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Spring Is Calling - 2016 Spring Flowers And Cherry Blossoms Forecast In South Korea


Elaine •  Mar 01, 2016


Spring is just around the corner and even if you're living in a tropical country (like us :(), there are still signs of it everywhere on the Internet! So if you can't fight 'em, join 'em, right? And how else better to join in the fun than to actually make a trip to Seoul and catch the beautiful spring flowers (yes, that includes cherry blossoms) for yourselves!
So if you have a trip to Korea all planned out in March-April, here's the official forecast to catch spring flowers all around South Korea!
Cherry blossoms south korea spring flowers forecast 2016 seoul
Credit: Korea Tourism Organization (KTO Singapore) [Update: 11 March 2016] And while you're admiring all the spring flowers, don't forget to also catch a glimpse of CHERRY BLOSSOMS! The blossoms will reach its peak bloom on 13 April in Seoul!
cherry blossoms south korea seoul forecast busan 2016
Credit: KTO If you're visiting Seoul, Busan or anywhere else in South Korea, don't forget to check out the various spring flowers festivals and go trigger happy with your cameras! [Also read: The Ultimate Guide To Cherry Blossom Viewing In South Korea]
Spring Flowers Festivals
Credit: Heui Jong Kim
Spring Flowers FestivalsDates (Planned)
Gwangyang International Maehwa Festival18 – 27 March
Gurye Sansuyu Festival19 – 27 March
Icheon Baeksa Sansuyu Blossom FestivalEarly 2016
Taean Tulip Festival16 April – 5 May
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Forsythia in Seoul, Eungbong Mountain[/caption] Credit: mapio If you're hoping to catch the cherry blossoms, don't worry, we have you covered as well. The dates for the various festivals have been released and we've compiled them in a handy chart for your reference and planning!
Cherry Blossom Festivals
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korea cherry blossoms festival jinhae gunhangjye train petals
Cherry Blossom Festival in Jinhae[/caption] Credit: Equs
Cherry Blossom FestivalsDates (Planned)
Hwagae Cherry Blossoms Festival1 – 3 April
Cheongpunghoban Cherry Blossom FestivalEarly to mid-April
Jinhae Gunhangje Festival1 – 10 April
Jeju Cherry Blossom Festival1 – 10 April
Yeongdeungpo Yeouido Spring Flower Festival1 – 10 April
If you want to explore the other parts of South Korea, don't forget to check out ultimate guide to cherry blossoms in South Korea where we covered some of the most famous and stunning spots to view these gorgeous pink blossoms! If you're in Seoul, Yeouido is a MUST visit and if you're thinking of venturing out, try immersing yourself in the festivals in Jinhae (Changwon)! [iframe seamless="seamless" style="border: none; overflow: hidden;" height="450" width="100%" scrolling="no" src="https://pollbuzz.co/frame/576?type=poll"][/iframe] *Information with reference from Visit Korea.