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11 Essential Apps For The Muslimah Solo Trip Of Your Lifetime


Sharifah Yusoff  •  Oct 05, 2018


The thought of going on an adventure alone is both thrilling and scary. While you’re able to gain new experiences and fresh perspectives going on solo trips, it might also be intimidating to venture out into the world by yourself. But having the right things at the tip of your fingers are enough to soothe those fears! Credit: giphy Yes, we’re talking about mobile apps? Just like packing the right items will benefit you on your trip, loading the right apps on your phone can ease your affairs as well. So be a smart traveller and have these 11 apps ready at your fingertips before catching that flight (or train or bus!) to your next destination for a smooth-sailing trip! Note: Some of these mobile apps are location-based and may have insufficient information on the countries/cities you are keen to visit. So be sure to check if the app (like Sit or Squat) have coverage on your travel destination first!
General Safety Apps
1. bSafe The world is a lovely place to explore but personal safety must always be a priority, especially when you are travelling alone! Err on the side of caution with the bSafe app - a personal tracker with features that makes it easy to let people you trust know if you are in a potentially dangerous situation or in an emergency.
Credit: getbsafe.com Create a personal safety network of friends and family (known as 'guardians' in the app) where you can share locations with each other so someone will always know your exact whereabouts. It's more accurate in this app as there is a live GPS option to follow your route in real time. And if that's not enough, opt for the live streaming option where your guardians can see and hear everything happening around you.
Credit: getbsafe.com There's plenty of other useful features too! From a fake call function to a siren which will sound to scare off potential danger, this is definitely a must-have safety app to add to your list ☺️ Get it now (free) on Android and iOS.2. Safeture Another useful personal safety app to have on hand is Safeture. Safeture has similar functions to bSafe but in this app, you can connect directly to local authorities at the push of a button, while also displaying your current location in case of emergency.
Credit: @globalwarningsystem on Instagram Additionally, Safeture is a global warning system that gives users up-to-date information on safety, weather and general things to be cautious of while in that particular destination. As soon as you arrive at your destination, current safety-related news like natural disasters, civil unrest, epidemic outbreaks, terrorism and traffic incidents occurring in the country can all be delivered quickly so that you would know where to avoid and what to do!
Credit: globalwarningsystem.com The app is free to use for a one-month trial, after which users may choose from different payment models for a variety of services within the app. Get it now on Android and iOS. 3. TripWhistle Global SOS For a free way to connect to local authorities, this app will do the trick! TripWhistle Global SOS is pretty straightforward as it lists the emergency numbers for many countries.
Credit: TripWhistleGlobalSOS Get the right numbers for the local emergency police, fire department and ambulance at your very fingertips, wherever you are! You can call directly from the app with a single touch and get help faster. TripWhistle Global SOS also has GPS features that shows your exact location while on the call and even has the option to share your location with friends! Note: You may want to check if the country you are visiting is listed among the numbers provided in the app. Get it now (free) on iOS.
Muslimah-centric Apps
4. Muslim Pro While exploring, soaking up the wonderment and enjoying new experiences, we may somehow lose track of time. But being on a trip does not excuse us from missing our prayers! And if there is one comprehensive app that will aid and ease our daily affairs while on the road, it has to Muslim Pro. This multifunctional Islam-centric app also features prayer times, GPS-enabled Qibla direction, a digitalised Qur’an and listings of halal eateries among other functions. Select your current location to find the local prayer timings and even make manual corrections to adjust the time should you find any time discrepancies. Muslim Pro also has the Adzan function that you can choose to either ring out loud or vibrate more discreetly.
Credit: MuslimPro Feeling anxious when travelling? There is a Dua section with some specific travel-related dua you can read to soothe those nerves?
Credit: Muslim Pro Muslim Pro is free to download but has Premium versions which require subscription fees. Get it now on Android and iOS.5. Islamic GPS For the ardent learners and history enthusiasts, here's a GPS app that is more than just a location finder. Islamic GPS is the first augmented reality app that helps people find mosques and Islamic landmarks around the world. It also provides information about these heritage sites that enables you to be your own tour guide and learn about Islamic places with greater depth☺️
Credit: islamicgps.com Get it now (free) on Android and iOS.6. Have Halal, Will Travel Simplify your planning with the Have Halal, Will Travel trip planner! This app is dedicated to help you plan their trip with information on amazing points of interests, Halal eateries serving scrumptious local delights as well as locations of prayer spaces aside from mosques.
