10 Incredible Destinations For That Solo Trip Every Muslimah Has Dreamt Of


Liyana Om •  Aug 04, 2017

It may be a “New Year New Me” resolution, or a dare, or you just need a break from people – whatever the reason, travelling solo is something worth trying at least once in your life! No doubt, there are already many benefits to travelling alone, but as a female Muslimah, you’ll also gain a heightened sense of spirituality from having to rely solely on the Creator!

Travelling solo may seem daunting, but don’t worry! We’re here to make your solo journey a little easier for rule number one of solo travelling: Research!

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Since we’re focusing on the solo Muslimah traveller, we have included our travel guides to ensure her some peace of mind when it comes to her needs, like praying and eating halal food. So, here’s a list of places for you to kickstart your solo-ventures! ?

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1. Iran

Iran is a majority Muslim population with numerous mosques and sumptuous halal Persian dishes. Muslimah travellers won't face any difficulties fulfilling their faith obligations here! ?

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Seize the chance to pray in the many breathtakingly beautiful mosques strewn across Iran, such as the Nasir al-Mulk Mosque, Vakil Mosque and Jameh Mosque of Isfahan, just to name a few! ?

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As of late, Iran has become a popular destination for solo female travelers, not only for its amazing sights but also for its safety (YES, safety!)

In fact, Iran is well-known for having women-only sections on public transportation like trains and buses!

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Scoring an impressive 5.17 out of 7 for safety and security in the 2017 Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report, Iran has come a long way from its turbulent past. Now, the true beauty of the land and its people are shining brighter than ever ?

Still not convinced? Here are 10 reasons you won’t regret going to Iran!

2. Jordan

From its modern airport infrastructure to its beautifully preserved places of interest and its thriving tourism industry, Jordan is positioning itself to be the ultimate travel destination and is attracting travellers from all over the world, just like you!

There's even a special "Jordan Pass" that ensures smooth, hassle-free entry to many places of interest such as Petra, Jerash and Wadi Rum ?

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Landing in Queen Alia Airport is already a treat. Its modern facilities ease your entry into the kingdom, where you can freshen up in the clean restrooms after a long flight and grab a bite in the airport cafes before an adventure-filled trip ?

As a solo female traveller, you can opt to stay in Amman City’s budget-friendly family-owned hotels, such as Antika Amman Hotel, in the Old Town area.

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Day tours can be easily arranged from Amman. And get this, there are even women-only tours! Participants of ArchaeoAdventures trips gain a unique cultural experience led by local women guides. Over at Byond Travel, airport transfer and accommodation are settled for you.

Go explore the ancient ruins of Petra, float in the Dead Sea or roam across the desert-scape in Wadi Rum!

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Despite its proximity to conflict areas, the Hashemite kingdom has managed to remain an oasis of stability and peace in the region, with a cool score of 5.8 out of 7 for safety and security on the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index. So what are you waiting for? Start your Jordan journey now! ?

3. England

With a relatively safe society, modern infrastructure, and easy access to public transportation, England is easily the best place to visit for the first-time solo traveller. With a strong local Muslim community in places like London, Manchester and Birmingham, halal food and prayer places are not far off.

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Craving for quintessential British food? Pop by Poppies for some fish and chips or dig into a scrumptious burger at Red Iron Burgers!

Disclaimer: Do note that Poppies Fish and Chips is not halal-certified and sausages are served in the store, but you can request for your fish and chips to be fried separately. Red Iron Burgers are not halal-certified as well but all the meat they use is halal, so do dine at your own discretion! ?

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While you're in London, be sure to check out our guide to all the yummiest muslim-friendly eateries so you can savour the best of British halal cuisine! ?

Female-only accommodations are also available! One of them is London Bridge Hostel, which is strictly women-only. Accompany your solo travels with some light reading by popping into the many bookshops found throughout the country.

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With our handy-dandy London travel and food guides, set up base in the gorgeous capital of England as you plan your English experience! ?  If you've visited London before, do leave us a review on our website and share the love with other Muslim travelers out there ?

