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Tokyo's Newest Insta-Worthy Starbucks Will Take Your Breath Away


Cheng Sim •  Jun 25, 2020


There's so much to love about Tokyo! From delicious halal ramen to amazing things to do, the capital city of Japan continues to impress whenever we return for a holiday. If you love exploring Instagram-worthy spots in Tokyo, we're excited to share that Starbucks Japan has opened two new stores that are so impressively beautiful!
Starbucks Coffee Shinjuku Gyoen
Shinjuku Gyoen, one of our favourite places for cherry blossom chase in Tokyo, opened a new Starbucks store in March 2020. Providing visitors with an opportunity to take a break after exploring the national park's Japanese gardens, serene ponds and lush trees, Starbucks Coffee Shinjuku Gyeon is a sight to behold. According to Japan Wireless, Starbucks Japan is the first private enterprise to set up a store in one of Tokyo's most popular national parks. Blending seamlessly into the park with its minimal aesthetics, wooden furniture and a clear glass window that overlooks the garden, it's a must-visit on your next trip to Tokyo.
Starbucks Coffee Yomiuriland Hana Biyori
That's not all! Starbucks also opened a brand new store inside the Hana Biyori greenhouse. You can find Starbucks Coffee Yomiuriland at the Yomiuriland amusement park, which is a 45-minute train ride from Tokyo station. With an entry fee of 1,200 yen, step into the Hana Biyori greenhouse and you'll be instantly surrounded by leafy indoor plants, vibrant flower walls, and hanging blooms, ranging from fuchsia to geraniums. Another great feature of this newly-opened Starbucks store is the seating area. While the cafe is decked out with minimal wooden furniture, there's a dedicated seating area that faces a beautiful aquarium where you can see coral fishes swimming happily. Recommendations for halal food in Tokyo While Starbucks Coffee Shinjuku Gyoen and Yomiuriland Hana Biyori are not halal-certified, there are many Muslim-friendly eateries in Tokyo that you can visit for a quick meal. With so many Instagram-worthy spots to visit, delicious halal ramen to enjoy and exciting things to do in Tokyo, we can't wait to go back and relive our experience when the time is right.