Singapore’s Mosques Will Be Reopened Soon - Here’s What We Know


Shasha Dania •  May 28, 2020

Singapore's mosques have been closed since mid-March due to the COVID-19 Circuit Breaker measures. As we near the end of Circuit Breaker, however, there's been some good news - Singapore's mosques will be gradually reopening from Phase 1 onwards! ?

Phase 1 begins on 2 June 2020, and is meant to start a 'Safe Reopening' phase for the entire country with a gradual loosening of social distancing measures. Under this phase, places of worship (including mosques, temples, and churches) will be allowed to reopen with strict measures in place to prevent any health risks to the community.

From 2-7 Jun, mosques will be open from 1PM to 6PM daily, covering the Zohor and Asr prayers. During this time, priority will be given for mobile essential workers on the ground to use the mosque facilities - most likely as they cannot pray at home. From 8 Jun onwards, most mosques will be open for the five daily prayers although the names of specific mosques have not been confirmed.

Muslims in Singapore are advised by the Office of the Mufti to continue to pray and perform worship at home if they can. Vulnerable groups such as the elderly should not go to the mosque to pray due to health concerns. This will help lessen the possibility of community spread, and keep vulnerable groups safe from potential exposure.

To keep worshippers safe, there will be enhanced safety measures taken at mosques:

  • Physical checks and temperature taking will be performed
  • SafeEntry contact tracing system will be enforced - do bring your NRIC or a mobile device that can scan QR codes
  • 5 prayer zones will be enforced per mosque. Each zone will accommodate up to 5 individuals OR 5 households (no more than 5 individuals per household)
  • Congregational and Friday prayers will still be suspended

Worshippers who intend to visit the mosque are also strongly advised to wear their own face mask, bring their own prayer items (prayer mats/garments), and to not intermingle with others before or after prayers.

While it may take a while for mosques to be fully reopened again and we're still advised to pray at home if we can, we're heartened to hear that this gradual reopening will help out those on the ground who need a place to pray. ? Whether you're praying in the mosque or not, do take proper precautions for your own health and safety!