4. Germany

Nature. Culture. History. ‘Nuff said! Truly though, there is so much to see and do in Germany that you won’t feel lonely travelling alone because you’ll just be too busy being a tourist.

Of course, being a Muslim in the West is a unique experience so stop by the local mosques such as Sehitlik Moschee (also known as Berlin Mosque) or the Cologne Central Mosque in Cologne and interact with the local Muslim community ?

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Women-only B&Bs are available all over Germany, north, south, east and west ?  In Berlin alone, you can check out Intermezzo Hotel For Women or One80 Hostel, whereas over at Frankfurt, you can check into the Frankfurt Hostel.

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Winning 3rd place on the 2017 Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index, Germany is a great place for the Muslimah traveller to begin her European adventure! ?

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Not sure which city to start from? Ease your journey into Germany via Berlin with our Muslim-friendly pro travel tips ;)

5. Indonesia

Indonesia is perfect for the first-time solo Muslimah traveller: it fulfills all the necessary criteria every Muslim traveller looks for.

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Safety, halal food, accessible public transportation, English-speaking citizens, and a local majority-Muslim population -- what more could you ask for? ?

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No need to worry about finding a prayer place in the world’s most populous Islamic country! There's Istiqlal Mosque, Kauman Great Mosque or Menara Kudus Mosque, to name a few.

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It is also not hard to find English-speaking locals, though Bahasa Indonesia is fairly easy to master ?  Embark on a culinary food adventure in cities like Jakarta and Yogyakarta with our Indonesian food guides!

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For the budget conscious, Indonesia lets you achieve many travel goals and still leave you with enough money for souvenirs. So make the most of what Indonesia has to offer, and go full speed! With a dizzying 34 provinces to choose from, let us lend a hand with our Indonesia travel guide!

6. Iceland

Bet you didn’t know…Iceland has held the title of “Most Peaceful Country in the World” since 2008, according to the Global Peace Index 2017. Rest assured of safe travels as you navigate through the majestic landscapes and star in your own version of “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”.

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Halal food is available in but limited in Reykjavik. You’ll definitely be a frequent customer at Shalimar which serves South Asian cuisine, Habibi Syrian Kebab House or Mandi Reykjavik which serves mostly Middle Eastern cuisine. (All 3 of these eateries are Muslim-owned!)

Disclaimer: Even though all 3 of the aforementioned eateries are Muslim-owned, not everything on their menu is halal, so do dine at your own discretion! Otherwise, there's always the option of cooking your own meals at your accommodation, as many other travellers to Iceland do! ?

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Interact with the small, local Muslim population of Iceland at the Islamic Cultural Center of Iceland and if you’re lucky, score yourself a home visit ?  After all, one of the best things about being a Muslim traveller is connecting with our fellow Muslim brothers and sisters all over the world.

Hop on a Straeto bus service to explore Reykjavik. To venture further out, you can either rent a car or engage tourist bus services such as Reykvajik Excursions or Sterna. Mind you, though it is easy to drive on your own on Icelandic roads, it is best to avoid the winter season as the roads can get icy and slippery.

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Soak in hot springs, splash around in waterfalls, hike up hills, walk along black sand beaches – let Iceland’s untouched wilderness leave you breathless! If you're still not convinced, let these stunning nature photos inspire you to visit Iceland!

7. Japan

Japan is probably one of the best non-Muslim majority countries for Muslim tourists to visit. Their 4th ranking on the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index says it all! In fact, Japan is so dedicated that the country has an official Welcome Guide for Muslim Visitors on its tourism website. It would be rude to not visit Japan after all this effort ?

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What’s the food situation like in Japan? Basically, it’s a food fest! With lots of halal eateries available, you will get to truly immerse yourself in local culture through their food, so check out our Japan food guides now! ?

Despite the language barrier, the Japanese are always keen to go out of their way to help you in the most polite manner. You will definitely feel welcomed by the unrivalled hospitality of the Japanese.

