8 Essential Tips For Planning Your Future Trip To Singapore


Faruq Senin •  Jan 15, 2021

While you are not able to travel overseas right now, it’s always nice to dream about your future trip and keep a travel list of all the activities that you want to try next. When it’s safe to travel in the future, why not treat yourself to a vacation? As Singapore has plenty of world-class attractions, vibrant districts, nature spots and more, it’s perfect for your future getaway! Plus, travelling from Malaysia to Singapore is also very convenient as it’s nearby.

But travelling has definitely changed since the COVID-19 pandemic. As safety protocols might be different in every country, you might be wondering how travelling will be like in Singapore when the borders open. That’s why we’ve rounded up these 8 essential things to take note of in future when travelling to Singapore. Make sure you bookmark this handy guide for your next trip!

1. Plan your vacation according to the stipulated group size allowed

Planning a fun vacation to Singapore with your family or going on a road trip with your best buddies in the future? We recommend travelling in a smaller group! That’s because the maximum number of people allowed in social gatherings in Singapore is currently limited to 8 people. This includes visiting attractions as well as dining in restaurants. However, do remember to keep yourself updated on the latest regulations on the number of people allowed for gatherings as this may change in the future. You might not be able to travel with your extended family for your next trip to Singapore, but you can definitely share quality bonding time with the small group of friends and family who are travelling with you.

#HHWT Tip: During weekends or the Singapore school holidays (June and December), attractions and public places in Singapore will be busier than usual. We recommend planning your vacation in advance so you can visit Singapore during a non-peak period.

2. Arriving in Singapore

When arriving in Singapore in the past, you might remember filling in the paper disembarkation/embarkation (DE) card. But since 27 March 2020, the card has been replaced with an online version called the SG Arrival Card. For your future trip, you can easily submit your personal information, trip details and health declaration through the SG Arrival Card page on Singapore’s Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) website. Alternatively, you can also submit your particulars through the SG Arrival Card or the Visit Singapore mobile application which you can download from the App Store or Google Play.

Do note that you’ll need to submit the SG Arrival Card 3 days before your date of arrival in Singapore to avoid any unnecessary delays. The SG Arrival Card can also be submitted up to 14 days before your arrival date so you can save a draft if you’re filling in the form earlier. The digital arrival card is fuss-free, convenient and can save you time since you won’t need to physically fill up forms!

Requirements on entering Singapore from Malaysia and Brunei

As of now, Malaysian travellers need to get an entry approval before they can travel to Singapore and they will need to show that they have tested negative for the COVID-19 PCR test (taken within 72 hours of departure). They will also have to serve a 14-day stay-home notice when they arrive in Singapore and a 10-day quarantine when they return to Malaysia.

For travellers from Brunei, they can apply for an Air Travel Pass (ATP) between 7 to 30 calendar days, prior to their entry to Singapore. They will also need to take a COVID-19 PCR test when they arrive in Singapore and remain isolated until the test result is confirmed negative. Find out more here.

As these regulations might change in the future, we recommend you to check the Safe Travel page by ICA for updates. With these measures in place, rest assured that you can explore Singapore safely in the future.

3. Booking and checking in to your accommodation

Credit: Grand Hyatt Singapore on Facebook

Once you have settled your pre-departure procedures, it’s time to book your accommodation. But before that, do check the Singapore Tourism Board’s (STB) list of approved hotels. These hotels are also SG Clean certified so you can expect frequent sanitisation of their premises and good hygiene practices (more on this later!)

When travelling from Changi Airport to your accommodation in future, do remember to adhere to the safety measures when you’re on public transport. Keep your masks on and avoid talking to prevent spreading of droplets in an enclosed space. When waiting for your bus or train, do keep a safe distance of at least 1 metre. We recommend travelling during off-peak hours so you can avoid crowds and clean your hands with a sanitiser after touching common touchpoints like handrails. Most major MRT stations and bus interchanges have also received SG Clean certification. If you’re taking a taxi or ride-hailing apps like Grab, do note that drivers have stepped up their cleaning frequencies and cashless payments are recommended to avoid any contact between you and the driver.

What’s great is that many hotels (such as Grand Hyatt Singapore, Swissotel & Fairmont Singapore, Singapore Marriott Tang Plaza Hotel) also have the option of electronic check-in so you can go contactless and won’t need to hang around the lobby to wait for your turn. If you have booked a room with breakfast, do note that you’d have to choose your preferred time slot during check-in. Most hotels in Singapore now provide sit-down buffet breakfast options or bento sets to prevent guests from intermingling and walking around too much. As most hotels back in Malaysia have already adopted this option, it won’t be a problem for you to adjust to this ? Want to swim at your hotel’s pool or planning to use other recreational facilities? You’d also have to book your time slots by informing the hotel staff.

4. Look out for the SG Clean certification at attractions, hotels and eateries

Credit: Wildlife Reserves Singapore

If you’ve missed your favourite attractions in Singapore like Gardens by the Bay, Singapore Zoo, ArtScience Museum and more, you’ll be happy to know that they are SG Clean certified! The SG Clean mark is a certification issued by the Singapore government to attractions, hotels and eateries to show that they have met the stringent standards for hygiene and cleanliness across their premises. This is similar to the Clean and Safe Malaysia campaign by the Malaysian Association of Hotels where hotels can be certified “clean and safe”. So, you can be assured that your safety is well taken care of. As much as you’re dreaming of your next trip to Singapore’s famous attractions, they are also ready for you to visit them in future!

