Singaporean Muslim Woman Celebrates Ramadan in Australia; Her New Home.


Noor Aishah Karim •  Apr 17, 2023

Ramadan is a time of year that is celebrated all around the world. For Imanina Syasya Binte Muhammad Tani, a Singaporean who moved to Australia 2 years ago, it's a time to be cherished.

This is her second Ramadan in Australia, and she's thrilled with the move. She realises that the educational opportunities in Australia focus on skills and experience building which suits her.

Credit: Imanina Syasya Muhammad Tani

Syasya lives in Adelaide with her family, and for her, Ramadan is one of the bigger parts of her life in Australia. She says about how her community is connected and close.

"We come together, break fast and pray together. There are a few carnivals and gatherings we do and promote local food and business," she said. She added that she feels accepted and enjoys the community spirit.

Credit: Imanina Syasya Muhammad Tani

She feels that while Australians are occasionally not aware of the practices they have, they are still respectful and aren't opposed towards it.

However, she believes that in the state she lives in, things may be quite different. They aren’t aware of their practice, so there is some fear. One of the challenges she faces is finding halal food. So, what she does instead is to call up restaurants to confirm their ingredients before heading down.

Credit: Imanina Syasya Muhammad Tani

But, despite the challenges, Syasya enjoys celebrating Ramadan in Australia. She says, "I don’t think it’s really any different from back in Singapore event-wise, but food-wise, it’s definitely a different array."

For those travelling to Australia during Ramadan, Syasya advises researching the area where you’re visiting. If you’re travelling to Adelaide, Queensland, Northern Territory, or anywhere rural, you should be prepared to eat a lot of seafood or vegan food, as it may be difficult to find halal food.

Credit: Imanina Syasya Muhammad Tani

Despite the challenges of finding halal food, Syasya loves Australia because of the community spirit and the acceptance she feels from those around her. She encourages others to embrace the spirit of Ramadan and celebrate it in their unique way.

Ramadan in Australia is a unique experience filled with diversity, community spirit, and acceptance. Whether you are a local or a traveller, you can join in the celebrations and experience the joy that comes with this special time of year.