KTM Intercity: Travel Across Malaysia On A Sleeper Train


Syahirah Mazlan •  Sep 21, 2022

If you’ve travelled solo before, you’d most likely resonate with the thrill and excitement of being in a foreign land and figuring things out on your own! ?As travel ramps up again, surely you’re looking for ways to get away from the hustle and bustle of the typical city life. Here’s a solo travel idea: did you know that you can travel across Malaysia on a sleeper train? Find out how you can do just that!

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KTM (Keretapi Tanah Melayu) is a train service that connects many towns in Malaysia. The KTM service called Sleeper Coach has two lines, one from Johor to Kelantan and the other from Kelantan to Johor. ?It travels through towns like Gemas, Dabong, and many others! So if you’re someone who enjoys exploring small towns to find hidden gems, this trip’s for you!

A trip from JB Sentral to Kelantan would be a whole day’s worth (or even more! ?) of travelling but not to worry, because the coaches have comfy seating on board with plenty of legroom for bags, souvenirs, or just to wiggle around. ?As for travellers travelling long distances, you can opt for a Superior Night Suite, which offers bunk bed style seating throughout the journey for RM42 for the top bunk and RM48 for the bottom bunk. 

Screenshot from sobri_yaacob on TikTok

Regardless of which bunk you choose, you’ll get a whole stretch of the window all to yourself, meaning you can gaze out of the train and see more of the scenery without having to be blocked by the seats and other commuters! ?Since it’s a bunk bed style seating, you can even take naps, and there’s even a privacy curtain that you can draw so that you can have the whole top/bottom bunk to yourself! 

The peaceful train experience is one you’ll never forget, especially because you’ll be passing by creeks and towns on the way to your destination. ? So make sure you come prepared with a portable charger, or camera to snap a few pictures of the lush greenery and terrains!

So, will you be travelling solo on the KRM intercity train? Hopefully, we’ve given you some inspiration on where to go on your next healing trip to Malaysia. ❤️ Share this article with a solo traveller to inspire them to take a less conventional trip to explore Malaysia's scenic towns!

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