A Singaporean Muslim's Guide To Praying Outside Your Home During COVID-19


Shasha Dania •  Sep 05, 2020

[UPDATED 17 Feb 2021]

If you're spending a day out in Singapore, it's definitely important to know what the closest available prayer spots are so that you don't have to worry about praying while you're out of the house. While Singapore mosques have reopened, not all public musollahs or suraus are available for use yet. We've rounded up these 15 musollahs that are currently open as well as FAQs on praying outside during COVID-19.

1. Marina Square

Opening Hours: The musollah should be accessible 24/7 daily (carpark opening hours) but we recommend visiting during mall opening hours.

Address: B1 Carpark, 6 Raffles Boulevard, Singapore 039594

Directions: Look out for the escalator between Coffee Bean and 4Fingers, and take the escalator to the basement level. You should find yourself in the carpark’s Green Zone. Exit the sliding doors and turn left at the pillar marked 'AA3'. Walk ahead a bit more, where you'll find the musollah near lot 67. Ablution can be taken outside the musollah (open ablution area) or at the nearest toilet located on levels B1 and 1 for men and women respectively.

Ablution: Available

2. Raffles City/Fairmont Singapore

Opening Hours: Open daily; 10AM - 10PM (Mall hours)

Address: Level 2, Fairmont Hotel, 252 North Bridge Road, Singapore 179103

Directions: Look out for the hallway between Warehouse and Dorothy Perkins and walk down the hallway towards the doors. There are signs to dictate the spaces by gender.

Ablution: Head to nearest toilet

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3. Grand Hyatt Singapore

Opening Hours: till 11PM

Address: Level 1, 10 Scotts Rd, Singapore 228211

Directions: Walk up the staircase/ramp at the corridor to the left of Straits Kitchen restaurant and walk past the lift lobby and turn right to the carpark exit. The musollah is located to the right of the carpark.

Ablution: Available

Note: If the door is locked, you can request the key from hotel staff.

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4. Sentosa - Beach Station

Opening Hours: Open daily; 9AM - 9PM

Address: Carpark Basement of Beach Station, 50 Beach View, Singapore 098604

Directions: After alighting from the monorail, head to the escalator opposite the information counter and go down to the carpark on Basement 1. There are signs pointing to the prayer rooms which are right next to Lot 198.

Ablution: Available

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5. Royal Plaza on Scotts (only for Carousel diners)

Opening Hours: Should be in line with Carousel's opening hours

Address: Level 2, 25 Scotts Road, Singapore 228220

Directions: From the hotel main entrance, walk up the carpeted staircase to level 2.

Ablution: Available

6. Royz Et Vous, Sultan Gate (only for diners)

Opening Hours: Daily; 12PM-10PM

Address: Level 2, 39 Sultan Gate, Singapore 198487

Directions: Ask the staff for assistance

Ablution: Available

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7. Four Seasons Restaurant, Jewel Changi Airport (only for diners)

Credit: Nurhanizah A Hafidz on Facebook

Opening Hours: Daily; 11AM-9PM

Address: 78 Airport Blvd., #B2-227/228, Singapore 819666

Ablution: Head to nearest toilet

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8. Singapore Zoo & River Safari

Credit: Nur Shaleh Affandi on Facebook

Opening Hours: Similar to Singapore Zoo and River Safari

Ablution: Head to nearest toilet

Note: There are no official prayer spaces at the Singapore Zoo and River Safari, but you can approach one of the staff at the reception counters for assistance and they will prepare a room for you. The prayer room at Singapore Zoo is currently under renovation but you can ask for assistance at the River Safari.

9. Kallang Wave Mall

Opening Hours: Open daily; 10AM - 10PM (Mall hours)

Address: Level 1, 1 Stadium Pl, Singapore 397628

Directions: The musollah at Kallang Wave Mall is located in a corridor next to FairPrice Xtra. Follow the signs to the toilet and you'll find an exit door leading to the prayer area.

Ablution: Head to nearest toilet

10. Paya Lebar Quarter (PLQ) Mall

Credit: Ktm Muhammad on Facebook

Opening Hours: Open daily; 10AM - 10PM (Mall hours)

Address: B1 Carpark, 30 Paya Lebar Rd, Singapore 409006

Directions: Take the travelator (near Atlas Exchange) to B1 and walk past the bicycle/trolley return area. Near Paya Lebar MRT exit F.

