Get Unique Orchid-Scented Perfumes And Fragrances From This Shop In Singapore


Faruq Senin •  Sep 02, 2020

[UPDATED 15 Sep 2020]

Singapore might be most commonly associated with yummy food and amazing attractions, but did you know that it's known for its orchids too? If you're shopping for something unique or getting a special gift for someone, there's one shop selling orchid-inspired perfumes and room fragrances that you'll love - Singapore Memories! Whether you're a local looking to get a nice gift for your overseas friends or a tourist planning your future trip to Singapore, these perfumes and scents from Singapore Memories will be perfect as they are something that is uniquely Singapore.

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Orchid-inspired souvenirs

You might see orchids everywhere in Singapore but it is often overlooked and you can't smell them. But with perfumes and room fragrances by Singapore Memories, you can now find a variety of scented souvenirs made with Orchid notes. These orchids include those that are native to Singapore as well as therapeutic orchids which have been mentioned in ancient Asian documents and more. Definitely a must-buy souvenir!

Nostalgic scents from Singapore's past

Not only is it perfect for those of you who love flowery scents, but it's also a nostalgic gift for loved ones. That's because they have revived old and heritage perfumes from Singapore's past like the famous "Singapore Girl" and "Reves de Singapour". This makes their products really unique to Singapore!

The Singapore Girl used to be popular scent in the 1960s but stopped production in 2006. Singapore Memories started producing the Singapore Girl in hand-crafted and small batches since 2014 but it still retains its old charms! With notes of lotus, water lilies, citrus and teak-wood, it has a strong signature scent.

If you're from overseas and planning to visit Singapore once it's safe to do so, this will definitely be a meaningful souvenir to remind you of Singapore back in your home country. For those living in Singapore, this will make a perfect gift for your loved ones ?

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Choose from 38 orchid-inspired perfumes and room fragrances!

There are a total of 38 orchid-inspired perfume and room fragrances. Whether you are a fan of orchid scents or looking for more nostalgic gifts, you'll find something that suits you. Here are some scents you can look forward to: Singapore Girl, ION, Raffles Heritage, Sling Botanical Garden, Asia, Monsoon, Ayurvedic essentials and Singapore Breeze. You can explore more of their range on their website, starting from $28+!

Singapore Memories and history of orchids

Singapore Memories has always been on a quest for aromatic perfection. Its founder is always searching for the best aromatic plants, and this led them to produce their "Native Orchids of Singapore" range in 2013. Here's when they found out that Native orchids were amazing to smell and could be used in perfumes too!

Did you know that orchids have a rich history too? It was mentioned in the medical writings of Shen Nong, the "Father of Chinese Medicine" in 28th century BC. During British rule in Singapore, Sir Stamford Raffles also commissioned the first Botanical Gardens (before moving to its current location) and "Raffles House" in Fort Canning. Botanist Henry Ridley also collected over 200 species of orchids which were new to Western science, leading to the discovery of Vanda Miss Joaquim!

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So, if you're shopping for something unique, why not get some perfumes and room fragrances from Singapore Memories? You can purchase them online or get them from one of the stores on this list!

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