I Treated My Sister To A Staycay At JEN Singapore Tanglin by Shangri-La For Their Halal Seafood Buffet, Sidecar Tour And More


Syahirah •  Dec 08, 2022

Travelling has always been a big deal for my family while I was growing up. But as we all grew older, it started becoming more difficult to match our schedules to go on trips as a whole family. 🥲 With the holidays already in full swing, I didn’t want to miss out on the year-end holiday vibes so I grabbed the next most available person in my family (my sister) for a 2D1N staycay at JEN Singapore Tanglin by Shangri-La located right beside the newly opened Orchard Boulevard MRT station. Here’s our experience staying in cosy rooms, feasting on the halal seafood buffet and taking a sidecar tour of the city! ✨

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My sister is the more organised one between the two of us. She had planned and mapped out the exact train route from home (in Pasir Ris) to the hotel. 😆 She was even annoyed at me for not “being prepared enough” but as it turns out, we didn’t have to worry too much because JEN Singapore Tanglin by Shangri-La is literally a 2-minute walk from the newly opened Orchard Boulevard MRT station on the Thomson-East Coast Line! 

When we arrived, we came across a bicycle display at the entrance of the hotel along with the hotel sign. We’ve never seen a decor like that before so we hurried to snap a couple of pictures when a man hurried towards us and offered to take some for us! 😅 We later found out that he was the friendly hotel concierge who took great ‘vacation photos’ for us! 

Club Lounge

We booked the JEN Explorers Hit The Roadpackage and opted for the Club Room stay which meant that our experience was a little different than the typical guest as we were Club Members. For starters, Club room guests have an exclusive check-in experience at Club JEN @ 17! Upon arrival, you can head straight for the lift lobby and go up to the 17th floor for an exclusive check-in experience. 😄 Look for the wall that says ‘Club Lounge’ (you can’t miss it!). You’ll be greeted by the reception staff who will help you with your check-in while you can help yourself to Club Indulgence privileges (afternoon tea). 😏

P.S. As part of the JEN Explorers Hit The Road package, you’ll also be offered a Sidecar Tour of the city. Be sure to indicate the number of pax per room for this package to be inclusive of your roomie during the booking process!

Other perks of being a Club room guest is that you’ll get to enjoy exclusive Club lounge access which includes afternoon tea (from 2PM-4PM), evening bites (from 6PM-8PM) and daily breakfast for 2 adults at J65 Restaurant.

Club JEN Lounge 

Halal status: Halal-certified but serves alcohol during the evening bites, we suggest you dine at your own discretion.

As the staff were processing our check-in details, the two of us hovered around the dessert table and fridge, essentially taking in the luxurious experience! 🤗 My sister is a really big fan of breads, cookies and mini cakes (anything carb related really) so she was really excited to see the display of afternoon tea treats at the Club Lounge. The various selections of cakes, cookies, fruits and juices rotate on a daily basis and on the day we visited, there were even ham sandwiches - not to worry though, all these tea time snacks are halal-certified. We recommend grabbing a seat by the high chairs in front of the floor-to-ceiling windows to get a bird’s eye view of the surroundings.


While we were enjoying the afternoon tea, the staff notified us that our room was ready. You can choose between a King or Twin bed. Since this was a girls' staycation, obviously we had to go with the king-sized bed for maximum comfort! 🤩 The cosy vibe of the room was practically inviting us to come in and take a rest and we loved the modern decor! 

It didn’t take long for us to take notice of the alcove by the window. It was a really warm and cosy nook within the spacious room. We couldn’t resist taking some pictures with the adorable hotel cushions too! Not to mention, there’s lots of space to lay out your luggages and plenty more to do your obligatory daily prayers if you’re a Muslim! 😄 You can even stream YouTube videos and more on the television inside the room. It’s the perfect way to unwind after a long day especially if you’re a tired traveller visiting this hotel!

We’re big explorers so we both agreed we’d keep the movie marathon for night time because it was time to check out the facilities in and around the hotel! We visited the pool, and the poolside gym which had a resort-like atmosphere. My sister and I have never been to this hotel before but for some reason, it felt very nostalgic! Perhaps because we lived in the coastal region and grew up visiting beach resorts, but this was a place that started to grow on us quickly. 😃

The gym was also very well equipped with lots of equipment from weights to cardio machines and much more! There’s even a wellness centre that you can visit if you’re looking to relax on your vacation and need a little more assistance. 

