Stay In Hong Kong’s Top Spots At These 5 Hotels (Near Major Attractions!)


Santriani Bohari •  Aug 01, 2017

From bustling shopping districts to gorgeous lookout points offering 360 panoramic views of Hong Kong and hidden eateries serving piping hot authentic halal dim sum, there's never a dull moment in Hong Kong! ?

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With so much to see, do, and eat, you'll want to save every precious minute you can on navigating and walking from destination to destination. So check out all the most conveniently located hotels and accommodations in Hong Kong near the best attractions! ?

When you need to travel from the airport to town, enjoy free WiFi aboard the Hong Kong Airport Express Train that'll take you to the city center in just 24 minutes! There's various package options for you to choose from, all to make your travels easier of course ?

Near Causeway Bay

One of Hong Kong's biggest shopping districts, Causeway Bay is a bustling shopper's paradise jam-packed with massive department stores and designer boutiques. Whether you're a die-hard bargain-hunter or a luxury lover, there's something here for everyone.

#HHWT Tip: Be sure to get the Tourist Octopus card to get easy access to the shopping places in Hong Kong as most shopping malls are well-connected to MTR stations!

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1. Butterfly on Morrison Boutique Hotel (6 mins from Causeway Bay, HK Shopping district, midrange hotel)

A stay at this boutique hotel tucked away within Causeway Bay will leave you brimming with contentment after a good night's sleep on their warm and cozy beds.

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What's more, you'll get to enjoy fantastic views of Hong Kong from the floor-to-ceiling windows! ?

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Did we mention the lobby looks inviting as well? The pop of colour makes the place look like a great place to hang out ?

Credit: Butterfly on Morrison on Facebook

Rate: Starts at USD 87 per night

Address: 35-39 Morrison Hill Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Contact: +852 3962 8333

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2. Mira Moon (5 mins from Causeway Bay, luxury)

If you're looking for a chic and sleek hotel to stay at for your next romantic getaway to Hong Kong, Mira Moon is definitely one of your best options!

Credit: @miramoonhotel on Instagram

Not only has it consistently been winning prestigious awards for its gorgeous interior, it's also conveniently located just 5 minutes' away from Causeway Bay!

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Rate: Starts at USD 191 per night

Address: 388 Jaffe Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Contact: +852 2643 8888

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Near Victoria Harbour

Hong Kong's iconic harbour is best experienced from the Tsim Sha Tsui harbourfront, where you can have an idyllic stroll during the day while taking in the gorgeous views of the Hong Kong skyline ?  Be sure to catch the beautiful nightly sound-and-light show, "Symphony of Lights"!

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#HHWT Tip: For that golden photo opportunity, hop onto Star Ferry, Hong Kong's most famous boat, and you'll get unobstructed views of the entire harbour! ?

3. Citadines Hong Kong Ashley

Located just 5 mins' walk from Tsim Sha Tsui MTR station, the serviced apartments at Citadines Hong Kong Ashley are perfect for families travelling with small children! Each room comes with a dedicated kitchenette fully equipped with a microwave, a stove and other amenities.

Best of all, baby cots are also available upon request, and there are privacy partitions separating the master bedroom from the rest of the apartment ?

Credit: Citadines Ashley Hong Kong 香港馨樂庭亞士厘服務公寓 on Facebook

Rate: Starts at USD 116 per night

Address: 18, Ashley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Contact: +852 2262 3062

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4. The Langham, Hong Kong

One of the most luxurious hotels in Hong Kong, the Langham Hong Kong has a stellar reputation amongst business travellers because of the excellent service given here as well as its strategic location right next to Tsim Sha Tsui harbour.

Credit: Langham Hotels and Resorts on Facebook

You'll be enveloped in such a warm embrace of hospitality and affluence from the minute you enter till the minute you check out! It's likely to even be one of the best hotels you've ever stayed at ?

Credit: Langham Hotels and Resorts on Facebook

Rate: Starts at USD 261 per night

Address: 8 Peking Road (Hotel entrance located on Kowloon Park Drive), Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Contact: +852 2375 1133

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Near Mongkok

Bargains galore await you in the streets of the Mongkok district, which are filled with every kind of street market you can imagine, from food streets to sneaker streets! ?  Arguably the heart and soul of Hong Kong itself, this is where you'll want to stay to truly get a full taste of everything Hong Kong has to offer!

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5. Royal Plaza Hotel

Situated directly on top of MOKO, one of Hong Kong's biggest shopping malls which also houses an MTR station, Royal Plaza Hotel is an extremely convenient place to stay at.

Credit: Royal Plaza Hotel on Facebook

What could be better than being able to just press a lift button to drop off all your armfuls of shopping bags at the end of the day before you head out for more adventures? ?

Credit: Royal Plaza Hotel on Facebook

Rate: Starts at USD 143 per night

Address: 193 Prince Edward Road West, Kowloon, Hong Kong

Contact: +852 2928 8822

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Whether you're looking for a family-friendly hotel or a romantic room with a view, you'll be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing your accommodation the next time you travel to Hong Kong! ?

P.S. If you've visited Hong Kong before and loved it as much as we did, do leave a review on our website for your favourite attractions, eateries and prayer spaces! ?