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Stay At These 12 Unique Airbnbs Near Malaysia's Popular Beaches


Nasreen Nasir •  Feb 23, 2018


A lovely getaway in Malaysia is always a grand idea, given the fact that Malaysia is home to many beautiful beaches. As opposed to the fancy hotels around, big families or group of friends can also enjoy the alternatives, like Airbnb! ?? Credit: Giphy Malaysia has an impressive selection of Airbnb accommodations for all types of travellers. Here are six stunning ones that you can find around popular beaches in Malaysia! ?  
Cherating Beach
1. Alex's Place
Enjoy maximum comfort at Alex's humble abode, a luxury apartment unit that is strategically located by the beach. Besides the fact that it is 2 minutes away from the beach, the unit is fully equipped with a kitchen, laundry room and 2 ensuite bathrooms that come with toiletries, towels and hairdryer. ?
Credit: Alex on Airbnb Tastefully decorated with some beautiful paintings hung on the wall, this unit even comes with Astro Channels so you can have a fun movie night with your family or friends!
Credit: Alex on Airbnb You can also get full access to the nearby swimming pool and gym facilities so don't worry about eating too much, you can definitely get your workout mojo on and lose some pounds at the gym! ? Accommodates: 5 guests Address: Kampung Sungai Ular, Cherating, Pahang Rate: RM391 per night More Info: Airbnb
2. Samsuria Beach Resort by Suraya
Credit: Suraya on Airbnb Overlooking the vast Cherating Beach, you have views for days and a stay that would fill your Instagram feed with beautiful pictures ? Tucked away from the bustling Cherating town and surrounded by natural setting, the tranquility at Samsuria Beach Resort will make your stay a pleasant one ?
Credit: Suraya on Airbnb Spread out in royal comfort on the King-size bed in the spacious Master bedroom! The entire room decor creates that perfect ambience for a private tropical vacation ? While you have the property all to yourself, you can also spend your days exploring the water sports around. Accommodates: 6 guests Address: Kampung Sungai Ular, Cherating, Pahang Rate: RM497 per night More Info: Airbnb
Batu Ferringhi Beach
3. Apple’s Place
Credit: Apple on Airbnb If you're a fan of minimalism, you would definitely love Apple's apartment! This room is full of fun contemporary touches: quirky furniture, clear drapes, soft-coloured walls and checkered floor! ? Located in the tourist belt at Batu Feringghi, the unit has 2 bedrooms, a living room with TV, dining table, kitchenette and 2 en-suite bathrooms with toiletries, fresh towels and water heater.
Credit: Apple on Airbnb As the unit is located on ground floor, you can enjoy a stunning view of the garden by the front yard while breathing in the fresh air. ? You’ll feel like you’re lounging at your very own private resort! #HHWT Tip: As it is in the heart of the main tourist hotspot of Batu Ferringhi, you can find a range of attractions around like the Hard Rock Café Penang and the Batu Ferringhi Night Market! ? Accommodates: 4 guests Address: Batu Ferringhi, Penang Rate: RM164 per night More Info: Airbnb
4. Toh’s Ferringhi Place
Located within short walking distance from the Batu Ferringhi Night Market, this apartment is perfect for the journeying family or group of friends looking to disconnect from the city life just for a little while ?
Credit: Toh on Airbnb Wash off your post-travel fatigue by taking a dip in the swimming pool just outside of your apartment unit, or chill out in the front yard on the swing chair while listening to the sounds of nature. ?
Credit: Toh on Airbnb When you’re done unwinding, retire back to the spacious living room and enjoy watching your favourite movie while you dive into the cushy sofa. ?
Credit: Toh on Airbnb This quaint unit consists of three separate rooms with different wall décor! Something to look forward to if you’re into colourful walls. Complete with Wi-Fi access all throughout the house, you can go online and update the ‘Gram! ? Accommodates: 5 guests Address: Batu Ferringhi, Penang Rate: RM266 per night More Info: Airbnb
Pantai Cenang
5. Damai 1
Credit: Marina on Airbnb Who knew a rustic house could be an ideal Airbnb accommodation when you’re in Langkawi? ? Don’t let the looks fool you yet, you’re in for a little surprise! ? Located 8 minutes away from the famous Pantai Cenang, once you enter this little premise (notice the traditional wooden doors), you’ll see a hammock on the porch! It’s the perfect way to take a quick nap, if you ask us ?
Credit: Marina on Airbnb
Credit: Marina on Airbnb If you think the hammock is already the best thing about this place, wait until you enter the house! Rustic on the outside, modern on the inside – a dream home for every traveller ? It’s pretty clear that this home was revamped with bright and stylish interiors! Our favourite part of this house is the Wau Bulan! ? Accommodates: 3 guests Address: Kampung Kedawang, Pulau Langkawi, Kedah Rate: RM184 per night More Info: Airbnb
6. Sawah Padi Villa by Nurul & Odin
If there's any place to stay in a kampung house, it's definitely in Langkawi. This uniquely-built kampung house is situated in the middle of a paddy field. Imagine waking up in the morning to a carpet of lush greenery - what a beautiful sight! :D
Credit: Nurul & Odin on Airbnb Due to the tropical climate in Malaysia, it can get pretty hot at times but the owners ensure that this house is well-designed to suit the warm weather ?
Credit: Nurul & Odin on Airbnb This traditional house comes with 2 bedrooms and 3 beds. The King bed is also equipped with a mosquito net to protect you against mosquitos, flies, and other insects. Parents with kids, this one’s for you! ?