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Exploring Japan is fairly straightforward, thanks to the amazing rail system and metro system. With English-translated guides and maps, a solo traveller can happily, and securely, wander around in the country that ranks no. 10 on the Global Peace Index! ?

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After all that exploring, check into a female-only accommodation such as the Nadeshiko Hotel Shibuya for a restful night. With so many wonderful cities such as Kyoto, Hokkaido and Okinawa to name a few, you will need to carefully plan your solo itinerary! So that you won’t miss out on anything, take a look at our Japan travel guides and say “Ohaiyo Japan”!

P.S. Been to Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka or before? Leave a review on our website for any of these cities and help inspire fellow Muslim travellers to visit Japan!?

8. South Africa

Yes, believe it, South Africa is one of the up-and-coming travel destinations for Muslims. Already sweetly positioned at no. 53 on Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Index 2017, South Africa is sprucing itself up for the Muslim traveller. Take this chance to live out your National Geographic adventure in the African savannah!

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Though South Africa may seem like unchartered territory for the solo traveller, you can join a group trip with Intrepid Travel as a solo traveller or the solo, ladies-only package at Getaway Tours & Safaris. Here’s your chance to mingle with fellow solo travellers ?'

Intercity travelling is made convenient and easy through established services such as the Greyhound bus service. Otherwise, meet fellow backpackers on the hippie Baz Bus backpacker bus service.

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With a small Muslim community of around 800,000 people, you can be sure to find mosques and halal eateries, such as Biesmiellah restaurant and Bo Kaap Kombuis, peppered across the country. Female-only dorms are also available in backpacker hostels such as [email protected] Capetown!

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There are tons of options to discover South Africa the halal way via the StayHalaal website. Already excited? Take your first step in Capetown where we’ve already got a list of things for you to do!

9. South Korea

Annyeonghaseyo! If you’re the typical serial K-Drama addict, why not further feed your addiction and travel to South Korea? The solo Muslimah traveller can breathe easy, knowing how Muslim-friendly and peaceful South Korea is!

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From seeing Korean Muslims fulfil their prayers at the Seoul Mosque, to rubbing elbows at local eateries serving halal food, you'll feel right at home here in Seoul! What's more, there are four amazing halal eateries to get your Korean food fix! ?

Better yet, if you've already visited Seoul, drop us a review on our website to help out Muslim travelers all over the world ?

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Women-friendly hostels are also abundantly available. One great example is the women’s only dormitory at SS Guest House. Hop on the city buses to get around within the cities or take a ride on the KTX if you plan to explore more than one city.

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Now that you are convinced of how safe and Muslim-friendly Korea is, let us lend a hand in planning your solo trip with our amazing travel guides and tips!

10. Bosnia & Herzegovina

Curious about the Balkans and Eastern Europe? Feeling adventurous enough to explore this relatively less well-known part of Europe? Start off in Bosnia and Herzegovina then!

Despite its dark history, Bosnia and Herzegovina has secured the 76th position of the 136 countries for safety & security in the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report 2017. Our featured HHWT explorer, Atikah Amalina of the Tudung Traveller, had a rich and meaningful experience during her time in Sarajevo. If she can do it, so can you! ?

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For the solo female traveller, there are female-friendly abodes such as the Tower Hostel which has female-only dormitories. You can take the bus or grab a taxi while travelling within cities such as Sarajevo or Mostar. Don’t forget to fulfill your prayers in local mosques such as Sarajevo’s Gazi Husrev-beg mosque.

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Savour the taste of traditional Bosnian food such as klepe, a type of pasta dish at Pod Lipom or treat your taste buds to tufahije, a Bosnian dessert made of apples and walnuts. Use our food guide to feast like a Bosnian ?

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Take a look see at our travel guide for more reasons to visit Bosnia!

So we’ve given you quite a doozy of choices – European countries, Asian lands, and the exotic Middle East. However, as a solo female traveller, safety will always rank no. 1 and you don’t need any travel index to tell you that ;) So here’s something extra from us on how to avoid common travel scams out there! Safe travels ❤️