Nothing sounds better to us right now than taking a lone stroll through the forest, immersing yourself in nature with the echoing sound of leaves crunching underneath your feet with every step.  Now, where other place would you go to experience the fall foliage than in Korea?

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The forecasted period for autumn starts from late September and can be savoured til early November, so you have more than enough time to book that (spontaneous) flight😝

One of the first places in South Korea to be greeted by fall’s magnificent colors will be the northeast, at Seoraksan National Park (NaeSeorak) around September 27.

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Not too fast though! If you really want to experience the fall foliage in all its’ natural glory, we suggest visiting during the peak period, from October 17 onwards. Make your way down to Chiaksan National Park on October 22 and be mesmerized by the kaleidoscope of falling leaves😍  Of course, if you’re visiting Seoul, the fall foliage will reach its peak at around 29th October as Bukhansan National Park is just a stone’s throw away from Seoul’s city centre.


The following table is according to mountain regions across Korea and the dates are subject to change depending on weather conditions.

Mountain First Appearance Peak
Seoraksan National Park (NaeSeorak) September 27 October 19
Odaesan National Park October 1 October 17
Jirisan National Park (Nogodan Peak) October 11 October 24
Chiaksan National Park October 7 October 22
Woraksan National Park October 13 October 25
Bukhansan National Park (Dobong) October 15 October 29
Palgongsan Natural Park (Gatbawi District) October 18 October 28
Hallasan National Park October 17 October 31
Gyeryongsan National Park October 19 October 30
Naejangsan National Park October 20 November 8
Mudeungsan National Park October 23 November 5

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Credit: Anh Dinh on Flickr

We’re sure that everyone will be falling for autumn in Korea very soon😜

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    • Avatar
      Hello! According to the forecast in 2016, the first foliage forecast in Seoul is on the 19th of Oct :D Fingers crossed you'll get to catch it on your trip!
  • Avatar
    Hi, we will be in Nami Island on November 2, 2017. Is it too late to catch the peak period of the Autumn Foilage? We're planning to have a casual photo shoot in the morning. If November 2 is too late for Nami Island, any other suggested location to catch peak Autumn foilage on November 3, 2017?
  • Avatar
    Hi! Will be in Busan-Seoul from Oct. 31 - Nov. 8. Does that mean there’ll be no more colorful leaves in our visit? Hopefully there are still left for us to witness. Lol
    • Avatar
      Hi Grace, according to the foliage forecast it's supposed to end during the first week of November! Fingers crossed you'll still be able to catch it ☺️
  • Avatar
    Hi there! We will be visiting Seoul on Nov 24-27, 2017. Can we still see the autumn colors of Nami Island? If not anymore where do you suggest the best place we can go?
    • Avatar
      Hi Heneza! According to the forecast last year, the first foliage forecast in Seoul is on the 19th of Oct :) We hope you'll get to catch it on your trip!
    • Avatar
      Hi Joanne! According to the forecast last year, the first foliage forecast in Seoraksan starts on the 29th of September! Fingers crossed you’ll be able to catch it this year :D
    • Hello Joanne! The peak timing for Seoul is in end October, so it's likely that you might not be able to still see the leaves in full when you're there :( You can try visiting the parks, as there might be a higher chance that the leaves will still be there, e.g. Seoul Forest!
  • Avatar
    Hi, we will be in Seoul on Nov. 4-9, 2016. Do you think we can still experience the beauty of autumn by that time? Really hoping to witness the leaves turned into red or orange as it doesn't have like that one in our country. thanks.
  • Avatar
    Hello! I read that the peak of the autumn foliage in Naejangsan is 9 Nov. But I will only be in Korea in 22-23 Nov. Does is it mean that there wouldn't be much autumn scenery by then?
    • Hello, are you only visiting the Naejangsan area? As the different areas in Korea have various start and peak dates for autumn foliage.As the peak is on 9Nov for Naejangsan, you most probably won't be able to catch the leaves in full 'bloom' but we do believe that you'll still be able to enjoy the view even though it might not be at its best :)
    • Hello! Our travel publication aims to make it easier for Muslims to travel and see the world by providing travel and halal food guides. With that said, our site is open for all travellers and we welcome everyone.
  • Avatar
    Hello! I plan to be in Seoul in early September. Is the tree already changing color in early September? Sorry my english is not that good but i hope u got what I mean. Thankyou><
    • Avatar
      Hi Kezia! The official autumn forecast for this year is not out yet but you can refer to this article to roughly gauge when: Hope this helps :D
  • Avatar
    Hello! We will be in Seoul on Oct0ber 19-26. But the peak for Bukhansan says it will be on Oct. 30. Does it mean the majority of the trees in Seoul on our dates still have green leaves? Thanks!
    • Hello Saharah! Peak period just means that it's the optimal viewing time for the autumn leaves and they'll be in full bloom. If you're there at an early time, there's likely to be a mix of colours for the leaves - not all will have turned red/orange. Hope this helps!
      • Avatar
        Hello Elaine thanks for your reply. I really hope there will be more trees with their leaves turned to orange/red already when we visit especially in Nami Island. :) But we will go to Seoraksan, there I'm sure I won't be disappointed. :)
      • I hope you get to see the leaves in Nami island too, will be keeping my fingers crossed! And I'm sure the view will be amazing at Seoraksan :D If you're on Instagram, don't forget to share your photos with us by hashtagging #havehalalwilltravel or #hhwt!
      • Avatar
        Thank you for your reply Elaine. I really hope so especially when we visit Nami Island. I want the trees to be colorful. :) But I will go to Seoraksan. There I am sure we won't be disappointed. :) Thanks again!
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