Credit: Nurul & Odin on Airbnb This entire house consists of a kitchen, a living room and a dining table where you can dine with your loved ones while you enjoy a scenic view of the paddy field! If you can’t live without WiFi, don't fret. There is internet connection available ? Accommodates: 5 guests Address: Jalan Kuala Muda, Pulau Langkawi, Kedah Rate: RM282 per night More Info: Airbnb
Pasir Bogak Beach
7. Studio by Hui Lee
Credit: Hui Lee on Airbnb This chic studio apartment is only 3 minutes away from the Pasir Bogak beach in Pangkor, which is super convenient! Located in the quiet neighbourhood of Jalan Pasir Bogak, this unit’s interior is definitely a sight for sore eyes! ?
Credit: Hui Lee on Airbnb The soft colours around the unit will make you feel at ease as you enjoy a good beach getaway with your family or friends. When you feel like cooling down, head over to the swimming pool right outside the unit! #HHWT Tip: They do provide towels and all the toilet necessities, so travel light! Accommodates: 4 guests Address: Pantai Pasir Bogak, Pangkor, Perak Rate: RM168 per night More Info: Airbnb
8. Coral Bay Resort
Credit: Beh on Airbnb Themed apartments have always been a fun thing! Like Catherine’s apartment that’s filled with quirky wall art and colourful bedsheets! Parents with kids will definitely love this as the floral theme exudes that warm and cheerful environment. ?
Credit: Beh on Airbnb Just a walking distance to the Pasir Bogak Beach, this 600 square feet space comes with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. With an interesting interior, you can live out your autumn fairy tale at this whimsical property as you surround yourself around cute paintings of trees and owls! ?? #HHWT Tip: As fun as this space may be, it is important that we highlight that there is no kitchen available at the premise ? But worry not, there is actually an abundance of halal restaurants around the apartment! ? Accommodates: 6 guests Address: Jalan Pasir Bogak, Pangkor, Perak Rate: RM219 per night More Info: Airbnb
Teluk Cempedak Beach
9. Beach Sun Moon Vacation by Jo
Credit: Jo on Airbnb
Credit: Jo on Airbnb When in Kuantan, enjoy the best of the Teluk Cempedak beach at Jo’s beach vacation apartment! This spacious apartment is set in the beautiful neighbourhood of Teluk Cempedak with just a few minutes' walk to the mini zoo ?
Credit: Jo on Airbnb With a large balcony, high ceilings and modern décor, here you can sleep to the sound of the ocean and wake up to the stunning sunrise views. Now who wouldn’t want to resist that? ? #HHWT Tip: Since it’s located in a forested area overlooking the sea, you may even spot some wildlife! Accommodates: 6 guests Address: Teluk Cempedak, Kuantan, Pahang Rate: RM242 per night More Info: Airbnb
10. Kuantan Tembeling Resort by Huzaine
Credit: Huzaine on Airbnb If you’re looking to hike at the Tanjung Tembeling Forest Reserve, Huzaine’s Kuantan Tembeling Resort is the one for you! ? Nestled in the scenic tropical rainforest, this apartment unit is furnished in contemporary style and offers a spectacular panorama from the balcony! ?
Credit: Huzaine on Airbnb
Credit: Huzaine on Airbnb This three-bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment combines affordability and a prime location! The unit also comes with a parking spot, but its proximity to the beach means you may not even want to set food in the driver’s seat as you can just walk to the Teluk Cempedak beach! ?? #HHWT Tip: There’s also Jacuzzi around the premise so if you’re not up for the beach, you can try the Jacuzzi! ? Accommodates: 4 guests Address: Teluk Cempedak, Kuantan, Pahang Rate: RM258 per night More Info: Airbnb
Port Dickson Beach
11. Captain Themed Apartment
Credit: Themed Apartments Port Dickson on Airbnb Now you may think that Port Dickson is overrated but wait till you check this out. There is actually a themed apartment in the heart of this coastal town! ⚓️ Known as the Captain’s Penthouse, the property boasts a nautical theme that complements the surrounding seascape while incorporating three primary colours into the premise: red, white and blue! ?
Credit: Themed Apartments Port Dickson on Airbnb The living room exudes an extremely cooling environment filled with cute nautical paintings and decor. It’ll definitely lift your mood up when you first enter the Airbnb home! If that’s not enough, it is located on the top floor so you can definitely enjoy a panoramic view of the Teluk Kemang beach ? Accommodates: 6 guests Address: Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan Rate: RM227 per night More Info: Airbnb
12. Seaview Bungalow
Credit: Wai Tong on Airbnb Imagine waking up to the sounds of the crashing waves and the sights of the vast ocean ? You can live that dream in this sea-view bungalow that sits along the Tanjung Tuan coastline.
Credit: Wai Tong on Airbnb Chill out by the balcony or the living room downstairs while you admire the brick walls and modern interiors of the bungalow. It’s no wonder that this gem has been getting a lot of attention these days! ✨
Credit: Wai Tong on Airbnb As it’s situated beside a marina, you can also feast your eyes on all the fancy boats and yachts around. If you’re up for some adventure, rent a jet ski at the beach and go for the ride of your life! ? Accommodates: 5 guests Address: Tanjung Tuan, Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan Rate: RM199 per night More Info: Airbnb   Of course, we won't deny that there are hundreds of other Airbnb options in Malaysia, but we do hope that the list would inspire you to pack your bags and go on a trip around this paradisal country! ? So are you ready for a fun beach getaway? ?   [iframe seamless="seamless" style="border: none; overflow: hidden;" height="450" width="100%" scrolling="no" src="https://pollbuzz.co/frame/2097?type=poll"][/iframe]