Skip The Lunch Crowd And Order From These 8 Halal Eateries In SG


Maryam Zainol •  Aug 06, 2018

“What’s for lunch?” A timeless question your colleagues ask that begs a different answer every day ? But for those with a hectic work schedule, choosing where to eat day in day out isn’t something you’d like to dwell on for long. And just imagine the lunch crowd in this heat… ?

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Well, save yourself the trouble because these are the answers you’ve been looking for ? Thanks to food delivery services like foodpanda, you needn’t even have to leave the comfort of your office!

There’s always new eateries to explore on foodpanda serving various cuisines and flavours. ? So whatever mood you’re in for, your yummy lunch is just a few clicks away ?

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1. A Poke Theory

Healthy meals don’t have to taste bland or boring. And A Poke Theory proves it right with their hearty and wholesome menu!

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Order their popular Original Shoyu Salmon poke bowl ($11.90) that comes in two sizes, regular or light. You could also add on toppings like crispy salmon skin or tangy Thai mango and sauces like Spicy Mayo or Honey Sesame! With fresh ingredients and just the right amount of seasoning, you’re in for a healthy treat ?

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Make a meal out of it and drink to health with a bottle of their cold pressed juice for $5.40 – the perfect natural health boosters! ?

You’ll never look at poke the same way again ? And what’s more, A Poke Theory was recently certified Halal! So make this your next lunch order.

2. Crave

If you’re craving for good ol’ local favourites, there’s nothing better than a steamy place of nasi lemak to remind you of home and simpler times. Sounds perfect on a hectic day in the office, don’t you think? ?

Credit: @cravenasilemak on Instagram

Crave has a selection of Nasi Lemak sets with side dishes of your choosing. If you can’t decide what to have, go with their Nasi Royale Set that has it all - chicken wing, fried kuning fish, bergedil and ikan bilis. Now THIS is nasi lemak in all its glory, for just $6.90! ?

Credit: CRAVE Nasi Lemak & Teh Tarik on Facebook

Since there’s a minimum order of $12, invite your colleagues to share an order of the classic dish Singaporeans love. And wash the spiciness down with sweet and sour iced calamansi for $2.50.

#HHWT Tip: Don’t forget to add on more of their fragrant sambal ? Trust us, you can never have enough of it!


By now you’re probably very familiar with this popular Singaporean fast food chain, 4FINGERS. With their finger-licking crispy Asian style fried chicken, it’s perfect for lunch parties in the office!

Credit: @gimme4fingers on Instagram

Treat yourself and your colleagues to 4FINGERS popular Wingettes and Drumettes Combo. For just $28.45, share the 18 pcs combo that comes with a serving of 3 drinks and 3 fries too. What a great way to bond with your fellow workmates over lunch ?!

Credit: @gimme4fingers on Instagram

Is it someone’s birthday in the office? It’s a celebration when you order any of their party packs. 50 pcs of chicken wings for $55.45 - now that’s a party! Choose your choice of sauce – soy, hot or a mix of the two.

Don’t let your workload get you down. There’s always a reason to celebrate ?

4. Dosirak

If you’re feeling dull at work and inspiration is just not kicking in, have a healthy bowl of bibimbap that’s sure to kickstart your second half of the day ? Especially if you love Korean food!

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Try their popular Spicy Chicken dosirak (from $7.90). This rice box comes with fresh, crunchy cabbage, spinach, carrots and onions topped with a good serving of spicy diced chicken. ? Their menu is not just delicious but nutritious too! Just what you need on a slow day in the office.

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If you prefer a more authentic Korean flavour, order the Kimchi Tofu for $7.90 for a dose of delicious black beans, lotus, shitake and loaded with kimchi. Add extra toppings of meat like cured salmon for an extra $4 and freshly sliced avocado ($3) for a truly satisfying lunch. ?

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5. Pizza Hut

Nothing defuses office drama better than sharing a box (or two) of pizzas ?. So if there’s someone you need to make up to, invite them for a lunch in the office pantry with hot out-of-the-oven pizzas from Pizza Hut ?

Credit: @pizzahut_sg on Instagram

Best savoured when shared, order the Combo for 6 ($65) to get your money’s worth. This order comes in 2 large pizzas, 10 pcs of Sweet ‘n’ Spicy Drumlets and a bottle of drink. Spice it up with everyone’s favourite topping, Super Supreme, and for the meat lovers, the Meat Galore! ? This cheesy, tasty meal will surely guarantee a good day.

Credit: @pizzahut_sg on Instagram

Why not add a dessert to the pizza party by sharing Pizza Hut’s Hershey’s Chocolate Chip Cookie? ? Does the sweet, quality chocolate chips flavour speckling the crumbly cookie tickle your fancy? It will definitely give you the boost you need to get through the day!

6. Heavenly Wang

Having a discussion during lunch? Why not over the nostalgic taste of Heavenly Wang’s good ol’ kopi and toast – the perfect snack to have anytime of the day.

Credit: WangCafe on Facebook

Savour their signature coffee and kaya butter toast that will lighten your mood on a workday. You can have the kaya butter toast a la carte (2 slices) or make it a set and indulge in an extra 2 soft boiled eggs and a cup of iced kopi for only $5.90. If you’re worried about your sugar intake, you can select the level of sweetness of your coffee ?

Credit: @kampungal on Instagram

Rather have that for dessert? For just $8.70, order the main dish as a set and you’ll have a complete meal inclusive of coffee and toast! ? Make your lunch special with their popular Mee Siam. Spicy, sweet and sour all at the same time, you’ll be awake for the rest of the day ?

7. Délifrance

Do you only have time for a quick bite before a meeting? Opt for the yummier, buttery croissant sandwich from Délifrance. With so many fillings to choose from, you can either have a simple sandwich or one with loads of tasty stuffing.

Credit: @delifrancemaldives on Instagram

Choose the tuna croissant sandwich that’s a Délifrance classic. With crunchy lettuce, juicy slices of tomatoes and fresh tuna with mayo, your lunch is settled for just $7.80. And it’s healthy too! ?

Credit: @delifrance.sg on Instagram

If you have time for a hot, hearty and cheesy meal, Délifrance’s vegetable lasagne ($13.80) will give you a yummy and satisfying lunch. ? Have this dish delivered straight to your office as it’s perfect to get you through the whole day.

8. So Pho

Who doesn’t love a comforting bowl of hot pho ?? Even in our weather, this authentic Vietnamese dish is a soothing meal to have. So take a breather and enjoy So Pho’s delicious favourites!

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One of the more popular orders is the Vietnamese Pho with Sliced Beef and Brisket and Beef Balls Noodles Soup for $11.56. Phew. While that might be a little mouthful to say, it sure describes the dish to a tee. Savour the juicy beef and brisket that just tenderly falls apart. ?

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For a more genuine experience over lunch, add on the Summer Rolls with Grilled Beef and Chicken ($5.14). Wrap your own summer rolls in rice paper the traditional Vietnamese way! Perfect for sharing in the office too, especially when dipped in the sweet and spicy sauce ?

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Lunch never has to be predictable and boring ever again. Have your eye on a yummy dish or two? ? Gather your colleagues and get ordering on foodpanda! And what's more, first-time foodpanda users get $10 off on your first order when you use our promo code "HHWT" at the checkout ? There’s a wide selection of meats and meals to choose from, right at your fingertips.

Now, what’s for lunch? ?

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