Nearby amenities

Did you know that JEN Singapore Tanglin by Shangri-La is connected to Tanglin Mall? Well, now you do! No matter how long or short your stay at the hotel is, we suggest visiting this mall at least once. 😉 We spent about an hour walking around and browsing the stores. You can find lots of souvenirs to bring home too from clothing stores, lifestyle goods, coffee shops, halal eateries, supermarkets and even a drugstore for your essentials! If you’re overwhelmed by all the store choices, one of the places you must check out is Scoop Wholefoods where you can buy snacks and dried goods by the gram, eco-friendly household and kitchen products, loose tea leaves and much more! 

Not a fan of joining big tour groups and standing under the sun? Here’s one way you can always be on-the-go and see the iconic sights in the city all within 1-hour! As part of JEN Singapore Tanglin by Shangri-La JEN Explorers Hit The Road package, you can join a Sidecar City Tour where you’ll be taken to tourist hotspots on a sidecar (you’re the passenger!). 🤩 

You can choose between two routes: 

  • Kampong Glam & The Civic District Tour: Where you’ll visit famous cultural streets and attractions like Haji Lane, Bussorah Mall, Sultan Mosque, Malay Heritage Centre, Esplanade, Anderson Bridge, National Gallery, St Andrew’s Cathedral, Kampong Glam, Street Art, Quaint Shophouses.
  • Tiong Bahru Tour: If you like more contemporary experiences, you’ll see the Local Coffee Shop Experience, Art Deco Architecture, Local Market Food Tasting, Street Art, Ride around Tiong Bahru Estate, Breeze along tree-lined roads of Tanglin, See some magnificent old Colonial-era ‘Black & White’ homes.

To see more of what the Sidecar City Tour offers, check out our IG reel below! 😎

Are you a seafood lover? My sister and I definitely are! 🤤 We hurried to J65 Restaurant on the first floor for their halal seafood dinner buffet. Personally, I don’t think any amount of pictures or reviews could’ve prepared us for the impressive buffet experience! We were so surprised by the huge selection of fresh seafood on display. From humongous Salmon (that you’ll get to carve yourself) and Seafood Gratin to Beef Short Ribs and Ginger Chicken, you won’t have to worry even if you’re not the biggest seafood fan because there’s something for every palate! 

As they say, there’s always room for dessert. Which was why we strategically planned not to overdo it at the buffet line even with all the tempting dishes. We checked out the dessert table and were greeted with a whole selection of sweet treats from mini versions of local delights like Kueh Lapis, and Puteri Salat to more modern flavours like Fruit Tarts and Burnt Cheese Cakes! 

J65 Restaurant

Halal status: Halal-certified

That evening, as we were getting ready to wind down, we got a call from the Club Lounge asking why we didn’t visit for the evening bites. Truthfully, we did visit the Lounge after dinner but we were so full from the seafood buffet that we only circled the spread before going back to our room. We were very pleased that the staff called and gave us a nudge on the snacks served between 6 to 8PM at Club JEN @17! 🤗 

After a restful night on the HUGE king-sized bed, my sister and I visited the J65 Restaurant for the last time for the halal buffet breakfast. The spread was a mix of local and Western favourites like chocolate filled mini donuts, mini Lo Mai Gai (glutinous rice with chicken), porridge, scrambled eggs (made to order) and much more! 😋 The breakfast selection is perfect for both children and adults.

When it came to checking-out, it was as easy as typing our information into the self check-out kiosk and dropping your keycard into the drop box! It was so hassle-free and efficient that we barely spent 5 minutes at the lobby. 🤣 It’s convenient for a traveller who’s hurrying to catch a flight after breakfast because you barely need to speak to anyone during this process!


In the evening, we were pleasantly surprised by the phone ringing, telling us to answer the door. A cute robot (called Jena!) was waiting outside with a gift from Lynne Goh and the hotel’s Marketing team, who sent some fresh cut fruit. 😊 After which we learnt that Jena helps make unmanned deliveries for items like toiletries, food and beverages! Jena also uses Wi-Fi to take lift rides and make phone calls to the guests’ rooms upon arrival to notify them of their delivery. All the front desk team needs to do is to punch in the number of the hotel room, and Jena will be on her way! Cute isn’t she? Our room was at the furthest end of the corridor so we watched her travel all the way back to the lift lobby - we love Jena! 😍

P.S. Thank you to the Marketing team and JEN Singapore Tanglin by Shangri-La for the warm welcome!

My sister and I really enjoyed our stay at JEN Singapore Tanglin by Shangri-La, not only were we within walking distance from the MRT station, we had access to the mall, a tour of the city, snacks at the Club Lounge, halal breakfast and dinner and much more! This hotel is perfect for a traveller who loves food, adventure and convenience all in one place. 😃 

This article was brought to you by JEN Singapore Tanglin by Shangri-La.