Time To Pack Your Bags For Stellar GoldenHill Cameron In Cameron Highlands


Farah Fazanna •  Sep 14, 2022

The September School Holz Road Trip brought me and my family to the coolest stay in Cameron Highlands, Pahang. The Stellar GoldenHill Cameron is the first ever caravan camping in the highest peak of Cameron Highlands's Golden Hill!

It recently opened in June 2022 and we were lucky enough to make advance booking for their limited Cosy Caravan. As there were more than 5 of us, we also booked their very chic Hexagon Tent which is located just a few steps away from the Caravan.

We were in HUGE AWE with the absolutely impressive caravan that has everything you need. Yes, EVERYTHING that you would normally find in a standard hotel, but the caravan is much better as the brand and quality of the electrical and electronic items are of top-notch! Russel Taylors kettle, Marshall speakers, air-condition units which we obviously don't need to use, private hot shower, dining table which doubles up as a sofabed, stove, kitchen sink, TV, enchanting fairy lights and more!

The booking of the caravan and tents package also includes BBQ/hotpot dinner and a simple breakfast of toasts and nasi lemak. You can bring your own ingredients or marinade to spice up your BBQ level, which we did of course! ?

Who says Cameron Highlands is not cold anymore?? The lowest temperature we experienced on our first night was 14 degrees Celcius and it's enough to get us shivering and sock up!!

You won't be finding yourself feeling bored located at the peak as Stellar GoldenHill has daily outdoor movie night screening (if weather permits), boardgames, bubbles and painting kits for the little ones. Or, you could just let your eyes admire the endless beautiful view of Cameron Highlands.

Although it had just opened a few months ago, we were thankful for the staff who are very well-prepared and well-trained, especially being ready with umbrellas to shelter us from the heavy rain the moment we reached there. We were quickly brought into the shelter and provided with hot drinks. Their parking space is also a few steps away from our caravan and their staff readily assisted us with our bags.

We also appreciated their quick help and generosity to refill our BBQ when we had a mini accident of dropping our entire hotpot!! Oopsies!!

If you're looking to pimp up your travel IG reels or Tiktok, having the feel of sleeping in a caravan, BBQ in cool weather and spending a memorable, one-of-a-kind chillax night with your family or buddies, look no further when winding up to Cameron Highlands, as there's no other place like Stellar GoldenHill.

This article is contributed by HHWT Explorer Farhana Ayu