Ablution: Take at the handicapped toilet nearby

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11. IKEA Tampines

Opening Hours: Sun-Thu; 11AM-9PM, Fri-Sat; 11AM-11PM (shop hours)

Address: Level 4 near the toilet and restaurant. 60 Tampines North Drive 2, Singapore 528764

Ablution: Available

Note: Only 2 people are allowed at one time

12. IMM

Opening Hours: Open daily; 10AM-10PM

Address: Level 4, 2 Jurong East Street 21, Singapore 609601

Directions: Take the at lobby A (next to McDonald's) to level 4. Then turn left to the staff cafeteria and you'll see signs leading you to the musollah. Do note that you'll need a key to the ablution room (which can be found in the musollah!).

13. Downtown East

Credit: Azmi Julie on Facebook

Opening Hours: Same as mall hours

Address: Level 1, 1 Pasir Ris Cl, Singapore 519599

Directions: Located near the toilet near McDonald's

Ablution: Available

14. Wisma Geylang Serai

Credit: Atiqah Halim on Facebook

Opening Hours: Open daily; 1PM-6PM

Address: Level 3, 1 Engku Aman Turn, 408528

Directions: Musollah is located near Lift Lobby A

Ablution: Available

Note: Limited to 3 men and 3 women at any time. Each person is only allowed 10 minutes. Safe Entry check-in is also required for contact tracing.

15. Waterway Point

Opening Hours: Open daily; 10AM-10PM (mall hours)

Address: B2, 83 Punggol Central, Singapore 828761

Directions: Located at the entrance of the carpark at B2. To get there, head in the direction of the lift lobby near Four Leaves Bakery, Fairprice Finest and McDonald's.

Ablution: Head to nearest toilet

Note: If you know of an available prayer spot that isn't listed, do let us know via Facebook or Instagram DM. ?

What to bring along for prayers when you head out

First things first, make sure you have all of your prayer necessities. Whether you're praying in a masjid or a musollah, most of them won't provide prayer mats and garments as part of  safe distancing measures.

Do bring along your own:

  • Sejadah or prayer mat (Mandatory)
  • Telekung or prayer garments (Mandatory)
  • NRIC/Phone with QR code scanning enabled or TraceTogether token so that you can check-in using SafeEntry (Mandatory for mosques and some musollahs)
  • Face mask (Mandatory, to be worn while praying)
  • Plastic bag to keep your shoes in (Optional; some mosques no longer allow you to leave your shoes outdoors)
  • Qur'an or prayer beads (Optional)

We also recommend you bring your own sanitisers to disinfect your prayer mat and hands after prayers. Common wudhu (ablution) spaces are still available so you don't have to worry about finding a place to take your ablution - but do observe proper safe distancing and hygiene measures if you're sharing the space with others.

Praying at mosques

Due to operational limitations, not all mosques have been opened for all 5 daily prayers. As of 22 Dec 2020, here are the mosques that have limited availability for prayers:

Credit: Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) on Facebook

Do note that these mosques are still open for Friday prayers.

Bookings for daily and Friday prayers

You need to make a bookingif you intend to pray Jemaah (congregational) prayers and/or Friday prayers. Spaces for congregational and/or Friday prayers are limited, so do book your slot in advance to secure your space. Mosques have 2-3 different slots for Friday prayers with each session limited to 50 congregants in separate zones. 10 mosques have also been allowed to increase the number of congregants to 250 in total as per this guideline by MUIS.

You do not need to make a booking if you do not intend to pray congregational prayers. Do note that immediately after the call to prayer sounds, some mosques may only allow in worshippers who are attending the congregational prayers due to space limitations. So you may only be able to enter once the congregational prayers have ended, which may take 10-15 minutes. Do note that the staff at the mosque might also request that you make a booking for jemaah prayers even if you're there for non-congregational prayers.

You can use this online form to make your booking for Jemaah/Friday prayers. Slots for daily Jemaah prayers are open for the current and following day. Slots for Friday prayers are open 3-10 days in advance - do note that you are currently not allowed to book a Friday prayer slot if you have already performed the Friday prayers within the last 7 weeks (e.g. If you secured a Friday prayer slot on 31 July, you will not be able to register for another Friday prayer slot until 18 September).

Do note that only one booking can be made per transaction.

What happens if I secured a slot but need to cancel for health/valid reasons?

For public health reasons if you are feeling unwell, please don't attend prayers at the mosque! MUIS has already issued a Fatwa (read it in English or Malay) that if you are more vulnerable to COVID-19 and/or unable to secure a slot at the mosque, you can replace your Friday prayers with Zohor prayers. So you don't need to feel anxious if you are unable to perform your prayers in the mosque for these valid reasons. ?

P.S. If you need to cancel your slot for any reason, please do so at least 1 hour before the session begins.

We hope that this guide makes you feel more confident about praying outside your home during this COVID-19 pandemic. ? Stay safe!

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