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11 Life-Changing Trips Every Muslim Solo Traveller Needs To Take At Least Once


Umi Amirah •  Jun 16, 2017


Ever wanted to go solo? The best part about travelling alone is that you get to build your own unique journey. Discover more than just wonders of the world, as you also discover yourself when you go solo. So, don’t be daunted by the numbers (or lack of numbers) and go for it!
Credit: giphy Here are our top 12 places to get you started on that independent adventure of yours! P.S. Check out our #HHWT Explorers like Sally Elbassir, Omniya and the Tudung Traveller to give you that extra push towards solo travelling? [inlinewidget id=28168]
1. South Island, New Zealand
Credit: Dave Scriven on Flickr Look no further if you're looking for an independent thrill-seeking trip! The list of solo-activities that you can do right here in New Zealand is endless. Popular pastimes include zorbing, horse riding, skiing, hiking, kayaking, bungee jumping, skydiving, jet boating, white-water rafting, heli-hike… I’m already shaking in excitement from just listing it?
Credit: @hanisahmaskon on Instagram Coupled with jaw-dropping scenery around every corner, that’s been a regular on the list of the most beautiful in the world, look forward to adventures on mountains, glaciers, lakes and craggy coastlines. Treat it as your own outdoor playground? #HHWT Tip: It’s best to start out in Queenstown and explore the rest of South Island from there.
2. Melbourne, Australia
Australia continues to be one of my favourite places to explore, and Melbourne is no exception.
Credit: Bernard Spragg. NZ on Flickr I’ve met plenty of friendly solo travellers of different nationalities, as well as easily obtainable halal food. You can even cook your own meals at the hostels! Look out for their lush parks, the art scene and beaches too.
Credit: @chaogong on Instagram Melbourne continues to hold the crown as the most liveable city and one of the safest places to travel alone for women. Melbourne is also incredibly easy to get around using the free tram. You can even bike and walk around! Coupled with affordable domestic flights, you might just want to stay there forever?
Credit: Bernard Spragg. NZ on Flickr#HHWT Tip: Look out for local volunteers near the traffic junctions in red and they'll be happy to assist you if you need directions! P.S. Check out our Muslim-friendly 6D5N itinerary in Melbourne here!
3. Hokkaido, Japan
Japan is increasingly becoming more and more Muslim-friendly, so this is THE time to visit!
Credit: rurinoshima on Flickr Hokkaido is best known for the breath-taking views of unspoiled landscapes. Hiking, skiing and birdwatching are some of the top activities here, on top of eating their light, fluffy Hokkaido cakes?
Credit: Yuichi Sakuraba on Flickr Some lodgings are also designed with single travellers in mind, where you can enjoy their hot spring baths and Zen gardens to rejuvenate your soul!
Credit: Awesome Nature on Facebook#HHWT Tip: Visit Hokkaido for some yummy treats like these! [inlinewidget id=31281]
4. Seoul, South Korea
Ever wondered if you should go see your oppa(s) on a special solo trip to Seoul?
Credit: South Korea Art & Architecture on Facebook Well, yes! This is THE perfect time to visit with the increasing number of halal food and prayer spaces (just take a look at our increasing list of Muslim-friendly places to eat in Seoul!) [caption id="attachment_24295" align="alignnone" width="900"]
Haneul Sky Park[/caption] Seoul is pretty special indeed, because it's the birth-place of K-Pop, kimchi and many other quirky trends and culture. Coupled with all-in access to traditional palaces full of history, modern buildings and amusement parks, and nature all in one place, there is much to discover about this city. And the only way to do so is to visit Seoul!
Credit: giphy#HHWT Tip: Need a place to stay in Seoul? We've got you covered here? [inlinewidget id=29534]
5. Thailand
You would have seen plenty of your friends posting Instagram-worthy photos of Thailand, and we think you should too?
Credit: Edahn Small on Flickr Thailand’s beaches, jungles and islands have been explored by many solo backpackers which means travelling around is really easy. Bangkok is a natural starting point and halal street food is easily available when you explore the area.
Fancy some street food? Check out our guide on sweet and savoury stuffs you should try while you're here!
Credit: Colin Tsoi on Flickr The land of smiles is not only a travel hot-spot, it is also known for its friendly hospitality and affordability! You would also have plenty of chances to make friends on the road? [inlinewidget id=28885]
6. The Scandinavian Trio: Norway, Denmark, Sweden
If you have the stomach for unimaginable but dazzling views of nature and the budget for it, this will be the best trip of your life.
