NEW: This Is Probably The Spiciest Halal Korean Fried Chicken You'll Find In Singapore


Nabillah •  May 11, 2018

Calling all spicy food lovers! If you thought the Korean spicy challenge was limited to noodles, this will prove you wrong – NeNe Chicken will be releasing their NEW Double Freaking Hot Sauce Chicken soon!

Credit: giphy

This latest upgrade from the original Freaking Hot Sauce is the newest and spiciest Korean hot sauce dish you’ll find in Singapore. Apparently, the sauce is SO spicy that even Koreans can’t handle it! (And we’ve heard that it’s not even sold in Korea!)

So Singaporeans, it’s time to rise up to the challenge! Share this news with your friends for a meal there soon, and get ready to record the most epic spicy challenge of your lifetime. Trust me – I tried it and nearly reached out for my drink from the very first bite (even though I have a really high tolerance for spicy food)!

But if you’re not up for spicy fried chicken alone, then I highly recommend getting the 50cm Double Freaking Hot Tenders Hotplate. Just look at this mouthwatering #NeNeCheesePull!

Wrap some oozy cheese with corn around your spicy chicken, dip your curly fries into the Honey Mustard or Double Freaking Hot Sauce, and savour authentic Korean stew chicken – all from one hotplate. It’s the perfect feast for group meals and caters to all tastebuds, regardless of whether you love spicy food or not!

So fans of Korean food, this is definitely something you don’t want to miss out on! You can now get your cheesy fix at these NeNe Chicken outlets - NEX, Bukit Panjang Plaza, Junction 9 & Hougang Mall ?