The Transparent Domes At Stellar Golden Hills In Cameron Highlands Are Now Open


Farah Fazanna •  Jun 07, 2023

Adding another unique stay under their belt, Stellar Golden Hills is introducing transparent dome accommodations featuring a bathtub, cold weather comfort features, and an unparalleled stargazing experience!

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After months of construction, the domes are now available for booking! Called Starlux, some features that you can enjoy during your stay in the transparent domes include an indoor bathtub, an ensuite bathroom, a big comfy bed and curtains that can be pulled back so you can enjoy stargazing in the comfort of your room!

There will be six domes available for booking, which are ready to be booked. Apart from the domes, Stellar Golden Hills also offers caravan camping and different types of glamping options. Check out their website for more info!