5. Download the TraceTogether app and check in at places using SafeEntry

For your future trip to Singapore, we know you probably can’t wait to explore the country’s stunning attractions once you arrive. But before that, you’ll have to download Singapore’s TraceTogether mobile application (from the App Store or Google Play) and switch it on when you’re out and about. Similar to the contact tracing app that you have back in Malaysia, the app will help track who you’ve crossed paths with in case you come into contact with a COVID-19 case. Don’t worry, it’s easy to use too! To save you the time and hassle, we recommend downloading the app before you depart for Singapore, so you can use it right away when you arrive ?

Before entering an attraction, shopping mall, public transport or other public places in Singapore on your next trip, you can use your TraceTogether app to scan the SafeEntry QR code when entering and exiting places. If you’re planning to see a different side of Singapore and visit its parks, gardens and beaches, you’ll also need to scan the SafeEntry QR code. Together with TraceTogether, SafeEntry also helps to facilitate contact tracing. Just make sure to scan the SafeEntry check-out when you leave a place. This is an extra step as compared to the tracing app in Malaysia. Do note that you’ll need to get a Singapore SIM Card or activate your data roaming in order for SafeEntry.

6. Wear a mask at all times in public places and sanitise your hands frequently

Just like in Malaysia, you’ll have to wear a mask at all times when you’re travelling in Singapore in future. Keep it on at all times and make sure that it covers your mouth and nose. You can remove your masks only when you’re eating or drinking, but remember to put it back on immediately after you’re done. If you’re planning to add hiking or cycling at Singapore’s nature trails to your itinerary, do note that you can remove your mask when you’re engaging in outdoor and strenuous activities. For those of you visiting Singapore with your kids in future, children under the age of 6 are not required to wear a mask while those between 7-12 years old are allowed to wear a face shield in place of a mask if they have difficulty keeping their face mask on for prolonged periods of time.

Besides wearing masks, remember to wash and sanitise your hands frequently as you spend your vacation in Singapore next time. Before leaving your hotel, you should always bring a hand sanitiser with you. Alternatively, you can easily find hand sanitisers in public places in Singapore, from Changi Airport to MRT stations, attractions, shopping malls and more.

7. Observe social distancing and keep a safe distance of at least 1 metre between groups

Whether you’re admiring the Singapore skyline at Marina Bay, walking around the Kampong Gelam neighbourhood or visiting Sentosa on your future trip, do remember to keep a safe distance of at least 1 metre from other groups of travellers. To help you out with planning your day, you can check out the crowd levels at attractions, shopping malls, parks, beaches and more using the Space Out website. Heading to Singapore’s breathtaking nature spots instead? You can also use the Safe Distance @ Parks website to check the crowd levels. Not only will you be able to keep a safe distance from others easily, it’ll also be more comfortable to travel in less crowded places.

8. Visiting attractions, eating out and shopping on your future trip

Whether you miss the iconic Universal Studios Singapore, local halal food scene or shopping at Orchard Road, your future visit to Singapore will be slightly different. When entering an attraction, a shopping mall or restaurants, you’ll need to scan the SafeEntry QR code and have your temperature taken by the staff. At times, you can also expect a short queue as you’re waiting to enter a place. That’s why planning ahead for your future trip to Singapore is important as you’ll need to factor in the extra time taken for these safety procedures.


Adding the Singapore Zoo, River Safari, S.E.A. Aquarium (and more!) to your future trip? Remember to book your tickets online in advance to ensure that your visit to a particular attraction will be a contactless one. As attractions in Singapore are operating at limited capacity, you’ll also need to reserve a timeslot so that safe distancing can be adhered to. Currently, attractions are transitioning from 50% to 65% capacity and this might change, so be sure to check before you visit in future. What’s great is that settling your attraction tickets in advance is a hassle-free process and you can have peace of mind when you’re in Singapore!

Eating out

Can’t wait to get your hands on local food in Singapore like Hainanese Chicken Rice and Chilli Crab? Plan ahead by reserving a table at a restaurant in advance (if possible). Most eateries in Singapore also have reservation portals, so you can easily reserve your table online. What’s great is that many restaurants now have digital menus where you can easily order your food without communicating with the staff. Cashless payments are also preferred in many establishments to prevent common touchpoints. If you have an existing e-wallet that allows payments in Singapore Dollars, you can also conveniently use them at eateries.

For those eateries or hawker centres where you have to queue for your food, just make sure you keep a safe distance of at least 1-metre from others. While eating out, do note that intermingling between tables at eateries is not allowed. Keep your masks on unless you are eating or drinking.


With plenty of shopping options from international luxury brands to local designs, shopping is one activity you might miss in Singapore. For your next trip, you’ll want to check out new retail spots like the Apple Store at Marina Bay, the Play LINE Friends Store and more. Or perhaps you’d want to check out the hidden gems at Haji Lane or Tiong Bahru instead? For your future trip, just take note that when going shopping, you’d have to scan the SafeEntry QR code to check in to a shop and have your temperature taken.

Love visiting shopping centres like ION Orchard, Mustafa Centre or Suntec City? It’s important to know that each shopping mall has designated entry and exit points. When entering individual shops in shopping malls, you’ll also need to scan the SafeEntry check-in QR code and have your temperature taken another time. So, keep this in mind and plan ahead for your next shopping trip in Singapore!

Are you already dreaming about your next trip to Singapore? Remember to bookmark this handy guide, so you’ll know what to expect! Do remember to keep a lookout for updates on the safety protocols in Singapore, as the stipulated group size and restrictions might change in future. As of now, a maximum of 8 people are allowed in a group in public places. With various safety protocols and safe distancing measures, things might be slightly different from your last trip but rest assured, you’d still have loads of fun on your next Singapore trip. Hang in there and it won’t be long till you’ll be able to visit Singapore again!

This article is brought to you by the Singapore Tourism Board.