Instead  of  relying  on  multiple  sources  to  find  information,you can  easily  find  all the information you need all in one place! How convenient is that?? All you have to do is create your own trip on the app, save places of interest and bring your itinerary along with you. It’s that simple!
  There are currently six cities on the app (Seoul, Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, Singapore and Hong Kong) all carefully curated and personally overlook by the HHWT team. Look forward to more destinations and exciting new features in future! Get it now (free) on Android and iOS devices. 7. Sit or Squat There is something wonderful about the simplicity of this app’s objective. Because when nature calls, there is nothing to do but answer her ? This restroom-searching app is loaded with more than 100,000 public restrooms and can pinpoint the nearest one to your location. Each bathroom comes with a rating - "Sit" if it is clean, or "Squat" if it's not. Users can rate toilets and add new ones to the app!
Credit: Sit or Squat Restroom Finder You can search by location, rating, whether they have a changing table, or whether they're free to use (as opposed to a coffee shop where you might be expected to buy a cup). For a Muslimah, these ratings are useful in determining the restroom’s suitability for taking ablution before prayers. You definitely do not want a Squat-rated toilet for this ? Get it now (free) on Android and iOS.
General Travel Apps
8. PackPoint Before all the fun of travelling kicks in, there's something many people do not look forward to – packing? It is certainly not the most glamorous chore, but a well-packed bag could prepare you for some unexpected scenarios, especially as a Muslimah on the go!
Credit: @fromannettewithlove on Instagram This travel app creates custom packing lists based on your gender and travel details such as destination, length and type (business or leisure). You can also input your planned activities into the app to further customise your packing list. The app's weather forecast feature will give essential suggestions on additioanl items to pack like a warm, thick winter coat - making sure you are prepared with everything you need!
Credit: packpnt.com Of course, you can add and subtract the list according to your own needs. Be sure to leave space for your travelling prayer garments as well? Get it now (free) on Android and iOS devices. 9. CityMaps2Go A map is an essential tool for travellers but you can easily chalk up on data costs relying on this method. That's why we recommend CityMaps2Go as the perfect alternative! This offline map is perfect for travellers who want to be prepared wherever they go.
Credit: CityMaps2Go On top of its primary function as a map, CityMaps2Go offers a range of services that can work completely offline as well so you can use it any time on the go. You can get personalized location suggestions and travel tips by adding your interests and places you want to visit. In some cities, the map contains public transportation routes and stops (i.e. bus, tram and metro stops). Get it now (free) on Android and iOS devices. 10. Local taxi/ride-hailing apps Some countries are blessed with extensive subway lines and bus routes that can get you anywhere efficiently – time and money wise. But if planning your trip via public transport is too daunting, or if your feet needs some pampering after a day of walking, private transport is probably your next best bet!
Credit: Lyft In such situations, local taxi apps will guarantee you a ride in case you’re stuck in low traffic location with barely any cars passing by. Alternatively, make use of ride-hailing services like Uber, Grab and Lyft that operates in numerous cities and countries! 11. Detour One of the perks of being a lone traveller is travelling according to your own schedule. And a great way to utilise your alone time while still uncovering local gems would be to go on walking tours with the help of Detour! This is the best way to save money while still learning, and fully exploring a destination? Detour is an audio app that offers walking tours in selected cities that are written and narrated by local residents. These walking tours are often narrated by those either at the centre of the story, or with an expert bent on the subject. For instance, in San Francisco, Detour offers a tour of Fisherman's Wharf given by an actual fisherman. You see his boat and where he brings in crab each day and learn about the working side of the Wharf. A rather novel and special experience we’d say!  
Credit: Detour Immersive Audio Tour The app uses a combination of GPS, recorded audio, maps and augmented reality to provide users with an incredibly rich experience. It offers a great immersive alternative for the solo traveller who prefers to keep to herself while still exploring new sights! Get it now (free) on Android and iOS (prices of tours might vary). Credit: giphy These mobile apps may just be what you need for that awesome solo adventure you’ve been dreaming of! Discovering the world on your own need not be a scary experience when you’ve got these handy helpers right at your fingers. So go forth, download them and have a great trip ahead ?