrop of the colourful murals. Try to spot these works as you walk along the alley ?

Location: Muscat St (the alley opposite Sultan Mosque and beside Rumah Makan Minang)

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10. Murals at Haji Lane by Didier Jaba Mathieu

Some of the most iconic street art in Kampong Gelam is those found along Haji Lane. You can find multiple works by Columbian-born writer and graffiti artist Didier Jaba Mathieu here. His works is a mix of inspiration from his travels as well as futuristic concepts that are sure to catch your eye!

Location: Haji Lane, Bali Lane

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Now that you're familiar with some of the famous street art and wall murals in Singapore, it's time to find them and spice up your Instagram feed!