Credit: Michael Gwyther-Jones on Flickr These are some of the safest countries in the world based on the Global Peace Index. Fun fact: Norway and Denmark have even been ranked as #1 and #2 happiest places in the world!
Credit: Vin Crosbie on Flickr Copenhagen, Denmark, makes a brilliant weekend destination for a solo traveller, where it’s easy to explore on foot or by bike amidst beautiful architecture. Then, head towards the soothing blue-and-green canvas of Norway’s Fjords. I mean, who wouldn’t want to see free-flow Northern Lights!
Credit: _avpeiron_ on Flickr Check out their outdoor cafes, some historic cobblestoned streets of Old Town and Gamla Stan, and some stellar shopping while still being active outdoors. Sea kayaking is a must do here! Stockholm, Sweden has a knack for attracting single travellers. Just remember to let your family know that you might just extend your holiday once you're there?
7. Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka is a hidden gem for solo travellers, as told by some of my friends that have travelled solo there.
Credit: @jonesaroundtheworld on Instagram The locals are extremely friendly and welcoming, and have proved time and again that they are great hosts to anyone that visits them!
Credit: @jordhammond on Instagram Explore the heart of the island nation, which is home to tea plantations, ancient cities, forest reserves and sacred mountains. At the same time, you can also choose to walk along lovely sandy beaches and lagoons on the coast?
Credit: @srilanka.travel on Instagram#HHWT Tip: Support local communities and get to know your hosts by staying in an ecolodge or a homestay. It’ll be worth it!
8. Lombok, Indonesia
It's time to unwind by the waters of Indonesia’s top islands, which is famous for its beaches and backpacking culture.
Credit: Hansel and Regrettal on Flickr You will definitely not be the only solo traveller here as it's filled with warm, friendly and welcoming locals and tourists alike. This makes the destination incredibly safe, even for solo female travellers!
Credit: Cesar Gonzalez on Flickr Head over to the surrounding Gili Islands if you want to learn to surf, snorkel or dive in stunning, clear waters. Trek up the massive Gunung Rinjani volcano that conveniently comes with lush green paddy fields, waterfalls and hot springs! Then, head to Bali to relax and enjoy a spiritual retreat with yoga, spas, organic eateries and more beaches! P.S. Check out some of the activities you can do in Lombok here!
9. Taipei, Taiwan
The capital of Taiwan is both a historical site as well as a modern city rolled into one. There’s the traditional night markets and temples, as well as super high-tech buildings and malls.
Taipei also has day hike destinations right in the city! The wide price range also allows you to be flexible with what you want and what you need in a trip.
Credit: Jennifer on Flickr You might think that it’ll be difficult to have a holiday in a country where pork is their staple food, but don't fret! Thanks to the efforts by the Taiwanese tourism board, the number of halal restaurants and prayer rooms in hotels has been increasing. If you need more convincing to visit Taiwan, here are more reasons why!
10. Iceland
Not to forget the safest country in the world, Iceland no doubt is one of the BEST places to visit solo.
Credit: Kris Williams on Flickr Some have even reported that people leave their cars running, with keys inside, when they go grocery shopping! That’s how high the level of trust between people is?
Credit: dconvertini on Flickr Discover Iceland’s postcard-perfect attractions like the Blue lagoon, Northern lights, black sand beaches, icy fjords, majestic waterfalls and the iconic ponies! Their incredible land formations are to travel for, right?? #HHWT Tip: Hang out at The Laundromat Café, a social meeting hub where travellers and locals casually dine, wash laundry, drink coffee, read books and share travel tips.
11. Canada
Canadians have a reputation for being really friendly and is surrounded by multiculturalism, and while traveling alone here, you will see why!
Credit: Love Canada on Facebook Vancouver is tucked between mountains and water, making it really accessible to natural attractions that you can visit at your own pace.
Credit: @vancouver_canada on Instagram For the more active ones, enter Vancouver’s temperate rain forest within the city at Stanley Park, or hike up Grouse Mountain. This is a place for you to fill your hearts with even more wanderlust.
Credit: explorecanada on Instagram Head over to Banff, Alberta for more scenic views ? Check out these reasons why Canada is every Muslim traveller’s dream!
Credit: giphy Depending on your budget, this list will be able to take you to all the different places? Now go out there and see the world in a whole new light!