Sony's BRAVIA TV Is Every Video Gamer's Dream - Here's Why


Ili •  Oct 02, 2020

If you love playing video games, then chances are you’ve heard all about the highly-anticipated launch of PlayStation 5 (PS5™). And as you look forward to its exciting debut, there’s no better time than now to upgrade your gaming setup. Not sure where to begin? Then let us do the job for you by shining the spotlight on Sony’s BRAVIA TV. Perfectly designed for gaming with the PS5™, get ready to take your video game experience to a whole new level!

Experience a 4K high-quality television and smooth gaming sessions

Credit: D5 Studio Image

BRAVIA X9000H Series(available in 55”, 65”, 75” and 85”) is ready for PlayStation 5 with its impressive gameplay images of 4K/120 frames per second HDMI input. This promises you nothing but super sharp, smooth and responsive gameplays that’ll make beating high scores and setting new records a piece of cake! Not to mention the fact that its 4K HDR and full array LED provides captivating colour and contrast for the ultimate gaming experience.

Plus, the TV also sports BRAVIA Game Mode which automatically detects the game console and switches the television to low latency game mode, giving you a 7.2ms low input lag. So say goodbye forever to frustrating delays between the controller and your favourite game, and hello to seamless plays that’ll give you that winning edge you’ve been wishing for ? To top it off, you can activate game mode with the PS button on your DualShock®4 wireless controller and navigate the PS4™ menu with the BRAVIA TV Remote Control.

Admire beautiful pictures and play in comfort with friends and family

Credit: Builders Plus

Want to know what else is awesome when you’ve got Sony’s TV to game with the PlayStation 5? Its X1™ 4K HDR picture processors bring pictures to life by delivering bright and vibrant colours, ultimately serving an ultra-detailed display that feels amazingly realistic. Combined with a wide viewing angle, you won’t have to fight your friends or family for the best seat when playing video games together because you’ll get a good view no matter where you’re seated - even from the sides!

Impressive surround sound system for an immersive gameplay experience

Credit: Sony Singapore

And as if all that wasn’t good enough, the X9000H boasts an Acoustic Multi-Audio feature that produces incredibly detailed sound effects from its two sound-positioning tweeters at the back of the TV for a truly immersive experience. That’s right - thanks to these cool features, you’ll be in for a fun ride with whichever game you’re playing, whether that’s a fierce battle in Call of Duty or an adrenaline-inducing adventure as Spider Man. It’ll feel just like you’re in the video game yourself! Now doesn’t that sound amazing or what? ?

To top things off, Sony’s BRAVIA TVs come at an affordable price which means you’ll get to enjoy all its unique qualities without letting your wallet suffer. In our book, that’s a major win!

Credit: Sony Singapore

From hardcore gamers to even casual players, everyone deserves a superb gaming experience at home. And if you’re already planning on getting your hands on the PlayStation 5, it only makes sense that you pair it up with Sony’s TV. The two are truly a match made in heaven and with everything the BRAVIA X9000H Series has to offer, your video game time will never be the same again! ?

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